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Thread: Unit Pictures

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    Aaand sold.

    Be it through hallowed grounds or lands of sorrow
    The Forger's wake is bereft and fallow

    Is the residuum worth the cost of destruction and maiming;
    Or is the shaping a culling and exercise in taming?

    The road's goal is the Origin of Being
    But be wary through what thickets it winds.

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    Default Re: Unit Pictures

    Oops, repost.
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    Hello, just came to say hi again.

    Oh, and comment something. How can the Command Center turn into an Orbital or PF like that? Also, there isn't any space for an attachment like the Com-sat Station or Nuclear Silo. Remember, the SC1 and SC2 CCs look very different.

    So, is there going to be any work on this any time soon? :3
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    so, I'm not dead lol

    News: The Hyperion's going to be somewhere around 980 meters long, based on window estimates and putting it between the old Behemoths and the tiny Minotaurs. The Gorgon that I drew looks like it should be about that length, but I have to make it bigger to justify Kerrigan's "that ship is huge" comment, so I'm gonna go with something like 1.3 km. Around the same length as the BW behemoth.

    So, on the Leviathan front: I'm still working on it. It's probably gonna be around 16 kilometers long. I'm still working on stitching together the pieces before I can really color it, and it's hard work because my computer hates working with something so high-rez. Here's the sketch of the front fourth of it (I have it at much higher-rez, of course), just for fun, and with a little Hyperion in there:

    So, yep, still here! Units to go: half a Leviathan, Tempest, Protoss Colonist shuttle, finish the Hyperion, and then I'm done till LotV. lol
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    I thought the Hyperion was a Behemoth Class, just modified by Umojans, SoK and Raynor's boys. Wouldn't it be significantly larger than a Minotaur?

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    Yeah, but it also definitely isn't as big as the battlecruisers shown in the SC1 cinematics, sadly. Like, here are two identical views, looking along the neck towards the back of the hammerhead.

    The BW one looks about twice as tall, it's just got many more rows of windows. :/ I've been assuming the BW model is about 1.3 km long; if the SC2 one is scaled that big its windows are just really large.

    BUT, yeah, I've also been assuming that the Minotaur is 560m long, and the Hyperion— maybe they meant for it to be that small? Maybe that's where that number originally came from (it was applied to the Bucephalus, but the Bucephalus was using the same model as the Hyperion in that cutscene)? But I say that's just too small for the sorts of hangars we know the Hyperion has in SC2— looking over at the ships in the lower right of this image of mine, you can see that something like the Hyperion armory, with room for several dropships at once, would just take up too much space inside that Minotaur. :/

    So— SC2 Hyperion is smaller than 1.3 km, bigger than 560m.

    Then I went and did some estimations from the windows and got 980m, which is a terrible source, but it is also nicely in the middle of that range, and seems as good a number as any, yeah? And 1 km is still significantly larger than 560m.

    I could get a similar estimate by making my own detailed 3D model of the Hyperion, but it'd be so, so approximate. Like, if I just got the scale of the bridge just slightly off, I'd be off by a lot. Which is true of my window estimates too, but, meh.

    Then of course there's the huge battlecruiser in the Heart of the Swarm intro, which looks the same, but is even huger... sheesh... Everything is bananas.

    Anyway, 1 km is a good size. My mothership is about 2.5. The Hyperion and a Leviathan looks like this, a mothership and a leviathan looks like this, it's all super super rough, but, it's like, vaguely right.

    I've also got the Tempest finished there's absolutely no info on how big it is, right? So I'm probably just gonna make it bigger than a void ray and a bit smaller than a carrier and call it a day, unless anyone has any input.

    Threw in a Furinax symbol on the back there, dunno if Tempests have anything to do with the Furinax but it's not like anyone off this site would recognize it anyway. :P
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    Seems a little scrunched... The tempest's model has the "arms" as about 2/3s of its length, whereas your sketch has it at just half.

    Sorry I'm nitpicking, I just love this project and want everything perfect.

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    Quote Originally Posted by topsecret221 View Post
    Seems a little scrunched... The tempest's model has the "arms" as about 2/3s of its length, whereas your sketch has it at just half.

    Sorry I'm nitpicking, I just love this project and want everything perfect.

    Nah dude, don't apologize, keep it up, we have the same goal here. :P

    I get what you're saying, but I actually think my drawing's alright. It doesn't do the best job of communicating that the arm continues back behind that engine, but if you compare it to the in-game model... I mean, you can see mine definitely isn't perfect (or all those lines would be parallel, heh), but that middle cockpit section really does come all the way up to the halfway point. Maybe the back fin needs to look sleeker or something.

    Maybe I'll just flatten the whole thing, scale it down vertically a bit, and then it'll look longer.

    I also finally updated the version of HotS units minus the capital ships with an Aberration that's actually big enough to step over hydralisks, the link to that's back on the first page.

    I'm going for a 1 pixel = 1 meter scale for the capital ship image, so you can actually still see something besides the Leviathan, but this means the colored Leviathan has to be like 15000 pixels long. T_T And there's gonna be a ton of empty space in the image. But it'll be a good wall poster, I hope.
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    Eyyyy, it's the entire terran fleet! Though the Hyperion hasn't been colored yet.

    This image is scaled so that 1 pixel = 1 meter, if don't view the resized version; here's a link.

    The Hyperion here is about 800m long... but, it seems very likely to me that that Hyperion model is really intended to be 550m long.


    Do I make it that small? Eeesh... I want to minimize the number of sizes I'm totally making up, and that's the OFFICIAL size of the Bucephalus using the same 3D model. The windows are obviously too big if I have it a kilometer long— going back to that comparison, the Hyperion's hammerhead needs to be smaller than the old Behemoth, and in my image they're pretty similar right now.

    On the other hand, damnit, Blizzard, that's so tiny... And I have to make sure the WoL Hyperion Armory fits inside.


    Maybe I'll try 700m...

    Edit: this big units chart is gonna have to have a "these units are way more approximate" disclaimer on it.
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    Default Re: Unit Pictures

    I, again, point out that the Hyperion is a Behemoth class cruiser. It's already way smaller than the "standard" Behemoth, and making it smaller would make Pandas sad

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