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Thread: Unit Pictures

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    Quote Originally Posted by Shadow Archon View Post
    Don't blame Metzen.

    Bryan is the one who stated Swann was meant to invent the Thor.

    However, he said it in such a way that acknowledges Thunder god.

    I'll pull up the quote when I'm at a computer.
    Pretty sure Brian actually admitted that they messed up.

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    And the 100th page of this thread has been reached! With an accidental double-post by Gradius! Woo!

    And, shit, it was almost perfectly timed with the 3-year anniversary of this project. I made the first post on October 9th, 2011. Wow.

    Sadly, a lot of the images links from back then are just now beginning to die, so you won't really be able to go through and see the progress anymore. But, just for fun, let's do a little recapping anyway. I have most of the old images saved.

    The zergling was the very first drawing. At the time, I actually wanted to use it as reference for a 3D model, since at the time I was trying to learn Blender. Which I pretty quickly gave up on. But it lead to the whole rest of the chart.

    Which quickly began to grow...

    (I was still using feet for the 1st year of the project. Also, I was making it in Flash. I wanted to have a dynamically resizing thing going on with a zoom slider. lol, bad decisions)

    I also didn't have accuracy as my number 1 priority, and was more willing to experiment with designs. Remember this carrier? (Also, there's a really ugly Lurker in there that quickly got replaced).

    And, finally, it became the chart we all know and love. :P

    I also did finally get decent at 3D modeling. A year into the project, in 2012, I was at this level:

    And, now in 2014, I'm here:

    Who knows what the next couple of years will hold! Happy 3-year anniversary, me.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Gradius
    Pretty sure Brian actually admitted that they messed up.

    That doesn't contradict what I said, does it?

    Quote Originally Posted by Q&A
    Question: Is Swann actually supposed to have invented the Thor?

    Answer: Yep! Of course, he was refining a design that'd had millions of credits' worth of R&D poured into it. Maybe refining is too generous; he was making it cheaper. Raynor's Raiders have to be careful with their resources. So the Thor may have been "improved" from the Odinů but if I had to bet on a 1-on-1 fight between an Odin and a Thorů guess where I'd put my money?

    Now, there is a lore contradiction out there. We messed up on something. In Frontline Vol. 1, in the story "Thundergod," we showed a Dominion Thor operating on Mar Sara in 2502. This kind of thing can happen: two internal teams are feverishly working at the same time to get content out to the community, and communication breaks down. Everybody at Blizzard is very unhappy when this happens, as we take our worlds seriously and try to make them as consistent as possible. Wait! Maybe that particular Thor fell through a mini-time warp andů No, no, we just messed up.
    Before this, I didn't see Swann's creation of Thors as a lore contradiction until Bryan spelled it out explicitly that Swann was suppose to invent it.

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    I know about what he said, but that answer contradict completely the fact of the game where in the description of the Thor said it was created by Dominion not by Swann, in the Armory in tech tab we can see a lot of units divided by categories:
    *Structure: Command center, Bunker, SCV, Missile Turret
    *Infantry: Marine, Firebat, Marauder, Reaper
    *Veichles: Hellion, Vulture, Diamondback, Siege tank
    *Ships: Viking, Wraith, Banshee, Battlecruiser
    *Dominion: Ghost, Spectre, THOR
    And ther is a lot of mission with Thors used by Dominion and some of that are BEFORE Swann create Thors for Raynor's Raiders, the missions with Thors in WoL and HotS of the Dominion are:
    *Ghost of a Chance (you can found a abbandoned Thor, if you put the mouse over the Thor will be write "abandoned Dominion technology or something like that)
    *Piercing the Shroud
    *Gates of Hell (reinforcement)
    *Fire in the Sky
    *Zergling evolution
    *Hydralisk evolution
    *Hand of Darkness
    *Ultralisk evolution (elite Thors)
    *Death from above
    *The Reckoning (elite Thors)
    And other things if you see the upgrades of the Thor in Armory you will see the upgrade are development by some companies, here the description of the Immortal Protocool upgrade (I don't found the 330mm cannon upgrade in english):
    ATVX now offers an updated thor model that can repair itself to full working condition if the hull remains intact.

    and here the OFFICIAL lore of Thors

    So is only a oversight of Metzen, he is a human so is normal he too make some errors but if we see all the proofs we can see Thors are made by Dominion :P

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    Dude, Robear, that is seriously a sexy Valkyrie. Congratulations on the three-year anniversary. Can't believe it's already been that long!
    Aaand sold.

    Be it through hallowed grounds or lands of sorrow
    The Forger's wake is bereft and fallow

    Is the residuum worth the cost of destruction and maiming;
    Or is the shaping a culling and exercise in taming?

    The road's goal is the Origin of Being
    But be wary through what thickets it winds.

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    Yeah that Valkyrie looks like it belongs in a Freespace cinematic. Or at least a SC2 story-mode set. :P

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    Congrats Robear

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    Well, I'm flustered.

    Finally managed to look at some of HotS cinematics in the cine viewer. Can't view the fully rendered ones obviously...even though they have slots for them for some reason, but I can look at all the in-game ones. I wanted to play with the Leviathan and try to scale it a bit more objectively.

    Fun fact.

    None of the shots are consistent or objective.

    If you move the camera, you find out that not only does the Hyperion change size from one scene to the next, you find one scene that has the bridge room bigger than an entire Leviathan.

    Oh,and then there's the scene where Zeratul's Void ship is bigger than the Hyperion is in some scenes.

    Then you have a shot where the Dropship flies into the Leviathan, the one I scaled originally, and discovered the lovely fact that it mimics getting closer to a far away object by actually physically shrinking when it gets near the Leviathan.

    The damned thing actually became smaller than one of its engines were just a few seconds earlier!



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    Good job robear, you've come a long way.

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    Thanks y'all. And shout out to ManjiSanji, a user who I lead to instant death at a merc camp in Heroes of the Storm (but we still went on to win).

    Quote Originally Posted by Shadow Archon View Post
    Well, I'm flustered... Fun fact. None of the shots are consistent or objective.

    If you move the camera, you find out that not only does the Hyperion change size from one scene to the next, you find one scene that has the bridge room bigger than an entire Leviathan.

    Honestly, I can't say I'm surprised at all. It's very standard to rely on things like forced perspective and matte paintings and scaling and just making things work from individual shot to shot. In some sense it's too bad (which is why I like continuous, sweeping shots that are harder to fake), but it's way easier to get the Leviathan floating outside the window in just the right position if it's a tiny Leviathan that you can just easily move around without messing up your lighting or anything. And it's also how the movie special effects industry has always been too. Like in Alien when they had children in the spacesuits to make the space jockey set look bigger.

    On the Leviathan's note though, I found a couple of the matte paintings used in the HotS Korhal cinematics featuring it over the cityscape. The first one was the matte painting used for the view through the Viking's cockpit in the opening, the second was the one used for the shot of Raynor looking up at all the Zerg floating into the sky (you can see both in the artist's demo reel).

    Still doesn't really help much, but they're nice images to have around, I guess.

    On that first one if you zoom in you can see dozens of recurring pinkish structures; I wonder if those are where the fronts of sacs/zerg drop pods are sticking out...? Or they could just be some other spiky bits.
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