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Thread: Unit Pictures

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    Sadly, I'm thinking I should probably just be vague for now about everything, and then give you guys the rundown of what they let me know, and a list of all the differences between our sizes and the new ones in the book once the book's versions of the charts are shown in full... Just because, yeah, technically I can't share any info on upcoming products. Hopefully they'll preview it somewhere before it comes out!
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    I just hope you're getting a nice profit. I'll have to get one to support you.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Robear View Post
    Yes! Sorry everyone for both the secrecy and lack of posts here, which abruptly stopped in April. It was because I signed an NDA. So, I actually kept doing art for the scale charts, in a big flurry, and just wasn't posting it here. And then I also got slightly burned out on those drawings once I was done with the new stuff for this, and got a new job (in a bookstore, unrelated to video game/art stuff), so I hadn't yet resumed posting much. Anyway.

    ALSO, these aren't just the exact same charts you've already seen posted here. Mostly they're the same, but some of the older drawings have been slightly revised, there are new units, and crucially, a bunch of the sizes have been updated, and these new ones are ~Blizzard-approved. So, once the book is out, we will all have new revised scale charts!
    I have been waiting patiently for October, and will continue to do so, but now you can all wait with me. :P Thanks everyone here for the support and research help and everything over the years.

    All that said, I am not a Blizzard employee or anything like that. This isn't me announcing I got a job there or anything, I work in a bookstore and this was a licensing agreement. So I/we still have work to do.
    That's so awesome man. Congrats.

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    Great news! Great job! I can't wait for this manual to come out.

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    I knew that was your chart in that video, but I thought this forum was still down so I don't come to congratulate you. Good job, even a one-off job with Blizzard would look good on any future resume in the concept art field, which I'm sure you could do well in.

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    I'm so happy for you, congratulations on getting recognized by Bliz man. I hope this is an omen of good things to come for you!

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    With the Lotv cinematic coming out today, might we get some news? (if allowed)

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    Quote Originally Posted by Nolanstar View Post
    With the Lotv cinematic coming out today, might we get some news? (if allowed)
    Oh yes. Zealots, Probe, High Templar, Archon, Pylon. It seems consistent.
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    Or the duration of 9,192,631,770 matches where David Kim crushes you head to head in StarCraft 2

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    Thanks so much for the congratulations and for the input and help over the years. It doesn't look like there's any new info re: the book, except hopefully now it's release date will be November 10th along with the game. Since it comes in the collector's edition and all that. So, only 2 months to go, hey! I swear I will get back to drawing and showing more things then. But yeah, getting to see the archon and pylon sizes is great, and I believe that's a half-destroyed Nexus behind the Zerglings in the beginning. Too bad no immortal, the archon could have used the help!

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    Hey Robear, how possible is it to get an autographed version?
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