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Thread: BGN Tournament Series Tournament 1 - Sat @ 8:30 PM

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    Default BGN Tournament Series Tournament 1 - Sat @ 8:30 PM

    Hello everyone!

    Join us for a fun tournament tomorrow night(while you have MLG Raleigh in the background). If more casual gaming is your thing, join us the second Saturday of each month for BGN! (full details at:

    Tournament Details In Short:

    What? - The first of four of the qualifying tournaments for the BGN Tournament Season 1 Finals, where the winner will take $50.
    When? - Saturday, August 27th[Signups Close at 8:45 PM EDT; Tournament Starts at 9:00 PM EDT]
    Where? - Channel: op BGN
    Signup Link:
    Format: Double Elimination, all series bo3. ALL ranks welcome!

    Full Tournament Details:
    The first tournament of the BGN Tournament Series is going to take place on Saturday, August 27th. The deadline for being signed up for the tournament is at 8:45 PM EDT on Saturday, August 27th.

    Signing Up For The Tournament:
    You must signup on the challonge site before this time to be eligible for the tournament. This is really easy to do, go to the site, type in your name and hit Sign Me Up! You don't have to register beyond that.

    Signup Site:

    For this first tournament, the bracket will be randomly generated. After this tournament, it will be ranked based on total points earned.

    Map Pool:
    MLG Metalopolis
    MLG Shakuras Plateau
    MLG Shattered Temple
    MLG Tal’darim Altar
    MLG Testbug
    MLG Dual Sight
    MLG Xel’Naga Caverns

    Starting Map By Round:
    ROUND 1: MLG Shakuras Plateau
    ROUND 2: MLG Dual Sight
    ROUND 3: MLG Testbug
    ROUND 4: MLG Tal’darim Altar
    ROUND 5: MLG Shattered Temple
    ROUND 6: MLG Metalopolis
    ROUND 7: MLG Xel’Naga Caverns

    Other details:

    Full Rules:

    In each round, there will be a starting map for game 1. After the first game, the loser of that game will choose the map for the second game. If a third game is necessary, then the loser of game 2 will choose. All series are best of 3, and it is DOUBLE elimination(meaning you must lose twice to be eliminated).

    The final series of the tournament will consist of one undefeated player vs one player who comes through the losing bracket. The undefeated player will start off that final series up 1-0. Therefore, the player coming from the losing bracket will have to win two games to win the tournament.

    It's going to be a fun tournament. If you have any questions, please let me know!

    See you Saturday!

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    Default Re: BGN Tournament Series Tournament 1 - Sat @ 8:30 PM

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    Default Re: BGN Tournament Series Tournament 1 - Sat @ 8:30 PM

    all these tourneys and events popping up, I can't watch them all >.>

    I think yesterday afternoon there was like 5 different events all at the same time? It was ridiculous and I had a hard time picking one

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