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    SClegacy was the first starcraft fansite I came across, even before I learnt about teamliquid. This site doesn't have strict bans like TL and I always check the site for updates about Starcraft. I remembered the time the site was down for a extended period of maintenance and changing its layout. I also remembered the time I was checking for updates for SC2 release. I love Sclegacy for its cool portraits and its freedom to post. However I have to admit, after SC2 was released. I came here less often. Many new sites bloom with the popularity of SC2, reddit was one of them. Veteran sites like TL also enjoy this new waves.
    However it seems like SClegacy remains relatively stagnant. I was sad to see SClegacy like this.

    SClegacy has the best layout, it's cool design is way better than Teamliquid and of course Reddit. SClegacy isn't as strict as Teamliquid and is not as chaotic as Reddit. I love its cool portraits.

    So what makes Sclegacy less popular? I will list some of its weakness. First of all its the lack of updates on Esports. TL has orginal write ups on its homepage about GSL, MLG etc. But SClegacy only has blizzard news update on frontpage.

    Secondly, there's no streamings updates like on TL. SClegacy needs to attract community to post their streams here. Whether its high level or low level.

    The third point which is closely related to the second is live discussion thread. People love to talk about on going live tournaments. While TL restrict the discussion SClegacy can do the more liberate style. I not sure if SClegacy has live discussion thread about GSL, but one thing i am sure is that I used TL's or Reddit one.

    I encourage all SClegacy community to share your experience in SClegacy and post suggestions to improve. I wish SClegacy can one day combat reddit and TL.

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    Well this site is mostly aimed at the Single Player experience of Starcraft and Starcraft lore. So the lack of SC2 tournament coverage is understandable. Also sites like TL sometimes have people going to those events doing interviews and writeups for their site. SCLegacy doesn't really have that in place.

    Big streamers in the community already advertise their streams on the main community sites. SCLegacy just isn't a place people go to for streams.

    For people of the opinion "I completely will never pay for anything" but still wanting to watch GSL VODs....PM me. (Hint: Sharing is caring)

    If you're making an account just to PM me.....don't waste your time.

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    Disclaimer: I'm mostly retired from SC:L, so by no means do I represent the entirety of the staff or the website, these are just my opinions.

    At heart, I'm a lore guy. I love the overall story of the StarCraft universe, the races, the history, technology, the science fiction of it all. So mostly, I'm more of a campaign and UMS style player than a hardcore multiplayer gamer.

    Several years back, before the official announcement for StarCraft II was made, StarCraft: Legacy was very active in following eSports. For the longest time, it actually annoyed me, because that was all that was ever featured on the main page. I wanted lore stuff. Well, after the big announcement, and details started pouring in, the eSports postings decreased as more was revealed about StarCraft II. And even now, as we learn more about Heart of the Swarm, you will notice that that will dominate a lot of the features on SC:L's main page.

    Thanks for your input, dusthoof. I can see how you're concerned that traffic to StarCraft: Legacy could be affected by the absence of features regarding StarCraft in eSports. Unfortunately, I don't know the overall plan for the future of this website. If our top guys feel it's necessary to start putting more focus on eSports, then that might start getting more attention. However, I've always felt that at its heart, StarCraft: Legacy was more of a lore site. And right now, we're getting plenty of great, sometimes even exclusive, information about StarCraft II, so currently that is the top priority for the time being.

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    The StarCraft fan community became dependent on Blizzard "blue" news, events, and announcements. The "bloom" that you described, which included the establishment of numerous StarCraft II fansites, occurred in the progression toward Wings of Liberty's release. However, the quantity of information in the post-release climate has subsided. Organizations that neglected to nurture strong communities and/or strong content became inactive; as a result, many (most?) of the upstarts have disappeared. For example, even SC2Armory is inactive.

    TeamLiquid exemplifies a great organization. They developed community coverage and community discourse that was independent of the Blizzard hype machine. Consequently, they were able to experience the boon of announcement and release while they were able to maintain that momentum through their consistent service to the community. They are the rightful heirs of North American competitive StarCraft gaming. Also, they choose what was and is the best model for StarCraft: the competitive, multiplayer angle.

    As JackHammer mentioned, StarCraft: Legacy covers single-player. Bluntly, the plot, storyline, and production of WoL's single-player was below standard. It is exceptionally difficult to be expert in the lacklusture, so our coverage is neither blooming nor booming. It is also a small niche of the larger community. We specialize in lore and general news, so it is a smaller piece of the pie.

    The most significant limitations for the brand are inactivity and mechanical issues. Quite simply, cool projects require cool people who do cool things consistently; labour constrains everything we do. TeamLiquid, for example, has so many people working with them that they are able always have something on the go. Lastly, the current SC:L website is unfinished and lacks the proper, modern optimization (SEO, what SEO?).

    Those are some of the reasons for state of the organization; however, we persist in a community that has experienced some decline.

    Thank you for your concern, Dusthoof. It is good to feel someone else's passion when yours is perhaps dwindling. We're looking for ways to both revitalize the organization and improve how we serve the community, so your input is much appreciated. I look forward to any discussion that might occur here. (Sorry that I didn't offer my suggestions, but I'm interested in hearing other people's.)

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