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    I just wanted to tell how awesome Donkey Kong Country and Donkey Kong Country Return are. I mean the music I can like hypnotize myself with that music. And gameplay is pretty nice as well (dislike that you have to shake controller in DKCR to roll though)

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    If you like the music, you should check these out if you haven't:

    Rest In Peace, Old Friend.

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    The factory theme remix in DK:Returns = epic. I also love that stage where there's hammers smashing drums at the beat of the music.

    Hopefully they'll make a sequel with some DKC2 remix because the ost of DKC2 was the best. I also hope that the kremlins will be back! Tiki are ok but I prefer kicking crocodile's butt.

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    Hehe true, I have to say though. I didn't play dkc3 but from youtube videos and reviews it doesn't look as good as the other 2 at all. Last boss is just "wtf" happened to stealing your bananas back from pirate ship.

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