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Thread: Heart of the Swarm campaign ideas

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    Default Heart of the Swarm campaign ideas

    I've been working on these on the official forums for a while. Would like to see your opinion, too .

    My ideas are divided into 3 parts: the base, the NPCs and the campaign layout.

    Also, feel free to post your own ideas as well .


    With Raynor's Riders at Wings of Liberty, we got a spaceship base, the Hyperion, with a lot of features and new characters.

    What do you think will come next, with Heart of the Swarm?

    My idea:


    We already saw this place at the last mission of WoL, All In. At the beginning cut-scene, Kerrigan emerged from it. Later, at the final cinematic, the team is seen inside it, too. Kerrigan doesn't need to be present to control the swarm, so she doesn't need a spaceship, and can sit tranquil at her palace, going near her troops with a sac or something when she needs so. Rooms:

    Throne chamber (Throne)

    The equivalent of the Hyperion's Bridge. Features:
    -Throne (decoration).
    -Tactical bio-map (missions from here, like at the Hyperion).
    -Trophies at the sides of the throne (at the Hyperion they were at the Cantina).

    Egg chamber (Hatchery)

    The equivalent of the Hyperion's Laboratory. Features:
    -Huge room with pools full of eggs, where queens spawn experimental units faster than in the normal ways (decoration).
    -Research with special points (mutating/infesting terran and protoss stuff).
    -Mercenaries (special limited broods).

    Arena (Arena)

    The equivalent of the Hyperion's Armory. Features:
    -A pit where units fight each other to test their skills and see if they're useful or not (decoration).
    -Unit upgrades (may be done through some arena minigame, with limited play-options, so you can't get all the upgrades, and you need to play x missions to unlock x games).
    -Arena minigame (read line above).

    Queen's Chambers (Chamber)

    The equivalent of the Hyperion's Cantina. Features:
    -A room full of terran stuff, ghost equipment and a bed-pool where Kerrigan rests (decoration).
    -Special missions objects (like Ihan Crystal and its Zeratul missions; maybe Raynor wnt on some mission and sends the Ihan to Kerrigan to let her know about it, or maybe we recover some UED special mission archives).
    -Other special stuff (equivalents to the adjutant and the artefact pieces, and mutations for Kerrigan, to get slowly reinfested).

    Outside the palace (Surface)

    No equivalent on the Hyperion. Features:
    -The surface of Char, overlooking your palace at the back (decoration).
    -You’ll see your palace grow, getting new parts, spikes, simply bigger or tentacles. Eventually, at the final missions, your palace would be able to move, and would be your fortress for the final missions, where Kerrigan needs to be at the front (cinematic in the style of WoW: WotLK, only that bigger than a dragon, don’t say you wouldn’t love it :kawaii.
    -Communication with Raynor's Riders, UNN news and other things that need to be outside, because your palace blocks the signals.
    -Unit gallery (like at the Hyperion’s armory, only that you see them flying or running around, like a small zoo).

    All of it, and not just the outside, would grow. For example, at the beginning, the throne chamber would be too simple, but after some missions, everything would “evolve” automatically to make the room look cooler and the throne bigger+taller. Other rooms may be unavailable from the beginning, too, and you would need to play to evolve the palace to open them.

    Some “choose” situations could affect the palace, too, making it look “good” or “evil”, by, for example, editing the “membrane windows” at the ceiling, to give different illumination. Other may give it spikes to look “strong”, and the opposite some sort of “wings” to make it look more agile or something.

    In the end, all of this could be put into a special Leviathan or transport, but it's more "original" if it's not a spaceship, at least at the beginning. Before recovering the palace (from infested Tychus? :P), Kerrigan would be fine at the Hyperion. So:
    -Joeyray’s Bar = Hyperion (check for ideas on linking both campaigns)
    -Hyperion = Palace
    -Char camp = Flying palace


    These are my NPC ideas (dependent on the rooms above):

    -Throne chamber:
    --Some sort of infested male terran (Stukov, the one from DT novel trilogy, etc) that works as the “assistant” to Kerrigan and helps her lead the swarm.
    --The rest of the characters would appear around this room sometimes, just like what happens at the Hyperion’s Bridge.

    -Egg chamber:
    --Half-terran queen (Ariel Hanson is a good candidate, supposing that she and all the Agrians were infested since the beginning, thus joining the swarm would be a good idea to keep their sanity) who directs the “terran” program (mission needed to unlock her).
    --Half-protoss queen (new character you meet and fight, in her last moments of life she understands your goal and asks you to let her join the swarm to save the galaxy and bring peace between their races) who directs the “protoss” program (mission needed to unlock her).

    --Some sort of infested half-hydralisk male protoss (new character, but should have joined the swarm long ago) who directs the arena.
    --Half-ultralisk aberration (new character, but should have joined the swarm long ago) who serves the director of the arena. They’re deep friends, usually making jokes about their infestation.

    -Queen’s chamber:
    --Some sort of infested young female terran (new character, apparently weak, but full of Kerrigan-style body-weapons, that shows only when she’s angry in some cinematic) who guards Kerrigan’s chambers and doesn’t let anyone in without her permission (she may be the “successor” to Kerrigan, and even her daughter). She’s a good friend with her queen, and the one Kerrigan shares her hidden “emotions” with.

    -Outside the palace:
    --Some half-overseer infested terran (new character) who controls all the radio and transmission mechanisms, while he “levitates” around. He’s the mad technician type of guy. He has a pet observer he has modified with organic stuff.
    --A normal infested terran (new character) that acts pretty rude, mostly with the assistant of Kerrigan. He’s usually at the throne room, arguing with the assistant because he has better tactics, or outside, watching the technician and not trusting him (everyone would suspect him to be evil, but later the technician could be the evil one, betraying the swarm to some terran faction). He watches for Kerrigan’s young protégé when Kerrigan herself isn’t around.

    (Note: some characters are worth returning as infested, like Edmund Duke, Fenix, Karass... they all died at Kerrigan’s hands, and maybe she “captured” their corpses and conserved them for some reason; also, Stukov was deinfested, but a return could be possible; same for infested protoss, that were said not to exist)


    My "main" idea for the missions layout, right now, is a tree, and not just 4 branches, like Wings of Liberty.

    This means that each mission you play unlocks 2 missions, unless the missions is a "final one". I think this model is good because it matches the zerg tech tree fine, and makes sure you don't play the broodlord mission before the corruptor mission.

    If we follow a WoL layout, you'd have the entire T3 in a single branch, since you need infestor and bla bla bla, which makes it predictable and boring.

    My idea would be something like this; aside from playing previous missions, some might require to play a previous amount of missions, preferably those starting a new tier:

    Tier 0

    -01: unlocks 02 (zergling)
    -02: unlocks 03 (queen, overlord)
    -03: unlocks 1A and 1B (spine crawler, spore crawler)

    Tier 1

    **1A: unlocks 1AA and 1AB <<Raynor>>

    **1B: unlocks 1BA1 and 1BB1 (Roach)
    ****1BA1: unlocks 1BA2 and 2A
    ****1BB1: unlocks 1BB2 and 2B <<Raynor>>

    Tier 2

    **2A: unlocks 2AA1 and 2AB1 (Infestor)
    ****2AA1: unlocks 2AA2 and 3A (Corruptor)
    ****2AB1: unlocks 2AB2 and 3B1 (Mutalisk)

    **2B: unlocks 2BA and 2BB (Hydralisk)
    ****2BA (Nydus Worm)
    ****2BB (Lurker)

    Tier 3

    **3A: unlocks 3AA and 3AB <<Raynor>>
    ****3AA (Brood Lord)
    **3B1: unlocks 3B2 and 41 (Ultralisk)

    Tier 4

    -41: unlocks 42
    -42: unlocks 43
    -43: final mission

    I only placed those I'm sure that fit (Lurker may the exception, in case it's T3, Hydralisk would switch with Mutalisk and Lurker with 3B2).

    In the end, the units by tier are:
    -Tier 0: 3: zergling, queen, overlord, spine and spore crawlers.
    -Tier 1: 8: roach, baneling + new.
    -Tier 2: 8: infestor, mutalisk, corruptor, hydralisk, nydus worm +new.
    -Tier 3: 5: ultralisk, broodlord + new.

    The overseer should be a research unit. By "new" I imply a new unit is added, be it from Brood War or completely new. Some maths and we get to the conclusion that we would need 7 new units for the missions, and 3 for the lab research (although the lab could bring more).

    Back from BW, we could have: scourges, guardians, defilers and devourers. WoL could bring: brutalisks, swarmhosts and swarm guardians.

    I don't mention side missions, but they don't count for the main run so it shouldn't be a problem.

    Total number of missions: 27 (WoL is 26 with 3 side missions)
    -Tier 0: 3
    -Tier 1: 8
    -Tier 2: 8
    -Tier 3: 5
    -Tier 4: 3

    Of all the missions, 4 could be played as the terran. The main idea is that Raynor's Raiders are helping Kerrigan, and sometimes contact her to inform her of some mission they did. You play the mission and you unlock the bonus. These missions wouldn't give any new unit, but could in turn unlock missions that do. I marked them as <<Raynor>>, although there's still 1 left I'm not sure where to place.

    I'll try to make an image of everything later to explain it better, if I'm bored enough :P.

    Original thread here: .

    I'm a product of your collective imagination and, therefore, I do not assume responsibility of anything I don't want to assume responsibility of.

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    Default Re: Heart of the Swarm campaign ideas

    Ooooo....pretty nice ideas. It might end up being something similar to this.

    For people of the opinion "I completely will never pay for anything" but still wanting to watch GSL VODs....PM me. (Hint: Sharing is caring)

    If you're making an account just to PM me.....don't waste your time.

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    Default Re: Heart of the Swarm campaign ideas

    I have a few mission gimmick ideas.

    - Inverse "Outbreak": A mission on a planet with intermittent cloud cover and harsh UV light, so you have to micro your Zerg to burrow so they don't fry in the sun. Basically, you play the Zombies.

    - Variation of above: Planet slowly drains your unit's HP while above ground, so need to use Lurkers, Roaches, and Infestor's burrow move/attack abilities effectively.

    - Use 1 Queen to escort a single Ultralisk through the level, using Transfusion to heal and Creep Tumors to give him a speed boost.

    - Zerg strength is usually on ground, so a mission the requires you to properly micro Mutalisks and make use of Corruptor Corruption and Overseer Contaminate to take out encampments of AA units like Thors and stop production of more.

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    Default Re: Heart of the Swarm campaign ideas

    i would love to see Raynor becoming friend of a Hydralisk :3
    they become close friends and then the hydra is killed by a hybrid attack

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    Default Re: Heart of the Swarm campaign ideas

    I would like to know your opinion on the base and the layout mostly, characters were a bit of improvised fanfiction :P.

    Quote Originally Posted by HydraHydra View Post
    i would love to see Raynor becoming friend of a Hydralisk :3
    they become close friends and then the hydra is killed by a hybrid attack

    I'm a product of your collective imagination and, therefore, I do not assume responsibility of anything I don't want to assume responsibility of.

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    Default Re: Heart of the Swarm campaign ideas

    I like those ideas Demo. I think you are a brilliant.

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    Default Re: Heart of the Swarm campaign ideas

    I never though I would say this, but I agree with demolitionsquid.

    And awesome ideas lonami!

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    Default Re: Heart of the Swarm campaign ideas

    Quote Originally Posted by HydraHydra View Post
    i would love to see Raynor becoming friend of a Hydralisk :3
    they become close friends and then the hydra is killed by a hybrid attack
    Herbert the Hydra should be pals with Stetmann and Swann should get a pygalisk named Petunia.

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    Default Re: Heart of the Swarm campaign ideas

    I don't like the whole Hyperion thing from WoL. It was too static. You just fought off a massive battle... and you're back, into this lifeless boring ship where nothing is really happening, everyone is idling about, not a lot of background stuff. You go to the bridge, two guys are standing there. You go the the bar, everyone's just idling about.

    It's not interesting and nothing is that interesting really. Where's it the after party celebration? Where is the life on this ship?

    I'd rather they simply do this, have the same idea from Broodwar, for each mission you have an intro / outro, after that, you get a simply interface with Kerrigan telling you shit (although I think this time you are kerrigan which is dumb and stupid) So you're always going from one place to another. Maybe have a galactic map where your goal is to fight each mission, but with each mission you gain some things while at the same time you get to watch an awesome cinematic each time. Something like Dawn of War 2 did (I loved that Single Player)

    The single player needs to be fast paced, pretty much what Warcraft 3 did. I felt the Hyperion just killed any emotions from every mission. It's like OMG I JUST BEAT IT... okay now back to this boring old ship where everyone just stands about doing absolutely nothing it seems. Didn't Raynor just get into a firefight on another ship? Now he's standing around again.
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    Default Re: Heart of the Swarm campaign ideas

    I wish they just made it into a 3rd person view ala gears of war and you can walk around in some places of the hyperion and you can approach people and chat with them.
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