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Thread: Valk + tanks vs zerg = pwnage

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    Default Valk + tanks vs zerg = pwnage

    So this is a thread for any t player (or z) out here at sc:l for tvz match.

    What is it about?

    Recently I got bored of the usual mnm against zerg and decided to try some new stuff. I usually always open with a 2 port wraith vs a z but I decided to change things a bit and trade the wraiths with Valkyries after reading some stuff on It actually works pretty well! I don't have the perfect timing yet but each time I try it, the zerg player got lots of trouble dealing with the tech (on higher D level that is... not sure if you can try that on C+ and higher but since I think no one on scl is anyways, w/e). So basically try to get your natural fast and then get your 2 ports + an armory. You'll need the armory for +1 air attack. The +1 attack is essential for dealing against scourges. If the z goes 3 hatch muta, it's better to wait until you have 4 valk before heading out. 4 valk deals easily with early muta harass. Once you killed the early muta, just go out ovie hunting and while you're having fun, start teching for 2 fact siege tank. The tanks will counter mass hydra that would normaly mess with your valk.

    Why valks?

    They kill ovie faster than wraiths and make the Terran able to match the zerg air mobility. They are also able to take more dmg than wraiths. Since ovie are essential for the z, you can always make valk to harass them and piss off the player

    What you must watch out for

    -Now, most z I played against using this decide to stick with air units for unknown reason. It actually work if you're being careless with your valk. Make sure that each time you attack the z air force you have a 1:2 valk/muta ratio. Also watch out for the scourges. Know where they are by scanning the whole place.

    -Try to get your 3 expo when you can but make sure you have enough siege tanks. Don't be careless, stay defensive with your tanks. I can usually win with 2 base anyways but since this build needs a lot of cash well depending of the situation...

    -The z will usually try to counter with mass ling or lurker + hydra. Lurker + hydra get pwned easily by your tanks but watch out for the mass ling (or even ultraling). Usually make depots in front of your tanks like you could/would do in a tvp (though I know I don't see that a lot in D level games) to make sure you'll be ok. A bit of rines can help too depending on how many cash you have.

    So that should be it. You can still do mnm + valk if you want and use the early ports to make drops but I just find that tanks are better. Btw I'm no pro (D+/C-) and I really didn't create this strategy. It was first used by boxer once but not a lot of ppl actually try it out. Credits goes to Feel free to try it out and comment! Or propose better counters if you are z.

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    Default Re: Valk + tanks vs zerg = pwnage

    Pros tried this strategy. I donīt think it works with highly skilled players, but it does work with people who are not exceptionally good with timing or macro.

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    Default Re: Valk + tanks vs zerg = pwnage

    Facing mech in zvt makes me happier actually lol
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