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Thread: Protoss command structure?

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    Well, Praetor, Prelate, Hierarch and Matriarch (and Templar, Archon and Dragoon as well for that matter) are all Human ranks too, just obscurely historical ones ("Praetor" is an ancient Roman title that had both military and civilian applications, "Prelate" is a term for a high ranking member of the clergy e.t.c).

    All Protoss ranks though always have an ancient and/or religious connotation to reflect the fact that their society is very ancient and highly traditionalistic (they all are best viewed however as approximate English translations of the actual rank names, since Protoss don't really speak English). So Admiral IS an oddity. .

    wow, i didnt know all that O.o

    personally i dont like the idea of having more than 1 executor at the time, i think is better and more easy to have 1 executor and then some "admirals" for the fleets and some "preators" for the ground army. O.o

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    On the note of "admiral", the term "commander" has been used twice to describe lower-ranking protoss commanders (in the Mothership and Colossus short stories).
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