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Thread: Patch 1.4.11

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    Default Patch 1.4.11

    This patch will include a lot of various balance changes to fix some obvious balance problems. Go check it out I promise it will be of happiness to you!

    Some of the changes that are included are:

    Players who are winning a match and type “GG” on behalf of their opponent will automatically surrender.
    This was actually something I wanted to be implemented for a long time, to long have players misused the "gg" command.
    In addition to losses, wins are now also no longer shown. Instead, players will see Jim Raynor giving them a thumbs-up after every match regardless if they win or lose.
    The feedback blizzard was given with the non-showing losses got blizzard fixing it in a top notch way.

    Whenever a Phoenix performs the barrel roll animation, it cannot be damaged by any attacks.
    This feature was obvious to not have in the game, luckily they fixed the bug where they forgot to add it. I must say it is THE most important bugfix.

    Carrier (new unit) is now available from the Stargate.
    Also Protoss got a new unit called the carrier, I don't know what it looks like yet since I have never seen it. I think we might see a lot of games where the carrier is used.

    Flying buildings now crush any non-massive units and Protoss Force Fields when landing. This effect can destroy friendly units.
    Another bugfix like the barrel roll for phoenix, but I still wonder why it isn't stated as a bugfix. Pretty important though, seemed rather strange that a zergling could not get squashed by that command center.

    No change.
    The most reasonable change, since the bunker has not been changed so much it was a well needed change.
    Due to lack of use, the Lurker has been removed from the game.
    Ah well, I will miss this unit

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    Default Re: Patch 1.4.11

    Fixed a bug where Terran players were able to lose a game.
    Hell, it's about time.

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    Default Re: Patch 1.4.11

    inb4 Wankey bitches about this being horrible game design.

    Rest In Peace, Old Friend.

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    Default Re: Patch 1.4.11

    I knew it was April Fools joke before I entered this thread, but damn, Bunker one was really funny!
    "Living for the Swarm!"

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    Default Re: Patch 1.4.11

    David Kim was nerfed!!! =D

    i hate that the Ghost never finish its production =(

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    Default Re: Patch 1.4.11

    Funny as balls.

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    Default Re: Patch 1.4.11

    LMAO! Gotta love it!

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    Default Re: Patch 1.4.11

    It says it is a preview of the next patch. When can we see the full version?

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    Default Re: Patch 1.4.11

    Carrier (new unit) is now available from the Stargate.
    Haha, I missed this the first time. Good stuff, Blizzard

    Rest In Peace, Old Friend.

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    Default Re: Patch 1.4.11

    At least they are making fun of their own "problems" that is so awesome

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