Hello boys and girls!

Sign up for Sunday's LFC Bo1 tournament #19!
Please pay attention that the tourney will start on Sunday 20.03.2011 at 9pm GMT+2, since we've switched to Double Elimination system.

Dear LFC players!
Im introducing ranking system to the Legacy Fight Club Bo1 tournament. Players earn points depending on what place they get, and in the end of season (each season 20 weekly tournaments) top 16 players will be invited to End Season tournament, and hopefully, well have a prize for that.
Current standings can be found here.

Xorp and Dikov will be streaming and casting the games, so be sure to tune in if you're not in a mood for some funky 1v1 action or you're just too far away to participate!
Equiliari will be streaming the games at Legacy Observer channel!

And make sure to join our chat channel on EU server: Legacy Fight Club