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Thread: This japan hing could get srsly huge :( [vid]

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    Quote Originally Posted by Todie View Post
    IMO its not so far to generalize to Japan as a whole being a bad location.. but what were their options?
    Nuclear power is just a means of creating electricity, which can be sent from anywhere to anywhere via wires. And I know Nuclear Reactors do need water to cool down, that's why it was near the ocean in the first place. So what I mean by "location" is that instead of building the power plant on the fault-line coast of Japan, they could have built it further inland near a calm lake, or even on the coast that aims towards China. Yes, it would have cost more to plant electrical wires to carry that power across the country, but not as much as the cost of fixing a nuclear meltdown caused by the most common natural disaster Japan experiences.

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    Default Re: This japan hing could get srsly huge :( [vid]

    Ah yes, if only these probably world-renowned nuclear engineer specialists knew as much as you about nuclear engineering . . .


    Rest In Peace, Old Friend.

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    Default Re: This japan hing could get srsly huge :( [vid]

    Well, I would like to state that the man talking about the disaster in Japan is just another spectator of the disaster. He fails to acknowledge a lot of important details in a direct way.

    He states that the reactions create Oxygen and Hydrogen, both flamable; but the last time I read about Plutonium/Uranium reactors they decompose water molecules into an Isotop of Nitrogen and common Hydrogen. Radioactive nitrogen is part of the dangerous radioactive material released by the reactor. Hydrogen just blows the compound up.

    Japanese handed out Iodine pelets that absorb this radioactive nitrogen in order to aid the town and prevent radioactive sickness.

    If what he states is true, then the nuclear disaster is now worse than ever. An exposed, unstable reactor would produce a similar effect than the Reactor #4 in Chernobyl after the disaster.

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