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Thread: Who misses the Confederacy?

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    I miss the Confederacy.
    But they were replaced sadly by Megnsk's Dominion.
    But if you miss them very much, you can just imagine the Dominion as the Confederacy.
    I do that.
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    In defence of the Confederacy: During Rebel Yell they were attacked by the entire Zerg force, Tassadar's fleet, the Sons of Korhal, and rebels on nearly every colony. The Confederates would have used the Psi Distruptor given a little more time, but the Sons of Korhal used research in the Jacob's Installation against them via Psi Emittors. A lot of Confederates didn't even have time to properly counter-attack the Zerg as the Protoss wasted entire planet surfaces. I'm saying that the only reason the Confederacy was brought down so swiftly was because of the overwhelming odds. Not to mention millions of solders that were probably preping on Tarsonis didn't even see it coming.
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    The Protoss were trying to save them, not destroy them.

    They got their asses kicked by the SoK via Kerrigan.

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