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Thread: The Overmind vs Kerrigan

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    Default The Overmind vs Kerrigan

    Who do you prefer? Kerrigan or The Overmind?

    For me it's the Overmind all the way. I hate Kerrigan. I don't get why they replaced the Overmind with her. I just hope he'll somehow comeback in SC2. He's one of my favorite villain ever. I still remember his first words he said in the briefing of the very first zerg mission:

    Awaken my child, and embrace the glory that is your birthright. Know that I am the Overmind; the eternal will of the Swarm, and that you have been created to serve me.
    awww RIP ovie :'(

    EDIT: Damn I wanted a poll. If a mod could be kind enough to put Kerrigan and Overmind as poll option it would be appreciated. Done - Friendly Neighbourhood ChaosSmurf
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    Default Re: The Overmind vs Kerrigan

    Kerrigan is interesting, but only because she provides a character arc of sorts for Raynor, and hence for the story as a whole. The truth is that the Overmind is far more menacing. It's just hard to believe that Kerrigan is strong enough and has enough of a motive to wage a war to destroy the other two species.

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    Default Re: The Overmind vs Kerrigan

    The Overmind was a better character and more "true" to the zerg.

    Kerrigan is a better hero. She's also more adaptable and has a better understanding of her enemies than the Overmind. Please note that she is still trying to fulfill the Overmind's aims (as of Shadow Hunters).
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    Default Re: The Overmind vs Kerrigan

    In my opinion, I find that the story between Raynor and Kerrigan and stuff should already BE over. I find them boring now, drunk raynor, power hungry kerrigan, great.

    I really do prefer the overmind, and I hope to see some interesting stories form from new characters. While I have no doubt that the story for SC2 will be stellar, I highly doubt that the passionless raynor, and the typical Kerrigan, and the wounded Zeratul will have any impact on me like they did in SC1.

    In any case, the overmind is a total badass I love him.

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    Default Re: The Overmind vs Kerrigan

    Personally, I prefer the Overmind, he's just, better.

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    Default Re: The Overmind vs Kerrigan

    A pity they killed the Overmind. Kerrigan could had been her agent, and we could have both now. But the story had reached a point where it was kill or die.

    Too bad, while Kerrigan can interact with the enemy more, the Overmind was a lot more Zergish than her, and it's speech was unique, much better than Kerrigan's "everyone except me is stupid" speeches and attitude shown in BW. Seriously, she should wear an "i'm with stupid" shirt

    I expect her to behave much more interestingly and seriously in SC2, however.

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    Default Re: The Overmind vs Kerrigan

    first are we sure the overmind is a "he" and not an "it"? anyways, Overmind FTW. the whole idea of the Zerg is that they are a hive mind species with no individualist characteristics. Kerrigan is far too individualistic to command the swarm. idealogical paradox, to me.
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    Default Re: The Overmind vs Kerrigan

    Overmind for me, but Kerrigan's ok for me.
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    Default Re: The Overmind vs Kerrigan

    I definitely preferred the Overmind. It WAS the Zerg Swarm. Tassadar essentially fractured the Swarms, and Kerrigan was there to stitch the pieces back together. She's really nothing more than a puppet master, a self-absorbed solipsistic agent of chaos.

    ... Y'know, phrased that way, she doesn't sound like such a poor character. ;]

    I'm actually really looking forward to the Zerg campaign. I want to see how she evolves both herself and the Swarm. If she is pursuing the Overmind's agenda of evolution, than might that mean that the Swarm Mind is overwhelming her? That *gasp* the Overmind might still resurface? From a story standpoint, horrible idea. Conceptually, though, I'm intrigued.
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    Default Re: The Overmind vs Kerrigan

    She's really nothing more than a puppet master, a self-absorbed solipsistic agent of chaos.
    Uh, total opposite I'd say. She's actually a lot about control, revenge and self-preservation more so than about chaos and being solipsistic. Nothing she does is chaotic (except when she was under the Overmind's control) and she's selfish and arrogant, but not to the point of being solipsistic. Maybe after she's wiped out the Dominion, Protoss and UED's fleets, but definitely not before that point.

    I don't like the Overmind that much. He had a deep cool voice, but other than that the conflict with him was too straight-forward. I mean after the original StarCraft what more could they do with him? Not much. I don't think there was a whole lot left to explore.

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