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Thread: About the colossus

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    Quote Originally Posted by IchibanBaka View Post
    Nerf colo! somehow buff HT! maybe give carriers some love!

    but nerfing the colo would affect my pvp o.O so idk
    Are you kidding me? The HT's just got nerfed, so the toss AoE seems pretty balanced atm.

    Stand and deliver, that my hamster might have a better look at you.

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    Not in PvP peanutbutter. Even in PvT it isn't balanced. Colossi needed to be nerfed since Beta. So far, they've received 1 nerf/buff. Increase in attack speed and decrease in attack damage. The Colossus used to 1 shot all tier 1 units and 2 shot stalkers. Now, they just just do it better over a longer period of time, when you have 4+ colossi.

    The concept of the Colossus is cool, but the execution in tandem with Protoss gate tech is not. Colossi are so crippling to a Protoss if sniped that Protoss almost always loses, and they HAVE to bank on the fact that the Colossi will do massive damage before going down. It is TOO much of a crutch unit for Protoss in PvT and that was why HT were preferred.

    Admittedly HT warp-in storm was very hard/impossible to deal with in drop situations, which is what David Kim alluded to in his Situation Report. The BIG problem with his thinking is that removing the KA has made High Templar useless to tech to. Too expensive and % of return is too low (like under 20%) due to the frailty, speed and cost. The tech cost 2 buildings 1 research (now) and each HT is 150 gas which is FAR from cheap, given that Protoss is extremely gas heavy from cybercore tech itself. David Kim thought like a one-dimensional Terran player and made that decision with his peers without thinking that without the KA upgrade (which existed as an integral part of the HT since Broodwar for both lore and balance reasons), HT become a liability instead of a strategic option.

    Had they nerfed HT KA to delay storm for 15 seconds upon warp-in, it would make things fair for Terran drops (which was his main focus/concern). Unprepared Protoss would get their Templar sniped as though they did not have KA, while Protoss that were prepared would not just die from Terran drops due to the stupid frailty of cybercore units vs stimmed/concussive M&M healed by medivacs, esp in multi-medivac drops...

    I think this decision by David Kim and his team was far too short-sighted this time, and instead of touching upon the REAL problem with Protoss tier 3 - the Colossus, they touched a unit that was fine, relatively speaking, and which only needed tweaking, not castration.

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    Colossus Imbalanced? I don't know....
    Hard ass to counter I believe

    I know a lot of counters and talks has already been said to the Protoss Colossus stalker combo.

    But here is my opinion on this as a Zerg player.... I don't know if it is imbalanced but it sure is a headache to deal with. It's kind of like the Terran Marine Tank Medivac combo expect Colossus can move and pretty fast too .

    Let's say the game gets long and your in a mid to late game period. And Zerg has mass Ling/Mutalisk or Roach/Hydra or what ever other combo. Most people see it either say to them self "oh crap I lost that's too big of an army to deal with" or "I gotta get some colossus/tanks, or whatever to deal with it".

    But with the Protoss death ball you get a headache. Say I get Corruptors to counter the Colossus and Roachs/Ling for Stalkers Sentry etc... but I have to make sure my Micro is nearly perfect because I have to first kill those Colossus, and then kill those Stalkers and do it right so that my entire army don't die either. Colossus it self isn't hard to deal with it's the death "BALL" that's hard to deal with! The fact that you can put the entire super powerful army of Protoss units in a ball and have them move across the map is ridiculously hard to deal with!

    As a Zerg Player I can group up my Broodlords with even my Mutalisk and Corruptors to make an air Death ball because Broodlords are so freakin slow!

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    ^ I wans't ONLY talking about PvZ, btw when I mentioned Colossi... PvP is broken because of that unit too... At least with reavers in Broodwar, you could transition out of them, not with Colossi though...

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