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Thread: .M3 -> .OBJ Model Convertor

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    Default .M3 -> .OBJ Model Convertor

    A Model convertor has arrived!

    .M3 = Blizzard's latest model file format, based on their MDX format from previous games (War3, WoW). The convertor converts .M3's into .obj, a model format for Maya and Max (And any others that can read .obj's).

    Only a few kinks with it. UV's come flipped vertically and normals need to be fixed up. Some verts also need to be welded. Other than that, the models are pretty much intact and working! If you want to use their normal maps, you will need to invert the map (from Orange to Blue) then copy the alpha channel into the red channel for it to display properly.

    Props to Teal and Witchsong for their awesome efforts, woot!
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    it is quite impressive and helpful as well... thanks for your supports man...
    642-901 and 642-902 updates as well more about 642-971 and 642-972 exam

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    Interesting post..

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