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  1. Re: Force Field, a bit ridiculous, and harmful to game design

    the issue here is that u are trying to face protoss as zerg with 200/200 vs 200/200, zerg is not built to be a direct A attack race. Zerg's strenth lies in fast reproduction and speed, surrounding a...
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    Re: TvZ Ghost vs Hive Tech

    i dont play terran, and never tried ghost much, what does the hold fire thing do?
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    Re: State of the Game: IdrA vs. Day[9]

    as an outsider who just read the last 3 pages, I have to agree that the way TRD and the other dude is arguing is BETTER, however I am not saying their arguments are the correct or legit ones but they...
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    Re: How to deal with Banshee / Voidray as Zerg?

    you can usually poke a zergling in the ramp or front base and notice how little units there are or how little gateways there arefor an indication of early void rays... or that very first overlord u...
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    Re: Patch 1.3.3 PTR Notes - Updated 04/25

    well if u just target only the colossus and leave the void rays alone u can basicly trade ur corrupters for them and hydras can beat void rays no problem. It really just comes down to some micro and...
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    Re: How to deal with Banshee / Voidray as Zerg?

    Voidrays and banshes get demolished by Hydra's who cost about the same and move much faster than both on creep altho slower than both off creep.
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    Re: Colossus Short Story

    so you want stories on actual combat of the specific units? that sounds kinda boring or bland. I think these origin or side stories give good depth and good lore into the starcraft background.
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    Poll: Re: What race do you play?

    lmao... nice try in making it seem subtle

    I play zerg coz they are my fav race, always liked them altho early/mid game transitions for zerg are hard for me.
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    Re: Starcraft 2 in Chinese

    I actually think tis decent, only thing i dont like is that most of the voices in the video seem to be done by like old ass non excited voices. They should have used more younger sounding voices, for...
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    Re: [Art] Sarov's Collection

    Im not much of a line art guy, probably coz i dont color my drawings in and leave them black and white, which means i put alot of the shading in and its has more defination. But i appreciate your...
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    Re: After Game disscussion

    I had no idea wat u said in ur story andrew...
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    Poll: Re: [Poll] How Would You Describe Zeratul?

    I think u are looking slightly too deep into this.. you can find useless of meaninless animations in many many trailers in many many many games from many many many many companies. Some scenes just...
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    Re: Roach/Hydra melee attacks usefull?

    didnt know this... it can be useful sometimes but its def not a huge game changer.. the hydras and roaches have large surface area and how often do u see them surrounding their targets?
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    Re: Idea of a Council Research

    i dont mind this idea, maybe not for blinking but zealots automaticlly charge into enemies and that usually causes them all the die. as theres no way u can back them off fast enough from ur opponents...
  15. Re: Cool idea for totally rad graphic additions that serve a purpose!

    HMMMM sure its cool but I think maybe it should only be for replays?????? Coz now u cant fake certian attacks, u cant scare away a group of marines about to push at ur door with ur depleted HTs, IMO...
  16. Re: This forum is full of professional story critics

    lol no idea wat u are trying to say @ above

    this thread is obviously just sarcasticly throwing a shot at all the ppl who are giving sc2 so much shit for what they have shown so far.
  17. Poll: Re: Does our feedback matter one bit to Blizz Writers?

    Quoted for good insight and actual thought-out reasoning rather than what your emotions sway you to at the point in time u are typing a reply.

    I dont see why our feedback should matter, if it did...
  18. Re: Early PvP always degenerates into mass zealots?

    :s really? mass zealots own stalkers early game tho. 6 lots vs 3 stalkers is a bad matchup, coz they go straight for ur probes or corner the stalkers eventually.
  19. Re: What if BNET gave silver level players diamond level coaches automatically?

    dont think ppl will care enough to actually coach random unknowned ppl for no reason... and i can see a bunch of very silly ppl giving very false info when they are coaching
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    Re: Awesome Idra Interview

    guys the thread was supposed to be for fun, there is already a terran thread and countless other nerf terran threads. this isnt one of them. just enjoy the videos if u still havent seen them lol
  21. Thread: The Cylons

    by MajinX

    Re: The Cylons

    umm wats a cylon?? lol i seriously havnt heard of the word before
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    Awesome Idra Interview

    Im surprised this hasnt been posted, its slightly old but a very good interview none the less...

    and for those that loved that interview this...
  23. Poll: Re: Blizzard Reiterates: Mothership being crappy is a-ok

    it is. the vortex is a skill that can change the tides of battle in one instant. trap half their units and destroy the other half or storm into their base.
  24. Re: There's an unscoutable 2 rax rush on asia right now

    why do u think this is wat he meant? he said non scoutable.. this build seems very scoutable, see a reactor on his barracks and u gotta assume he has alot of rines.
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    Re: Making Corruptor Harass-errific

    :S not all spells need to be amazing. Can u imagine 8 corrupters (which is a reasonable amount) instantly spawning 40 broodlings in an expansion, think about the OPness of it. The 15 seconds is a...
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