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    Poll: Re: Most memorable SC quote

    Man, you arent the only one. :D

    Most memorable re imo:
    "Doesn't take a telepath to know what you're thinking" -Kerrigan, it really made me laugh, and
    "I don't think so, Admiral. You see, at this...
  2. Re: Star Wars Quotes in Terran 4 (Original Campaign)

    I don't find it very logical for the BC's to yell "It's a trap" when they are attacked while they are floating above open plains and enemy hydra horde appears from the distance... (the moment they...
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    Re: Stuck with Brood War?

    I'm still "stuck" with BW since my computer can't run SC2. Too old. I don't mean this is any negative, I love BW and the way it works. I will buy a new computer someday, not very far in the future...
  4. Re: Question, Zerg Mission 8 "An eye for an eye" crash a bug?

    Sorry for dead thread revival, but I've come up with the same bug, but I have also come up with a solution, actually two:
    1. hit esc during the conversation (I tested it works really and this is the...
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