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Posting Rules and Guidelines

Because this forum's staff strives to create a fair and friendly community please note that we reserve the right to restrict site access to anyone that we feel is or could be a detriment to this community. We also reserve the right to delete or modify any posts for any purpose. Our forum is respected and noticed by Blizzard, and as such, our members are required to follow these guidelines when posting here:

- Read the guidelines for each separate forum that you post in, as some of them have different rules and regulations.

- No spamming is allowed. Spamming is loosely defined as any off-topic or inconsequential post. This includes posting two or more times in a row (double-posting) and posting simply to increase your post count. If you don't have anything on-topic to say, it is better not to say anything. If you find a spam post, please do not aggravate the problem by responding to it; instead report it by clicking this image located in the post-bit of the offending post

- Advertisements of other sites or any product is prohibited. In some cases, linking to content pertaining to the thread may constitute an appropriate exception.

- Flaming or insulting any other individuals(not restricted to members of this site) is highly inappropriate and discouraged. Note that this does not only include profanity, but any other kind of insult or disrespect as well as "flamebaiting" and "trolling". Please treat others with respect. If someone flames you, the proper course of action is to report his/her post, and to avoid retaliation in the thread. This especially applies for Blizzard Entertainment employees and SC:L staff.

- Discussion of illegal activities is forbidden. This includes software piracy.

- Insulting other sites or other sites' members is prohibited. The punishment will be a four point infraction.

- Please use private messages to send a message to a specific user instead of posting in a particular board.

- No graphic content or pornography is allowed, either posted or linked. Please do not post Protoss erotica.

- You may only have one account.

- Threads asking why a user was banned will result in a 3 point infraction.

- These forums are English only.

- Do not revive old threads, but instead create a new up-to-date thread if you wish to discuss an old topic.

- There are certain restrictions on your signature area. The general rule is only one image no larger than 500 pixels wide and 200 pixels tall, and only three lines of text (blank or not); this rule will be enforced at the Administration's discretion. First time offenders will be warned and his/her signature corrected; repeat offenders will be given an infraction.

- Please keep discussions related to the subject of the forum or the thread you are posting in. For example, posts about StarCraft: Brood War should go in the StarCraft: Brood War forum and posts about map creation or mod development should go in the Mapping & Modding forum. Posts that are off-topic may be split off from that thread or be considered spam, and threads that are considered to be better suited in another forum may be moved there. In some cases, there will be a link in the original board leading to the new location, but not always. In these cases, there is a useful search function.

- Abuse of the reputation system is forbidden and subject to severe punishment.

Social Groups

Social Groups are discussion groups that members can join to talk about topics other than those offered in the main forums. The full guide and FAQ can be found here.

If you are the creator of a social group please post your group in the SC:L Social Group Compendium.

Infraction Guide

Warnings and infractions are our method of discipline here at the StarCraft: Legacy forums. A member may be given a warning or an infraction for inappropriate conduct. A warning is similar to an infraction, but contains no infraction points. Infraction points expire after 14 days, but if a member accumulates 10 infractions points in a given time period, they will be subject to a two week temporary ban. A member holding 30 points or more at any given time will warrant the member a permanent infraction. The following is the list of our main infraction citations:
  • Inappropriate Language (1 point)
  • Signature Rule Violation (1 point)
  • Board Specific Rule Violation (3 point)
  • Insolence (3 points)
  • Flaming (4 points)
  • Spamming (1 thread) (4 points)
  • Blizzard Disrespect (5 points)
  • Posting Inappropriate Content (6 points)
  • Severe Flaming (7 points)
  • Staff Flaming (7 points)
  • Spamming - Multiple Threads (9 points)
  • Executing Malicious Code on Forum (25 points)
  • Attempts to Access the Forum After Being Banned (30 points)
  • Spammed Advertisements/Advertising Account (30 points)
If you feel that you have received an infraction unfairly, contact one of the Administrators with a Private Message. Remember, mature appeals are far more likely to get a positive results.

Forum Usage FAQ

Listed below are some of the more common questions asked. If you have a question that is not addressed below, feel free to reply to this thread or send me a private message.

How do I get an avatar?
Select User CP at the top-left corner of any page. Select Edit Avatar under Settings & Options from the list on the left side. Here you may upload a custom avatar image from your computer or an image hosted on another website. An avatar may not be larger than 125x125 pixels, and must be under 58.6 KB.

How do I get a signature?
Select User CP at the top-left corner of any page. Select Edit Signature under Settings & Options from the list on the left side. You may place text in there or add an image. To add an image, you first need to host the image on a web server, such as ImageShack. Once you upload the image you will be presented with a URL inside [img] tags. Copy this and place it in your signature. You may also want to check StarCraft: Legacy's signature restrictions.

How do I stop getting automatic e-mail messages from threads I post in?
Select User CP at the top-left corner of any page. Select Edit Options under Settings & Options from the list on the left side. Set the Default Thread Subscription Mode option under Messaging & Notification to Do not subscribe. This will stop messages coming about any thread you post in in the future. You may stop messages coming from threads you've already posted in on the List Subscriptions page under Subscribed Threads in the User CP.

How do I send private messages?
Select User CP at the top-left corner of any page. Select Send New Message under Private Messages from the list on the left side. Alternatively, you may click on a member's name in a post and choose Send a private message to (name).

How do I attach a file to a post?
While posting the message, select Manage Attachments under Additional Options near the bottom of the page.

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