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07-09-2010, 08:29 PM
I think the top homepage banner with the giant Toss character should be decreased or fixed in some way. Sorry, for a lack of better description.

When I first approached this website, it was only natural for me to browse it all around. I found it to be a great community with entertaining editorials and useful information. After a few weeks of lurking, I decided to sign up to the forums and finally join the bandwagon.

The forums of any website are usually the first place I go to, before paying attention to anything. However, if there is a important piece of information/breaking news that catches my eye, I will check it out first. I know that the homepage stays updated with recent news and activities but the problem is that it just doesn't catch my eye right away (due to the giant "banner") when I visit the website. There is a tendency in me to just go straight to the forums right away and just forget.

Sorry, if I sound arrogant in any way. This is usually one of the first sites I visit, it just annoys me to miss out on some things.

If you guys don't fix it, I can bare with it. I don't know if its possible, but it would be cool if I can customize the page to make it look Zerg themed instead... :D

07-09-2010, 08:57 PM
Thanks for your input, John. It isn't arrogant in anyway, for it is a legitimate concern. We understand that the large header area, which is original artwork of Tassadar, is ineffective from a perspective of functionality and contemporary web design. However, our inclusion of a graphically and spatially intense header on a news website is a conscious stylistic choice. The RSS boxes (below the header and ad areas) were included to address the concerns of browsing the website for new information. We understand that many people's screen resolution is too small to fully benefit from this feature; however, we also understand that people can scroll. Also, they can use our RSS feed exclusively to survey for new information.

You can access the RSS feed here (http://sclegacy.com/index.php?format=feed&type=rss).

Regarding the tendency to head straight to the forums before checking the main page, it is a serious concern of ours. However, the website structure is limited in addressing this problem. The Tassadar artwork piece is the focal point of the website, and it is a non-negotiable feature. As a result, this is one area where we are unlikely to make vast changes.

Regarding multiple "skins" for the website, we would love to do that; however, the time and labour required to complete such as project is unfeasible at this time. This is why, for example, that forum updates such as structure and graphics are such a low priority.

Looking at the main page, there are a number of "tweaks" that can be made to enhance the usage of space while maintaining the header image; however, it is again an issue of time and labour.

I hope that the RSS suggestion helps, but I recognize that I have done little to address your concerns. It is a reality of the current website that we will have to problem solve as best we can.