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04-15-2010, 06:22 PM
I started a thread on why Robert Kotick is a douchebag. You can view it here: http://sclegacy.com/forums/showthread.php?t=3580 . Gifted locked the thread, and asked for PM's if anyone wanted to share. So I sent him the following message:

Hey Gifted,

You invited me to send a private message, so here it is.

I am not going to be more respectful towards him as a human being, because I read some of his thoughts and statements about the gaming industry and where he wants to take A-B, and it clearly shows that he's a dick. (Excuse me for the language, but it's really an appropriate word.)

A few examples on why he is a dick:

"We have a real culture of thrift. The goal that I had in bringing a lot of the packaged goods folks into Activision about 10 years ago was to take all the fun out of making video games."

Now you could say 'Look, the gaming industry is a business like any other, and he's just looking at A-B from a business-like perspective'. But I disagree with that. For one, it's people's jobs you're talking about. People generally like to like their jobs. If you want to take all the fun out of game-designing for a game-designer, how is that respecting them as human beings? It also shows he doesn't understand that making video games is a creative process, and that there won't be any good results if the creative people who are actually making the games feel miserable and stressed, because they are supposed to make games that just serve the bottom line so the shareholders can cash in, rather than games that they put their heart and soul in and would like to play themselves, and be proud of.

Exhibit B:

"I think we definitely have been able to instill the culture, the skepticism and pessimism and fear that you should have in an economy like we are in today."

Ah, that's proper management, that'll get your lackeys working for you. Make them fear the economy, and thus their own jobs! For one, he's being a dick again because he wants people to be scared. Two, if your game-designers are scared, they're not gonna make good games anymore. One argument for his behavior you brought up is that, while being a bit of a jerk, at least he enabled designers to design by watching the bottom line and making sure there are funds to continue operations. This is all fair and true. But in fact, if he does this and he wants us to have cool games, why does he then make those same designers feel all fearful, uncomfortable and insecure? That's not conducive to developing games!

He goes on:

"And so, while generally people talk about the recession, we are pretty good at keeping people focused on the deep depression."

More fear, more depression. Fear, the cornerstone of every healthy corporate culture! (Kudos for Pulp Fiction.) What a piece of shit, what a worthless human being. Note that I'm not disliking Robert Kotick because I dislike Robert Kotick. I'm dislking him because he makes disagreeable and downright despicable statements about how the company, which he runs in large part, should function. He wants to create an atmosphere of fear, depression and misery, regardless of whether this is good for development, not to mention the mental health of his employees. What will children of developers think if everyday their daddy or mommy comes home from work at an A-B studio, he sighs and says 'the boss called again and said things are going to be even more terrible. We might have to sell the house soon because my job could be on the line'.

Exhibit C:

"In responding to why Activision Blizzard chose not to publish certain games following the Activision/Blizzard merger, he stated that focusing on franchises that "have the potential to be exploited every year on every platform with clear sequel potential and have the potential to become $100 million franchises.""

As the above statement should make clear, on top of all this, I simply don't agree with the direction he wants to take A-B, namely in the direction of large franchises that you can churn out a sequel of every year. This is pretty much the antithesis of the way Blizzard works. Indeed, contrast it with Blizzard for a second. While they definitely watch their bottom line and rake in tons of money with WoW, they use this money to invest in years and years of developing new games. How long has SC2 been in the works? Seven frikkin' years. If Kotick had his way, it would've been rushed out in 2005 because face it, we would've bought it anyway no matter how crappy it was. Myself included.

04-15-2010, 06:25 PM
Part 2:

What would Kotick rather spend all that money on? My hunch: bonuses, keeping his shareholders fat 'n happy and a third spare Masserati so he can drive it into one of his seven swimming pools, just for funsies.

Rober Kotick is everything that could be wrong with the ever-maturing gaming industry, and our society at large. While he's still a human being and deserves no physical harm whatsoever, and I wish him all the best in many ways, there is one thing I can't give him: respect. Because he just doesn't deserve it.

Is there any reason to vent this without it leading to anything useful? Yes. This is the internet. Venting is what we do. It's just lots of fun to bitch about assholes, and you know it and you know he deserves it. I have no idea why you would close down a thread like that. Irrelevant? Sure, but fun. As if some thread about making supply depots 800 hp buildings with a 300 dmg splash attack wouldn't be irrelevant. Or is that different, cause it's an idea for the game? Hypocrisy (or irrationality, if you like) abounds.

PS: whether he affects my baby's diapers is completely irrelevant. He is a terrible, evil CEO who doesn't give a shit about games, gamers and anything but the wallets of the top 1% of his shareholders and his own. There are plenty of terrible, evil people out there who don't affect my daily life in the slightest. Yet they are all over the news and I do have a negative opinion on them, as does the majority of people. Why? Because they're evil, terrible people and we like to bitch about those people. Sometimes it's fun, sometimes it's necessary and sometimes it makes us feel a little better about ourselves. And judging from some of the reactions to my post (not all of them, mind you, I retain enough sense of realism and self-criticism to realise that, but that's what these threads and forums are for, to discuss issues people are interested in), I am not the only one.

Just let it be. Give us some fun. It doesn't have to be functional

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...to have a function

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What the hell -..-

PRIVATE message

*wishes he had mod powers*

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Interesting. But there's still no reason for a hate thread to be open anywhere.

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