View Full Version : Dynamic vectoring

05-09-2009, 03:51 PM
Im vondering if the starcraft2 editor will allow us to change or manipulate unit animations, from static vectoring to dynamic.With static graphic vectoring you can only change a unit animation in the editor, but the unit is then locked from manipulation in the game. Buth with Dynamic vectors, unit graphics can be scripted to change ingame when prompted.
I have a cool idea of making an animation that would transform the thor to a battlecruiser, like a bigger version of the viking. But to have an actual animation and not an instant transformation, i would reaquire that the units are tagged with dynamic graphicall layer.

The reason i'm asking this is that the warcraft3 editor did not support this by default, and you had to get an update plugin to have access to this. I't's been years since i've used the warcarft3 editor so i don't know if this was fixed or updated by later patches.

06-06-2009, 06:27 AM
Well the viking transforms, so I guess it supports it in some way ? (if i'm understanding you properly)

I don't really know if the transforming animation is a seperate unit ( replacing the air or the ground form when it's complete) or if it's actual unit animation...

If it's unit animation I can forsee some really nice custom units, specially on zerg side. :)