Gaming website Gamasutra has had a brief interview with Brian Kindregan, lead writer of StarCraft II.

Many questions were asked regarding the writing and design of StarCraft II, with some interesting answers.


I would think that in a strategy game, character would have to take on an unusual significance, moreso than plot, because any unit can basically die instantly. Probably 95 percent of the actual humans or aliens you see in the game itself are cannon fodder and they're going to die, so it must be all the more important to create an attachment to the permanent characters so everything doesn't just feel disposable.

BK: Absolutely. It always come back to character. With storytelling, there can be great plot twists and all sorts of amazing events, but they mean more when you're plugged into the characters. In the first game, when Sarah Kerrigan was betrayed and left to the Zerg, and then came back as the Queen of Blades, that's a great plot twist. But the only reason that you really care is that you liked Sarah Kerrigan.


It also seems that Blizzard is spreading out and gathering talents from several different places, with Kindregan originally working for Bioware.


What's your personal development history?

BK: Before coming to Blizzard, I was at Bioware, and before that, I worked in film as a storyboard artist, which is kind of a half artist, half writer position.


Hop on over to Gamasutra for the full interview.

Gamasutra - News - Q&A: StarCraft II Lead Writer Kindregan on Blizzard's Collaborative Story Process

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