Pimpest Plays 2007
StarCraft over its lifespan has transcended the boundaries of a mere game. It exists today as a form of art reflecting the ingenuity of its masters. The incredible strategies and moments contained within are a testament to the unparalleled depth, versatility, and skill of StarCraft and its players. By reading the following pages, you will see why StarCraft simply remains the best real time strategy game that has ever been created.

StarCraft Legacy welcomes you to its 2006 edition of
Pimpest Plays: Greatest Moments in StarCraft


2006-12-01 - Super Fight 3 - sAviOr vs Nada - Game 1 on Arcadia II

For a player who dominated like none other in 2006, at first sight Savior provides little in the way of innovation. He simply stands on the shoulders of his predecessors, and does everything they do, better than they ever did. However, he does have an arsenal of little tricks that, while not exciting, do show that when he's in the zone he's simply a level above everyone else.

This particular move was executed against Nada in the first game of the third CJ Super Fight, most likely solely for the purpose of demoralizing his opponent. When Nada's all-in rush fails and he attempts a last ditch attack, Savior sneaks a group of zerglings into his base and starts attacking the Barracks. Ever the master of the psychological battle, Savior moves a few zerglings out of the way with perfect timing, leaving Nada's firebats surrounded the instant they spawn.

Though it had no effect on that game, Savior has used this trick more than once since. In StarCraft, every unit counts, and even small moves like this one can give a player an edge.


Honorable Mention

2006-01-27 - 2005 Shinhan Bank OSL Ro8 Group A - PuSan vs Midas - Game 2 on 815 III

815 was the first pro map with narrow ramps. It had the potential to change the way StarCraft was played, but instead the players once again proved that they are more powerful than any mapmaker. Midas and YellOw showed us how.

YellOw rushes down to Midas' expo with lurker/ling, totally overpowering the Terran. However, Midas is counting on his narrow ramp saving him. YellOw has other plans though, and stacks his lurkers at the bottom of the ramp. Upon unburrowing, two of three lurkers make their way into Midas' base and suddenly YellOw has the game won. Who needs wide ramps?

Clearly Midas doesn't either. In a game against Pusan, Midas builds a proxy factory early on to destroy Pusan's expo. Sadly for him, Pusan has gone reavers, and all of Midas' tanks are on the lower ground. The reaver wreaks havoc on the poorly defended SCVs after a shuttle feint distracts Midas' wraiths. Midas responds by putting his tanks at the bottom of his ramp and one by one forcing them up the ramp by stopping an SCV on top of them.

Midas and YellOw share an Honorable Mention for handling these new ramps in a spectacular fashion.

Pimpest Plays 2007 - Number Honorable Mention

2006-12-04 - 2006 2nd Sky Proleague - Hanbit vs eSTRO Game 5 - Free vs UpMagiC on Longinus II

Talent, skill, brilliant execution - call it what you will, but sometimes there's just an amazing play that stands out. Free demonstrates that a play doesn't have to be game-changing to be worthy of mention.

Free's dragoon harassment starts early in the game. Sometime in the fifth minute Free's first real push into the Terran's base is set in motion. At the entrance to UpMagic's base, Free meets and pushes five dragoons against the Terran's force of 3 marines, 2 vultures, a tank, and 3 set mines. Free is well aware of the trap that awaits him, but it's nothing a Pimp Play can't take care of.

*Cue sweet micro*

Free executes his attack by quickly advancing and retreating with his dragoons bit by bit to trigger only one mine at a time. When one pops up, the goons are ready for it, quickly dispatching it before it can explode. He repeats this for a second mine, this time with UpMagic's troops in range to draw fire. Somehow he manages to target the mine with exactly two of his dragoons, firing at a marine with another, before moving away again to pick off the advancing vultures. With UpMagic reduced to a few wounded marines and a tank, Free pushes onward. When the third mine triggers with a marine nearby, the closest two dragoons target the marine while two others target the mine, killing both with incredible efficiency.

In the end, the 5 dragoons are still alive and healthy, while UpMagic has lost much of his defense force. Free proceeds to deal some pretty significant damage to his opponent's base before UpMagic is finally able to clear out the invaders. Free goes on to practically dominate the game for its entirety before UpMagic's defenses finally break down to a massive Protoss ground force.

While dragoons are normally slow to respond and difficult to maneuver with precision, in this game Free displays a mastery of the unit that turns them into precision killers, earning him an honorable mention in Pimpest Plays 2006.

Pimpest Plays 2007 - Number Honorable Mention

2006-11-26 - 2006 2nd SKY Proleague - KTF MagicN's vs Lecaf OZ Game 3 - YellOw(Z)/GoodFriend(T) vs ShinHwa[Name](Z)/dOnGraE(T) on Vampire

In a 2v2 Terran/Zerg mirror match on Vampire, the Zerg players' zergling/drone balance, as well as timing and unit positioning, can change the game's outcome in an instant.

In this game, Yellow chooses to take his second gas significantly earlier than Shinhwa, resulting in approximately 200 more gas than his zerg opponent.

However, his lower zergling count creates a vulnerability that Shinhwa tries to exploit. To add to the situation, Yellow's lings are out of place on the map, and he has nothing to stop Shinhwa's zerglings from coming into his main - that is, other than his 2nd Hatchery placed at his choke.

As Shinhwa looks to run his lings through the narrowed down choke, Yellow morphs a drone from one of his idle larvae, blocking off the entrance and stalling his opponent. Yellow later explained that this was not a "spur of the moment" move, but had been discovered through practice beforehand. In that instance, Yellow had accidentally trapped his own zerglings inside his base.

By securing the safety of his superior economy, Yellow and Goodfriend are able to ride the advantage to an eventual victory over Shinhwa and Dongrae. Without this egg block, Yellow would have lost a significant portion of his economy, and victory would have been improbable.

Pimpest Plays 2007 - Number 10

2006-01-15 - SCCL Season 1 - ToT vs Play - ToT)XiaOzI( vs Play.sataNik on SCCL S1 Rush Hour

Ask any stranger on the street about the entertainment value of Zerg versus Zerg games and he'll laugh in your face. "Mutas and lings," he'll say. "Always just mutas and lings. Where's the entertainment in that?"

Your first response may be a meek, "Well.. they use scourge, too," but we believe we've found a better argument. Coming in at number 9 on our list is this incredible game between )ToT(XiaOzI and Play.sataNik, two well-known foreign Zergs. What starts out as a typical ZvZ turns into a fifty-minute long slugfest that can only be described as art. Lurkers, guardians, devourers, queens, defilers, and even ultralisks make an appearance; this replay is simply a must-see.

The screen shots above showcase the action: stop-lurkers are used with brutal effectiveness, plagues decimate entire armies, offensive Nydus Canals wreak havoc on unguarded expansions. When faced with unconventional play, both players rise to the challenge and bring us a truly memorable game. The incredible creativity, the strategic decisions, the micro shown by both players, and the sheer entertainment value of this game place it at number 9 in the 2006 Pimpest Plays.


Pimpest Plays 2007 - Number 9

2006-09-18 - 2006 2nd SKY Proleague - MBCGame HERO vs Samsung KHAN Game 4 - PuSan vs FireBatHero on Longinus

Sometimes you see something in StarCraft that just shouldn't be possible. Most the times such games will end up on the StarCraft Legacy Pimpest Plays list. Pusan's game against FireBatHero on Longinus in the SKY Proleague is just such a game.

Pusan puts on the pressure early on, but makes a mistake in double-expanding, thinking that FireBatHero has already started his own expansion. FBH takes advantage and advances on the Protoss. Pusan quickly cancels his mineral-only Nexus and retreats into his natural. The Terran sets up camp just outside the Protoss natural with some SCVs, half-built supplies, tanks, vultures and mines. This is where Protoss usually types GG.

Pusan eventually loses his expansion, while FireBatHero has gotten an expo up and running, as well as some turrets at his containment. Meanwhile, Pusan has been harassing so well with some zealot drops than the Terran has been forced to clump up all his tanks, despite a Turret being built. With his newly trained reaver, this is, of course, perfect for him. He draws fire with a zealot, and the reaver lets loose. The first shot kills nothing, but damages all four tanks. The second shot all but eradicates the tanks, and the containment is broken.

The game should have been over, but Pusan kept his cool and stuck to his plan. Despite FireBatHero not making any major mistakes, Pusan was able to break the containment and eventually come back to win the game, earning him the number 8 spot on our list.

Pimpest Plays 2007 - Number 8

2006-05-18 - Pringles 1 MSL Ro8 - Boxer vs iloveoov - Game 1 on Rush Hour III

Boxer in a Pimpest Play list? Shocking. Once again the Emperor pulls off a strategy so ridiculous, so creative, and so ballsy, that it could only have come from him.

Proxy strategies are a dime a dozen these days, and Boxer's no stranger to them. But how could he fool his own teammate, his own protégé even, the Monster Terran iloveoov? Well.. why not build the proxy barracks right under his nose!

In an game several months prior against Saferzerg, Cloud surprised us by scouting with one of his initial SCVs, sneaking around the Zerg base until he found the edge of the creep. Knowing his enemy's position without being seen, he built a Barracks right under Saferzerg's nose. A smart move, but against a weaker player, and lacking finesse, as he still struggled to secure the win.

Boxer took things a few steps further. For years Zerg players have been using the overlord's greater sight range to scout without being seen. And Cloud had the advantage of being able to see the Zerg's creep. But what to do when playing Terran against Terran? Boxer, as always, finds a new trick.

He scouts with an initial SCV (after mining with it once so he'll still be able to make the 6th SCV as soon as possible), having a 50% chance of finding his opponent on Rush Hour III. Once he enters the 7 o'clock main, he stays out of sight range and sneaks around towards the mineral line. He slowly creeps towards it- still unseen, but unable to see iloveoov's units or buildings as well- until he hears the sound of an SCV mining. Knowing he's found his enemy, he builds a barracks in a corner of the base.He remains undetected until iloveoov scouts his nearly empty main. By then, it's almost too late. To ensure his victory, Boxer builds another proxy barracks outside of iloveoov's natural and, with the usual incredible micro, wins just three and a half minutes after his first SCV entered iloveoov's base.

Pimpest Plays 2007 - Number 7

2006-02-04 - 2006 Blizzard WorldWide Invitational Tourney Ro4 - Reach vs YellOw on Coulee

Reach goes on the early offensive with double gate zealot harassment but Yellow is eventually able to fight it off. Minutes pass, bases grow as does the harassment from both players. In the tenth minute Yellow finally launches a relatively major attack against Reach's center expansion. The clever Zerg player dropped many lings and two lurkers, easily destroying what little defense Reach had there. Reach had no detectors on site and didn't have an observatory, so Reach did the only thing he could do to save his expansion - he executed a Pimpest Play. He loaded up a shuttle with twin reavers and flew it to the battleground. He deposited one reaver just out of the lurkers' attack range and dropped the other on top of the waiting lurkers. The Mantoss ordered his first reaver to attack the second. The reaver released the deadly scarab. As it zipped towards its intended target, Reach had his shuttle pick-up his second reaver. The scarab exploded in the middle of the lurker patch. Rinse and repeat. The second scarab destroyed the offending lurkers and the Mantoss reveled in his awesomeness.

While this is likely a variation of a similar Terran move (usually done with SCVs/vultures and tanks), ToT)iNcontroL( said it best: "The risk of this and the innovation of this make it an EASY PP. Fucking target his OWN reaver? Crucial unit.. expensive and have the gusto to do it perfectly? YES. Nothing else will be more "pimp" than this". We have to agree - even though Reach ultimately lost the game to a superior air force, the Mantoss has earned his number 6 spot among the year's greatest plays.


Pimpest Plays 2007 - Number 6

2006-12-04 - 2006 2nd SKY Proleague - eSTRO vs Hanbit Game 4 - UpMagiC vsSaSin)bOy on Arkanoid 1.1

Quick, short, well-executed games have always been a big part of Pimpest Plays. The rush games display the total understanding of the map, the build, and the timing of oneself and one's opponent. This game demonstrates all of that.

The second season of the 2006 SKY Proleague pitted Hanbit Stars against eSTRO, or more specifically, SaSin)bOy versus UpMagic in the fourth game on Arkanoid 1.1.

UpMagic has been compared to Boxer by some, and displays partly why here. He uses a half-built supply depot to jump two SCVs past the two neutral buildings blocking his access to the rest of the map. He then proceeds to build two barracks outside his base, enabling his forces to arrive in the center of the map far sooner than a normal build would allow.

SaSin)bOy is playing a very standard Zerg, while UpMagic initially heads the wrong way from the middle. He's thought of that possibility though, and sends only a scouting SCV in that direction, while the rest of his forces start opening up a second path: this time the correct one. When the SCV sees an overlord heading across its path, UpMagic knows he's now heading the right way. SaSin)bOy has a third hatchery building near his main entrance, but UpMagic's rush comes much sooner than expected, and it cannot finish in time. The Zerg has no chance of defending, he's simply too late as UpMagic walks all over him.

UpMagic earns the number five spot with a move that displayed his complete awareness of all factors of the game. He was in total control from start to finish and proved that Terran has a lot of options of maps like Arkanoid.

Pimpest Plays 2007 - Number 5

2006-05-26 - 2006 1st Shinhan Bank OSL Ro16 Group H Game 2 - YellOw[ArnC] vs Sea[Shield] on Shin Peaks of Baekdu

By now, Sea[Shield] and YellOw[ArnC] are two well-established pros. This Pimpest Play comes from the first season of the 2006 Shinhan Bank StarLeague. Both players had advanced from their respective groups to be pitted against each other in the round of 16, in a best of three. YellOw[ArnC] won the first game, but the Pimpest Play occurred in the second game.

The map was the original version of Peaks of Baekdu, and the game started out like many others. Sea went hardcore SK Terran, meaning heavy on the science vessels, without any tanks. YellOw started up with lurker/ling and soon added a lot of scourge to thin out what was becoming a massive science vessel fleet for the Terran.

The game was swinging in the balance as they traded bases; Sea struggled with his opponent's dark swarms while YellOw was getting desperate due to the increasing number of vessels. This pushed him to take a new approach to combat the vessels. Although today it's a common and often used strategy, plaguing vessels and following up with a single mutalisk was something we had not seen before. It was not a new idea, but it had not been seen performed successfully on TV before. And no one can argue with the success YellOw had with it. It was his first mutalisk of the game and it took down vessel after vessel, often killing two with a single shot of the muta's bouncing attack.

This move is number 4 on the list of Pimpest Plays 2006 for a few reasons. The way in which the move in general and the muta micro were executed was flawless. The reason it's so high on the list is attributed largely to the influence this trick has had on Zerg vs Terran; it has become a significant part of the Zerg arsenal in longer games versus Terrans. YellOw[ArnC] is probably not the first one to think about it, and not even the first one to execute it well. He is however our first well known example of really showcasing the power of plague and mutalisks in combination, and a deserving number four on our list.


Pimpest Plays 2007 - Number 4


2006-12-02 - 2006 2nd SKY Proleague - OGN vs STX Game 4 - Zeus vs SoO on Arkanoid 1.1

Rare was the PvP match in which a game progresses so far as to use top tier units. But when you have two Protoss factions battling it out on Arkanoid, anything can happen. The Pimpest Plays feature has long rewarded plays that are original, unorthodox, and at times amazing.

The game started off relatively slow with much expansion, coupled with only minor goon harassment by Zeus at Soo's expansion. However, Soo had been warping in carriers since sometime early in the 7th minute. The battle raged for some time between Soo's carriers/goons and Zeus' sairs/goons (which were soon cloaked by arbiters). Then the game evolved into a chasing game. Soo took much of the offensive, periodically attacking Zeus' main and expansions - and each time being beat back by Zeus' tech - mostly his arbiters' Stasis ability and his awaiting corsair/goon force.

Pimpest Plays 2007 - Number 3

Meanwhile, Zeus was acquiring a large force of dark archons. Each time Soo would attack Zeus' main the DAs were there in case any of Soo's carriers were stupid enough to venture into their range. Finally in the 22nd minute Zeus' patience paid off. Sooo committed his carrier fleet in an attack on Zeus' expansion. Zeus' dark archons may have been at Zeus' main - but not for long. Zeus used one arbiter to Recall an eight unit dark archon army to his attacked expansion - Soo immediately realized his error and tried to escape unsuccessfully. Zeus hunted down and Mind Controlled 6 of Soo's carrier fleet - of the mighty armada that attacked that expansion, Soo escaped with one lone ship. That play fundamentally shifted the game - it was only a matter of minutes before Zeus' now larger and more superior force destroyed the rest of his enemies forces.

Zeus' awesome move with his arbiter's recall and subsequent DA mind control to gain total dominance in the game earns him the #3 PP award. And like the happy bow Zeus gave to the crowd - it is well deserved. Two unconventional spells + high stakes + good speed = PP #3.



DownloadPP03 - Zeus
2006-08-14 - iStation ODT Group H Finals - July vs HwaSin on Rush Hour III

Eight years is a long time when it comes to video games, and when a game has been played at a highly competitive level for as long as StarCraft has, you'd expect that there would be little left to discover. The little tricks that still remained to be found would most likely be difficult to pull off or only usable in specific situations, like many of this year's other Pimpest Plays.

But StarCraft, while appearing simple compared to many newer RTS games, has incredible depth to it. In 2005 some members of the community discovered an interesting property of unit grouping, dubbed "magical boxes". They found that by keeping grouped units within a certain range of each other (inside the "box"), the units stayed in formation when moved. If a unit strayed outside the box, the group would clump together. At the time, they took advantage of this to allow area effect spells such as Psi Storm and Dark Swarm to be spread out when cast simultaneously by multiple units. A great trick, but its full potential remained to be seen.

In 2006 someone, somewhere, made another discovery involving the magical boxes, this time keeping a unit outside the box in order to clump the rest of the group together. The clumped units in question are, of course, mutalisks. By grouping them with a far away overlord or larva, the mutalisks stay stacked, and are able to move and attack as one. A meager five mutalisks can kill a marine in a single shot, and seven can kill an SCV.

Screen shots from 2006-10-21 WCG Grand Finals Ro8 - July vs Phoenix - Game 2 on WCG Gaia 1.1
Previously this was only possible by repeatedly moving the mutalisk group to a resource pile, and they unstacked quickly when issued other commands. Once a difficult, micro intensive task, stacking is now only a matter of proper grouping. Even in the hands of amateurs, a small number of mutalisks become a force to be reckoned with.

No one seems to know who invented the technique, though it's rumored to be either Shark[gm] or Luxury[GsP], but when it comes to effective mutalisk harassment, there's one name that stands out: JulyZerg.

This game was chosen as the quintessential display of death-by-mutalisk. Hwasin is an absolute machine when it comes to Terran vs Zerg, having earned a 65% win rate in the matchup in 2006, even defeating July earlier the same day on 815 III. But when July's nine mutalisks arrive, despite having two groups of marines and medics to defend, Hwasin finds himself utterly helpless. Nearly every shot fired by the mutalisk cluster results in a kill. July's first flight through the Terran base, lasting about a minute, results in over thirty dead marines, medics, and SCVs. July's death toll: three mutalisks. After his desperate attempt at a counterattack fails, Hwasin throws in the towel.


Pimpest Plays 2007 - Number 2

2006-05-04 - Pringles 1 MSL Week 3 - Ro16 Group A Winners - Boxer vs ChoJJa on 815 III

In the history of Pimpest Plays one name stands above the rest. Far above. In the previous 4 years SlayerS_`BoxeR` was the subject of 12 out of a total of 45 Pimpest Plays not counting honorable mentions. If that doesn't sound impressive enough consider this: All other Terran players combined had a total of only 11. So it's no surprise that despite his military service forcing him to be inactive for a full quarter of the year the Terran Emperor makes two more appearances in this year's feature including the coveted number one spot.

Manifesto7 of TeamLiquid.net was in Seoul for the game and gave us his account of the action and atmosphere:

MANIFESTO7: "Surrounding the Plexiglas box that has served as the battle arena for MBC Brood War games was an audible hum of anticipation. The next match on the docket featured the nimble-fingered ChoJJa vs the Emperor Boxer. I had been to several live events both in Korea and around the world but there is something different when Boxer plays; a feeling in the air that only two or three other players can create and none with the fervor of Lim. It is the feeling that the limits of the game could be again expanded by this magician. The crowd knows he is the greatest but has no idea what to expect. Wraith micro? Nuke rush? Proxy everything? It is that expectation of the unpredictable combined with the confidence of superior execution that makes him the most popular gamer in history."

815 being a semi-island map with no gas at the natural expansion was generally a Zerg graveyard. Its successor Shin 815 attempted to improve its balance by adding small mineral patches on the islands to prevent Terrans from expanding to them without dropship tech. However this wasn't enough and in April 2006 the third in their line 815 III debuted. This version added a second gas geyser to each island allowing Zerg players to get their third gas much more easily. This map had an overall Terran vs Zerg record of 28-23 (about 55%) in official games much better than the previous versions' combined 9-3 (75%).

MANIFESTO7: "As Lim entered the set the cheering increased and the thick crowd parted respectfully for him. You almost felt sorry for ChoJJa who entered through the other side. Adjusting the height of his monitor his mouse settings his chair level Boxer readied himself for his match on 815. I positioned myself behind his screen as best I could using my baritone voice and ample size to create room. I wanted to witness this firsthand I wanted to see every click."

Pimpest Plays 2007 - Number 1

Boxer and Chojja spawn in opposite corners of the map. Both players opt for greedy builds: Boxer confident in his superior micromanagement on 815's small ramps builds a second Command Center before a Barracks blocking his ramp so Chojja can't spot it with an early drone scout. Chojja starts with a typical fast expansion build but gets both a Spire and drop tech as soon as his Lair finishes. When the upgrade finishes his intentions become clear: two overlords are in position to drop three drones each on the two adjacent island expansions. After making a handful of mutalisks to prevent Boxer from moving out too early he starts a Queen's Nest.

Boxer knowing his fast expansion will keep his unit count low fully expects Chojja to take an early third base. Devious plan in mind he starts two Starports and scans one of the island expansions confirming his suspicions. Tension mounts as while Chojja's Hive is morphing Boxer sends out his forces consisting only of marines medics firebats and the trademark ace up his sleeve. By the time Boxer arrives at the Chojja's front door the Zerg has a whopping nine Sunken Colonies in front of his natural easily enough to hold off Boxer's ground army until guardians arrive. However his mutalisk force is far away looking for blood after Boxer hinted at expanding to one of the other mains.

MANIFESTO7: "The game progressed rapidly with ChoJJa rushing guards to counter Boxer's quick expansions. There had not yet been anything to suggest this would be special simply a massing of forces and the procurement of resources. All at once however there was a subtle shift in the balance of the game. The unexpected appeared and it only took a couple units."

With Chojja seconds away from having a force capable of decimating the Terran infantry army and a powerful 4-gas economy that would ensure a swift victory Boxer reveals his secret weapon and pulls off one of the most beautifully executed attacks in the history of professional StarCraft. First two dropships start transferring his forces onto the high ground of Chojja's main. The Zerg appears a little unnerved at Boxer's brazen move but knows his guardians will be ready to fight off the attack shortly.

Meanwhile two inconspicuous dots appear on the minimap moving out from Boxer's base. In a matter of seconds the Emperor's plan becomes clear. Two more dropships have arrived one at each of Chojja's island expansions neither of which is adequately defended. In an incredible display of multitasking skill Boxer's troops simultaneously tear apart the Zerg's main 3 o'clock island and 12 o'clock island each attack being micromanaged as much as necessary to ensure victory. The guardians powerful but slow are unable to save even one of the three bases.

In the minute following his dropships' first arrival at Chojja's main Boxer eradicates Chojja's tech brings his economy to a halt and leaves him with a memory that will haunt him for the rest of his career. Shortly afterwards Boxer drops marines behind Chojja's last remaining mineral line eliminating all hope of recovery. Chojja feebly attempts a counterattack with his remaining guardians but Boxer anticipated this as well and had already amassed enough wraiths to make his opponent tap out.

MANIFESTO7: "When the observer on the TV flashed over the extra Starport there was little reaction. It looked as if Boxer was headed for a mass of SK Terran. When the first extra dropships appeared though the crowd buzzed with excitement. Even though I had been following the game from Boxer's own screen I was still taken aback at the speed of the destruction. As the MM crossed the map escorted by the two ships and were elevated into ChoJJa's main to avoid the mass of sunkens the commentators were in frenzy. The best was yet to come. Analyzing the weak defense in the zerg main Boxer scooped up two groups of MM and split them off heading to both 12 and 3. With ChoJJa trying and failing to save his main Boxer leveled his other two expansions and put his personal exclamation mark on yet another pro map. In an instant the game was over and Boxer's signature unit was again responsible. A game not to be forgotten."

The inhuman display of micromanagement multitasking timing and strategical planning in this game gives the Terran Emperor his well-deserved spot at the top of our list.
DownloadPP01 - Boxer

In our conclusion of last year's Pimpest Plays we questioned whether we'd have the material to create another edition of our feature. We wondered if there was anything new to be learned any original moves if there was any ingenuity left in the players. This year our question was answered: after nine years the game is mature players' dynasties have risen and fallen and the play has become more refined more incredible - it's been elevated to a level all its own: art. StarCraft's true essence - its legacy is an amazing combination of the incredible players the amazing balance the replayability and the fun that it has inspired and produced. It really is the standard by which all RTS games are judged.

This is StarCraft Legacy's fifth Pimpest Plays feature; every year it gets more popular. As more people are drawn into the competitive StarCraft scene and as more fans are drawn to StarCraft they see that this game has no ending; rather it is a beginning. It's the beginning of a journey a story and along the way maybe just maybe you'll execute that sweetest play or just have that amazing game. And that my friends is truly pimp. It's clear that after more than nine years the players - and the fans - will never cease to amaze us and as long as there is life and spirit in this game there will be a Pimpest Plays feature.

- The StarCraft Legacy Team

Pimpest Plays Team - LordofAscension SonuvBob cYaN
Guest Consultants - FrozenArbiter iNcontroL Tasteless rise
StarCraft Legacy Graphics and Coding Teams
Special thanks to - thedeadhaji Manifesto7 and the Team Liquid Progaming Database

[Editor's note: I would like to extend my personal thanks to SonuvBob for his extraordinary work on PP06. He is a true fan and his involvement and dedication has drastically impacted the quality of this feature and I am eternally grateful. ~LoA]




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