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ChaosSmurf discusses the Diablo III panels in full detail:


There is also a focus on maintaining the random aspect of the original Diablo games. This includes, in addition to random loot, dungeons and monsters, a new feature called "Adventures". This is a system in which the developers have managed, via a clever piece of programming wizardry, to create completely random scripted events within a game world. For instance, were you passing through a forest, you may happen upon a clearing where evil cultists had begun to summon particularly deadly foes. This wandering, and thus finding of these random events, encounters and delicious loot, will be assisted by an "opt-in" style of storyline, where a player can avoid or participate in the storyline as much as he wishes.

A must read for anyone who didn't attend the panels themselves. Read the rest here.


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Diablo III Q&A (thanks to DiabloFans.com)


Q: We destroyed Diablo, how do you justify him coming back again?
A: You don''t know for sure Diablo is going back. Too complicated to answer at this point without going too much into the story.

Q: In the previous game we had a quest to get the Horadric Cube, will it be there again or similar items acquired through quests?
A: We want the lore to drive gameplay. With certainty there will be quests related to lore.

Q: What all places from Diablo II will we see and how they changed in 20 years?
A: Game starts in New Tristram - outside of Old Tristram. Cain will be there with some other previous NPCs - no specifics at this point.

Q: Do you want to make new villains?
A: Yes and no. There are some new ones. There are seven lesser evil demons, and some are not accounted for that may be introduced.

Q: Are you going to add more easter eggs such as the cow level?
A: We don't have a full list but I'm sure there will be, there are in all Blizzard games.

Q: Inarius was the angel who was allowed to enter hell. Is he still there?
A: As far as we know, he's still there.

Q: What do we get to blow up and smash?
A: It's something we're constantly exploring, we want to hate as much as we can.

Q: How is it possible that people of the world forgot about the events that happened in D2 already. For example what happened in Kurast, it's hard to believe people would just let go.
A: Some through reason, some through denial...


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