Blizzard has just recently taken down the PTR severs and posted the release date of patch 1.2 for the public. Both posts can be seen below:


Greetings StarCraft II Public Test Region players!

We would like to thank everyone who took the time to try out the PTR over these past weeks. Your participation, reactions, and discussions have been tremendously valuable. We will be bringing the PTR down shortly and will not be bringing it back up for any further 1.2 testing. I’m afraid we do not have a time frame or any further information on when the PTR may return.

However, more information on the release of Patch 1.2 can be found on the General Discussion forum:

Thanks again for all your help and we hope you continue to enjoy StarCraft II!


Patch 1.2 for StarCraft II is now scheduled to be available the first week of January assuming PTR testing goes well during the last two weeks of December.

A new version of the patch is now available on the PTR, including the final batch of fixes and optimizations. You can access the PTR by running the “StarCraft II Public Test” shortcut from the Windows Start menu or from the game’s installation folder when playing on a Mac.


Patch 1.2 bring the long-awaited chat channels to 2.0, adding much needed communication and socialization value to the game.

There are also many major balance changes in patch 1.2, addressing concerns from the community and improving balance for large tournaments.

Also not to miss are the several miscellaneous additions, such as "Extreme" graphics options, the detection of a stalemate in ladder games, the display of the number of harvesters assigned to a selected vespene geyser, customizable hotkey support, the addition of the Master League, and autosaving replays, among others.

For the full patch 1.2 notes that were in place for the PTR servers, see our previous article.

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