Four unlocks from the Join the Dominion Campaign are now open. As of right now, we're 22% along the way to unlock all the content.

The first one a piece of art named The Dominion's Finest.

The Dominion's Finest
Tired of Life
Rise to new heights in the Dominion Marine Corps! Enlist now!


The second is the entire Wings of Liberty first soundtrack. Chances are that you have heard most of the song before, but this one has additional content, which means you should have a listen to it in it's entirety. (You can choose to download the .flv file from us, or you can listen to it through Blizzard's Join the Dominion page)

Liberty Radio
Wings of Liberty
Dominion officials are still scrambling to find the source of a pirate radio signal that has bombareded Augustgrad for the past two days with a song titled "Wings of Liberty".


The third unlock is another art piece of the winners of the Annual Hydralisk Derby.

The Only Good Hydralisk...
The Only Good Hydralisk... one charred to a smoldering crips. Hats off to the winners of the fourth Annual Hydralisk Derby, and good luck hauling that kill off-world.


The fourth unlock is actually a set of ringtones. Two from Russel Browders track Wings of Liberty and one from Glenn Staffords We Weren't Angels.

Guild Tones
Guild Tones
Take part in the latest craze sweeping the Kel-Morian mining guilds: spruce up your personal fone with ringtones from the Koprulu sector's greatest hits.

 You can download each ringtone individually here:

Or you can download a package with all three by clicking the image above.

Check back for more updates on the Join the Dominion website later.

Source: - Join the Dominion

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