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StarCraft: Legacy Staff


LordofAscension - Lead Administrator

Duties: Event Planning, Organizing, Writing, Editting, and Directing the Operations of SC:L
Email: lordofascension[at]
Date of Birth: 1987
With StarCraft: Legacy since: 2004.
Playing StarCraft since: 1998
Favorite StarCraft race: Protoss
Favorite StarCraft unit: Carrier/High Templar
Favorite StarCraft character: Tassadar
Hobbies: Reading, Collecting Blizzard/StarCraft Memorabilia/ Watching Movies/ Going to the Beach/Camping


Gradius - Content Manager

Duties: Approving and editing news content and editorials.
Email: Gradius[at]
Date of Birth: July 26, 1990
Location: Cincinnati, OH
With StarCraft: Legacy since: 2008.
Playing StarCraft since: 2002
Favorite StarCraft race: Protoss
Favorite StarCraft unit: Dragoon/High Templar
Favorite StarCraft character: Tassadar
Hobbies: Reading, swimming, triathlons, digital graphics and watching movies.



ChaosSmurf - Content Staff

Duties: Legacy Weekly, General Content

Email: chaossmurf[at]
Date of Birth: 1990
Location: Dumfries and Galloway, Scotland
With StarCraft: Legacy since: 2007
Playing StarCraft since: 2001
Favorite StarCraft race: Terran
Favorite StarCraft unit: Siege Tank
Favorite StarCraft character: Sarah Kerrigan, Queen of Blades
Hobbies: Games journalism, reading, PnP RPGs, gaming.



Dauntless - Content Staff

Duties: General Content
Email: dauntless[at]
Date of Birth: 4th Nov. 1986
Location: Trondheim, Norway
With StarCraft: Legacy since: 2007
Playing StarCraft since: 1998
Favorite StarCraft race: Protoss
Favorite StarCraft unit: Reaver
Favorite StarCraft character: Tassadar
Hobbies: Gaming/Anything Blizzard/Music(Metal)/Football(Watching)/Enjoying life at it's fullest =)



XSOLDIER - Content Staff

Duties: General Content
Email: Perfect_X_SOLDIER[at]
Date of Birth: 05/23/1986
Location: SLC, UT
With StarCraft: Legacy since: 08-17-2007
Playing StarCraft since: 1998
Favorite StarCraft race: Zerg
Favorite StarCraft unit: Guardian
Favorite StarCraft character: Infested Kerrigan
Hobbies: Running a FFVII website, drawing, playing pen & paper RPGs.



Fyrinite (formerly DiscipleOfAdun) - Content Staff

Duties: General Content
Email: renegade_2395[at]
Date of Birth: 12/28/1987
Location: Park City, Utah
With StarCraft: Legacy since: 2007
Playing StarCraft since: 2003
Favorite StarCraft race: Protoss
Favorite StarCraft unit: High Templar
Favorite StarCraft character: Fenix
Hobbies: Programming, Drawing, Reading



Zero - CA Field Reporter, Content Staff

Duties: Forum Moderation, General Content
Email: zero[at]
Year of Birth: 1984
Location: CA
With StarCraft: Legacy since: 2007
Playing StarCraft since: 1999
Favorite StarCraft race: Terran
Favorite StarCraft unit: Banshee (for now)
Favorite StarCraft character: James Raynor
Hobbies: Hanging with girlfriend, working out, video games



KDraconis - Content Staff

Duties: General Content
Email: KDraconis[at]
Date of Birth: April 17, 1992
Location: Richmond Hill, Ontario, Canada
With StarCraft: Legacy since: May 2009
Playing StarCraft since: 1999
Favorite StarCraft race: Zerg
Favorite StarCraft unit: Lurker
Favorite StarCraft character: Fenix
Hobbies: Playing RTS/RPG/FPS games, reading books, playing music


Freespace - SC:L Support

Date of Birth: 1st Feb, 1987
Location: Romania
With StarCraft: Legacy since: 2009
Playing StarCraft since: 2000
Favorite race: Protoss
Favorite unit: Dark Templar
Favorite character: Zeratul
Hobbies: Epic Movies, 3d, StarCraft, going out with close friends


Equiliari - SC:L Support

Date of Birth: June 03, 1984
Location: Artic Circle, Norway
With StarCraft: Legacy since: 2009
Playing StarCraft since: 1998
Favorite StarCraft race: Terran
Favorite StarCraft unit: Hydralisk
Favorite StarCraft character: James Raynor
Hobbies: Drawing, Writing.

Gritten - SC:L Support

Date of Birth: September 2, 1979
Location: Toronto Ontario, Canada
With StarCraft: Legacy since: June 2009
Playing StarCraft since: Release Day
Favorite StarCraft race: Protoss
Favorite StarCraft unit: Colossus / Stalker
Favorite StarCraft character: Zeratul
Hobbies: Playing Guitar / Singing, Inline Skating, Video Gaming, Writing.





StarCraft: Legacy History



--> THE MERGE <--

Although the precise date of StarCraft Legacy's establishment isn't known, the generally accepted date of SC:L's birth is June of 1998. June of 1998 was special to the real-time gaming community for at least one reason: it was smack in the middle of what I like to call the "Golden Age of StarCraft"--those months leading up to and directly after the North American release of StarCraft. Just before the release, most of the major StarCraft fan sites on the net began to merge; most of that merging fell into two basic groups: sites teaming up to become and the other, to becomes StarCraft Legacy. A good majority of the current SC:L staff did visit most of these sites pretty often but were not involved actively in the community. This merger fever started the and SC:L grudge match, which has lasted until the two sites, in amicable and thoughtful cooperation, both committed to working together, and in 2009 saw SC:Legacy joining the ORG Network.

--> BLACK AND WHITE (SC:L v1.0) <--

Who could forget the first real layout of SC:L? Those of you who never saw it, of course--and it will pain you to know that we at SC:L, or Eman and myself at least, say that black and white layout was and still is the best SC:L layout and, sadly, we have no copies or records of it. Whilst Enforcerman guesses that it was a fellow named Amberite who designed the layout, the actual creator cannot be verified. When plans for the v3.0 layout began, Eman tried to acquire the source images for the B&W layout to no avail. There is no current working version of this layout nor is there any image of it that SC:L is aware of. If you have an image of this please send to LordofAscension at lordofascension[at]

--> UGLY ASS ORANGE (SC:L v 1.1) <--

As memorable as the black and white layout was so memorable was the "orange" layout in a negative way. This was basically the black and white layout in color. Enforcerman, myself, RedCloak; we all hated it and just about everyone you talked to hated it. There is no current working version of this layout nor is there any image of it that SC:L is aware of. If you have an image of this layout, please send to LordofAscension at lordofascension[at]


This layout started the whole "blue" thing here at SC:L. This layout is probably my third favorite after the v6 layout and the black and white layout.

This was the layout SC:L used while building much of its core reputation and viewer-base and is likely the layout most remembered by viewers who visited during the 1998-2000 period. It was around for while and for several years Enforcerman still recieved emails asking him to bring this layout back long after it was taken down. This was the layout that Eman inherited when he took over SC:L; check it out here, circa December 1999.

--> THE PLANET (SC:L v2.1beta) <--

The planet was the first layout that Enforcerman designed with the help of DeathViper. It was simple and fairly hard to expand, leading to a relatively short life. This layout was an offshoot of Eman's work at StarCraft Domain (the planet was taken from there) and was also used in the Absolute Power Productions (SC:L's late fanfiction section) layouts. If you don't remember this layout, as many of you probably don't, take a few seconds and view it

Check this layout here, circa April 1999.

Here are a few images of early concepts for this layout. You may find these cool:



--> THE GALAHAD LAYOUT (SC:L v3.0) <--

The idea for this layout started after Enforcerman saw some of Galahad's artistic work. Mike "Galahad" Franco was a talented fellow who lived in the Phillipines and had longstanding relations with StarCraft Legacy as a layout designer, webmaster and artist. He passed away in 2003 from cancer; we have named this layout, StarCraft legacy's most prevalent layout, after him.

Sometime around 1999, Eman was so impressed with Galahad's work that he asked him to design a couple of new title images that he could use in conjunction with an image rotator CGI. After a few cool titles, the two webmasters got to talking and Galahad suggested a "tweaked" version of the current layout. Eman told him to run wild and Galahad delivered an unbelievable rough draft layout. Eman took this awesome design and tweaked it a little, so that it featured rotating titles, and "extensive CSS trickery". This layout was the main standing SC:L layout for a good portion of 1998, 1999, 2000 and even streched into 2001. It was under this layout that all of the current SC:L staff were hired. This layout also brought about the first StarCraft Legacy Forums under the leadership of Xenon, the second, third and fourth, mostly under Xenon, RedCloak, and a hot moment with a webmaster named Bulldog. This layout was also in place throughout the popularization of Brood War, began the period of decay of into a hacker-lamer-newbie free-for-all, and the rise of StarCraft gaming in Korea, making players like Maynard and X'Ds~Grrrr.... household names. I usually refer to this mostly as the "Golden Age of Brood War" or "That Big Long Period In Which Many-A-StarCraft-Fan-Vanished."

Check this layout in March and August of 2000 (with RedCloak, Vapor and myself all posting news in the March link, might I add.)


Just as winter 2001 began, the staff at SC:L (with the new addition of webmaster Joseph Buaron) introduced a newer layout which allowed the old Galahad-based SC:L layout to stretch out of its previously cement 640x480 dimensions into whatever resolution the user was browsing the web in. At this time, StarCraft Legacy expanded into the Legacy Network, which was a joint idea between mostly myself and Eman and found StarCraft Legacy being buffered by a number of other Legacy sites with a hub site that would house the forums. Joseph actualized this by constructing three new Legacy sites (as opposed to the previous single non-SC:L site, WarCraft Legacy, which had seen a slow period of decline since SC:L v3.0), each based on a Blizzard or Blizzard-related games. This expansion saw become the network hub, followed by StarCraft Legacy, Diablo Legacy, Warcraft Legacy, Strifeshadow Legacy and finally Baldur's Gate Legacy. Other network sites included the popular fan fiction site, Absolute Power Productions and several versions of the Legacy Forums, which by then had become the most popular forums in the whole of the StarCraft community save those on

You can view this layout here, circa February 2001, or get a look at SC:L in less-than-forgiving-times (grammar kits for a poetic Eman not included) here and here.


As the Golden Age of Brood War ended going into 2002, the content aspect of StarCraft Legacy began to slacken, mainly due to an old decaying backend and the slowly dwindling StarCraft community. The Legacy forums became less chaotic and a good number of the StarCraft sites that had once thrived began closing their doors. After a few weeks of downtime, Enforcerman and the rest of the SC:L staff decided it was time for change. Enforcerman and XG3 collaborated by designing an evolved look of the previous design that would both change the feel and dynamics of the site itself. The change that took place is very similar to what you see now; probably the most efficient and advanced SC:L layout yet, though not as cluttered as the graphics-intense v3.0. The new system let users change their own settings and featured a backend done in PHP that allowed us at SC:L to update the site with ease. The PHP system became very complicated after some time, however, and was replaced with an easier VB system after the webmaster of BlizzForums, the joint SC:L and forum project of immense success, ported over to SC:L to help Enforcerman. Many of the changes that came with the PHP layout--such as the toolbar design, poll design, StarCraft indexes and structure of the page--remain today. Check it out here, circa May 2002.


As mention of Blizzard revisiting the StarCraft universe became more prominent up to and around the release of Warcraft 3 in July, 2002, coupled with SC:L growing more and more complex in terms of content and interactivity, Enforcerman and XG3 developed a new backend and look to make managing the site a bit less tricky. SC:L 5.0, the last php-based design and the last layout primarily based on the Galahad layout, featured a high-profile title bar, a look similar to the PHP layout but a much more focused backend that allowed us here at the site to webmaster much more efficiently. The layout focused the large amount of content to a better extent and brought community links - such as WarCraft Legacy, the joint BlizzForums with and the fanfiction hosted site APP - to the forefront along with the news, which, as always, is the mainstay of SC:L. while the PHP-Nuke system didn't change SC:L's look or function too much from the previous PHP layout, it solved a number of mounting problems we had previously with the cluttered backend. In case you've already forgotten what this layout looked like, or you're new to SC:L, you can view this layout via the Wayback Machine here.

--> VBULLETIN LAYOUT (v6.0) <--

In August of 2003, Enforcerman and XG3 began planning for the next evolutionary step of StarCraft Legacy. With the success of the vBulletin-based network site, Eman decided that the future was to be a fully integrated, custom vB backend. This way, both sites could share a common user database so that users wouldn't have to have two separate accounts and could retain a single identity on both. As for the design aspect of the site, XG3 (who produced the previous two SC:L layouts) decided to bring the current look of StarCraft Legacy into the realm of three dimensions. He also decided to bring back an element from one of the first SC:L layouts: the Planet; the coneptual idea of Version 6 is to bring together elements from the past and present to forge the future of the Legacy. In September 2003, the initial groundwork was laid out for the new site and work on v6 would continue for nine months until completion in June 2004, commemorating the 6th anniversary of SC:L. The VBulletin backend also solved many problems with user login on the PHP system--REdCloak and Cronoss couldn't login, for example, and had to post news comments as anonymous users--and also allowed for the combination of the Blizzforum and SC:L user databases. A truly monumental event, the fully functional custom vB backend and the new design have successfully come together to represent the best manifestation of StarCraft Legacy to date--save the black and white layout, of course.


In May of 2009, under the direction of LordofAscension, StarCraft: Legacy unveiled a new Protoss-themed site based on the Joomla CMS. In addition, SC:L joined the .ORG network after many years as a partner in the StarCraft community, with .ORG's admin, AJ, volunteering to do the coding for SC:L v7.0. The new site represented the most impressive incarnation of StarCraft: Legacy to date. The header artwork, featuring a Protoss High Templar, was created as a commision for SC:L by phungdinhdung. The graphics for the new site were done by Edfishy and were based on a mock layout originally designed by p3nguin. Other elements, such as the High Templar navigation flash, were drawn by Equiliari.

--> SUMMARY <--

Throughout the decade of its life, SC:L has maintained and guaranteed its position in StarCraft community history as one (always within the top 3) of the leading StarCraft sites in existence. SC:L has been acknowledged for its excellence by a wealth of sources and online databases, including--among other 'famous' entities--Blizzard Entertainment, Electronic Arts, Gamespy Industries, Westwood Studios, Prima Games, Penny-Arcade, and several professional gaming organizations from abroad. Among our greatest honors as a popular site have been Enforcerman and Redcloak's trips to Westwood Studios to preview games under development, as well as Blizzard awarding SC:L with the coveted responsibility of playing host to the Authorized Blizzard Fan Site Link Database.

Fellow fan sites have recognized SC:L's dedication to excellence in various ways. Here are some quotes from the most prominent community members:

"A top quality news site."

"An old site with a wealth of information. They can be counted on for great news and strategies."
-StarCraft Nation

"This site's got everything you could ever want from a StarCraft site."


"Popular for general StarCraft news, one of the oldest sites around."

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