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Update 3: The event wrap-up which contains much pertinent information can be found here.

Update 2: SC:L took the following shots of StarCraft II posters at the event:

starcraft 2 - Blizzard Poster starcraft 2 - Blizzard Poster

Update: A recent interview with JoyStiq reveals that Jim Raynor and Arcturus Mengsk will have their original voice actors return in StarCraft II!

In addition, we have updated this news post with coverage from around the web. If you have any further StarCraft II questions, be sure to ask our staff directly on the forums.

starcraft 2

An average day in California goes as expected.  People head for work, school or leisure time as they see fit and the world continues to revolve.  A small crowd gathers outside a gate in Anaheim.  This collection of gamers - representatives of a ten million strong fanbase - are here to meet, greet, play and discuss their hobby.  They're the first in a week long cavalcade of press; all here to savor Blizzard's latest piece of gaming crack - StarCraft II, pre-beta.

Welcome to StarCraft: Legacy's coverage of the June 22, 2009 Blizzard press event. We have quite few articles for your viewing pleasure today, but first we are obligated to present this HD gameplay video showcasing five different matchups. Be sure to set the video on full screen for an optimal viewing experience.


Click here for standard quality.

Originally the June 22nd, 2009 conference was to be a major unveiling, but plans were changed at the last minute.  Due to tickets and times already being arranged however, the event went ahead.  Thus the day became a more general press event, a chance for direct feedback and questions.  Information regarding SC2s LAN capabilities was also released - there won't be any, due to Battle.net features that should take their place but are not currently discussable.

All the StarCraft II media such as screenshots to emerge from the event will be in the June 22, 2009 StarCraft II Media article. The information retrieved by our reporter, Zero, will be catalogued in two different articles.  "My Day at Blizzard 2", describing his personal experiences throughout the day with some StarCraft II information and a combined effort with Rylin in "June 22, 2009 StarCraft II Review," a collection of all the information that was made available. If you have any additional StarCraft II questions feel free to ask our staff directly on the forums.

SC:L Articles:

starcraft 2

The following links are a collection of the most relevant StarCraft II information from the press event around the web:

starcraft 2

This is a StarCraft: Legacy (http://sclegacy.com/) feature event.

starcraft 2

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