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Today Blizzard released the final three character profiles, General Horace Warfield, Hyperion Engineer Milo Kachinsky, and the mercenary Graven Hill, of their StarCraft II game guide on the StarCraft II Battle.net site.

General Horace Warfield


Warfield rose through the ranks of the Confederate military with surprising speed, earning commendations from his superiors for valor, tactical brilliance, and decisive leadership in his squad. He served two tours in the Guild Wars and was promoted to lieutenant colonel as the engagement neared its end. It was at the start of his career, on the embattled planet Sonyan, that Warfield met Arcturus Mengsk. Mengsk was a captain in the 33rd Ground Assault Division, where Warfield first saw combat, and the captain recognized the quiet, cool-headedness of the recruit as a reflection of Mengsk's own strategic abilities. During a closely fought battle in the South Kreen Mines, Warfield led a charge into an enemy bunker, taking three bullets in the shoulder as he cleared a vital position. Warfield was quickly made first lieutenant under Mengsk, and veterans from the 33rd still speak of the easy camaraderie the two men formed over the course of that first year. Near the conclusion of the Guild Wars, Mengsk chose a separate course from the military path that Warfield was loyal to, but both men stayed in contact.

In the following years, Warfield was assigned tasks that dealt less with warfare and more with Confederate "peacekeeping." His distaste for the Confederacy grew until the bombardment of Korhal: he was in the Sara system when he heard of the genocidal attack, and witnesses say that he called in his resignation at that very minute. His command ship, the battlecruiser Iron Justice, cut off all contact with the surrounding military network and went silent. The crewmembers had been handpicked by Warfield from his most loyal officers; they followed their leader into the darkness.

Milo Kachinsky

Young Kachinsky had a knack for robotics and was expelled from upper school for "remotely automating" the door to the women's locker room. He later learned to buckle down, inspired by his brother's achievements in the military (and hoping to receive similar decorations for his own work). Milo excelled in his classes, skipped several grades, and soon received a degree in mechanical engineering from Sakai University at the age of 17. He and Victor had plans to combine their skills in an ambitious new endeavor: the formation of an independent engineering corporation that would design starships with more advanced AI navigation than anything currently being built.

Two months after Milo's graduation, Victor was killed in his sleep by Dominion ghosts in an attempt by Emperor Mengsk to "simplify" relations between the Combine and his new government. Some theorize that Mengsk wanted the Kachinsky starship blueprints as well; the studio where Milo and Victor had been designing their prototype was ransacked.

Graven Hill

By the Confederacy's fall in 2500, Graven was running a new merc outfit on Deadman's Port, a haven for hired guns and black-market goods. Over time he began taking an intense interest in Raynor's Raiders and their rebellion against the new Terran Dominion?an oppressive regime reminiscent of the Confederacy. Much to the surprise of his fellow mercs, Graven approached the Raiders' leader, Jim Raynor, and joined the rebel group to provide it with exclusive access to his network of soldiers for hire.

Now a fixture aboard the Raiders' flagship, the Hyperion, Graven maintains the intimidating demeanor that one would expect of a career merc. He has no qualms about reminding his allies that failure to pay in full will result in his taking his mercs elsewhere. Although Graven would never admit it, some of the rebels speculate that his presence among the Raiders is a chance for him to relive the battles of his past, albeit this time he's choosing a side and fighting for something more substantial than money.

If you're interested in learning more about the these characters motivations and histories, make sure to check out the full bios. Blizzard has done a relatively nice job with these. They flesh out the sector's inhabitants quite nicely and add a bit more context to the circumstances in which the game's missions take place.

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