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A teaser image for StarCraft II has been posted by Korean gaming news website, PlayXP, which appears to be a teaser for an event on June 24th to be held at the Gimpo Airport in Korea. Below is a translation of the news post by StarCraft: Legacy.




On the picture:
You’ve waited a long time
Everything about StarCraft II
Is finally being released!
June 24 11:00~14:00
Gimpo Airport Korean Air Hangar

This event will run from June 24, from 11:00am until 2:00pm at the Korean Air Hangar, with the attendance of Blizzard HQ executives, national VIPs of the industry, reporters, and community members.

 It was asked if the general public could participate, but unfortunately the event is planned to be invitation-only.

It is expected that all the details of StarCraft II’s release will be made public here.

There are also some rumors and speculation circulating on other sites, a few of them having been translated on the TeamLiquid forums.

More preliminary news/rumors from the June 24th news events!

1. There will be an oncoming "Ongame Net Starcraft 2 League," or OSL2.
2. The sponsor of the first one will be Korean Air.
3. The first OS2L will have prelimnaries from all over the world, and then the players will be gathered in Seoul for the Ro16.
4. There will be a "Starcraft 2 Professional Edition" that will only be provided to tournament organizers, which will include LAN functionality. Only with a special account + password that gets activated will it work. Blizzard staff will be present at tournaments to assist. Apparently this news was first told to the organizers of the Stars War after the tournament ended.



A "StarCraft II Professional Edition" would certainly fit in with some of our recent suggestions for the direction of Battle.net 2.0. We will be sure to post updates on any new information that arises from this event, so check back after June 24th for further news.

PlayXP - June 24th, StarCraft II Event Teaser Image
TeamLiquid Forums - OS2L + LAN

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