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A short while ago, news from Korea revealed that Blizzard has found a new eSports partner, Gom TV, and that Gom TV will have exclusive rights to events, tournaments, and broadcasts related to Blizzard's games. Below is the article, translated by StarCraft: Legacy.


Blizzard Signs Exclusive eSports and Broadcasting Partnership with Gom-TV

Exclusive Hosting and Broadcasting Rights Acquired for National Blizzard-Certified Game Tournaments

A leader in the development and publishing of game software, Blizzard Entertainment (www.blizzard.com), has just announced that it has signed a contract with Gretech on May 26, 2010 for the eSports and broadcasting partnership with Gretech’s internet broadcasting channel, Gom TV.

Through this partnership, Gom TV will acquire the exclusive rights to the hosting of national tournaments and the broadcasting of eSports events based on the anticipated real-time strategy game StarCraft II: Wings of Liberty, StarCraft: Brood War, Warcraft III, World of Warcraft and its expansion packs, and other Blizzard games for 3 years.

With Blizzard Entertainment’s cooperation, Gom TV has broadcasted tournaments related to StarCraft, Warcraft III, and World of Warcraft since 2009. Through the new eSports partnership, Blizzard Entertainment and Gom TV will continuously broadcast tournaments and events of amazing quality and excitement that are based on the competitive Blizzard games that eSports fans have come to love.

Paul Sams, Blizzard Entertainment’s highest managerial person in charge, said, “I’m glad to work with a partner that understands Blizzard Entertainment’s eSports vision and shares the passion for the growth and development of domestic and global eSports,” and “Because the release of StarCraft II: Wings of Liberty is coming closer, we want to be able to provide broadcasts of fast-paced matches and game events of exciting competitive structure to the nation’s eSports fans.”

Bae In Shik, Gom TV representative, said, “I am very happy that the existing eSports fans can endlessly enjoy tournaments of Blizzard games,” and “From now on, the StarCraft II competitions that Gom TV hosts will have open doors so that the country’s StarCraft progamers can freely participate, and we look forward to cooperating with broadcasting companies that pioneered the eSports broadcasting realm.”

After July 27, the official release of StarCraft II: Winds of Liberty, Gom TV plans to hold a StarCraft II league, and Blizzard Entertainment will host a StarCraft II ladder tournament with Gom TV.

Also, Gom TV plans to host a StarCraft II World Championship, which will be a global league, with the participation of famous gamers from Korea and foreign countries. Other than this, through clan competitions, winning streaks, and other matches, Gom TV plans to show off a variety of StarCraft II content. Additionally, information about the upcoming leagues and events are planned to be announced in the future.


It's good news that Blizzard has managed to find a new partner after the breakup with KeSPA, ensuring that StarCraft progaming will live on. This also means that StarCraft II pro games will be aired soon after release, and eliminates the danger of Blizzard having no Korean connection when StarCraft II hits shelves. Hopefully, sometime soon, we will be able to watch professional matches of StarCraft II, providing the same awe and excitement as the ages of Brood War.

Fomos - Blizzard Signs Partnership with Gom TV


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