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Update 3: Video game network G4 has posted several interviews with StarCraft II's designers. Included is a 20-minute interview with Greg Canessa, Battle.net 2.0 designer. If you are waiting to get your beta email, then these are good to entertain you while you wait. Especially interesting is Dustin Browder speaking about some recent changes in the build.


Update 2: An official mini-website for the StarCraft II beta has popped up today. It includes easy buttons for beta testers to read the latest patch notes, submit bugs, find the forums, and submit feedback and complete surveys.  This should help make the beta very productive for Blizzard.  Remember, testers, this isn't just about you having fun!

starcraft 2 beta


Update: Here's what the install screen looks like:

StarCraft 2 Beta Download


Oh happy day, folks! Many people, including staff of this site, have begun downloading the StarCraft II beta client.  It appears emails are being distributed in waves.  We aren't sure if they are all fansite recommendations, BlizzCon keys, or opt-ins.  But rest assured that the first tide of StarCraft II beta has BEGUN!

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