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There are many misunderstandings to the inner workings of Blizzard.  One member of their community thought that all these changes mean that StarCraft II beta can't be soon at all.  Xordiah was nice enough to clarify this point to alleviate any concerns. 

[quote]stop makin this : "this little word into some random Blizz staff member means no beta before...."[/quote]This is very true. There will still be constant changes up to the day the beta starts, on the day beta starts and also once beta has started.


A week ago it was brought to our attention that there was no way to attack and destroy the charges as they were placed.   Today Kapeselus, a European community manager, revisited the thread to elaborate on ways to counter their damage outside of moving away and dismiss some misunderstandings on how they are placed. 

In the current build you cannot destroy D-8 Charges. By that I mean that you can select them, but they are indestructible (they don't have HP like other units do, just like units caught by Arbiter's Stasis Field in SC:BW for example). If you are playing against Reapers though, you can still dodge the charges, as it takes them around 2 seconds to blow up.


D-8 charges don't stick to buildings. You can only throw them directly to the ground and if you target a building they will just appear next to it. They also only damage ground units, so they won't do any damage to your buildings if you manage to lift them off before the charges blow up. You cannot damage burrowed zerg units if they are not affected by any means of detection. For example if you raid your opponent's mineral line and he burrows his drones you won't be able to damage them without a detector, like for example a Scanner Sweep.

Obviously once again I would like to remind you that this applies to the current build (yeah I know!) :)


We seem to be finding out a lot about our community managers lately.   Not only did we find out their favorite ice cream, but now it seems we find out their preference of units.

Avarius: Brood Lord of course!

Zhydaris: Reapers and Stalkers. Yes, I really like mobility :)

Kapeselus: I would say Stalker, because you can use it in so many ways and Ultralisk (cause it's just cool)!

Xordiah: I second that one. Just love the dark templars - both lore wise and in-game. :)


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