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The plight of the StarCraft II fanboys continues, as we wander for 40 years through the desert of delayed betas, glacier-speed information trickles, and disappointing announcements. But fear not, my people! Our reward lies in the year 2010, so bear with me for today's...


The Legacy Weekly


SC:L Summary


The best translation of the IgroMir 2009 gaming event from Russia can be found only on SC:L.  Amidst the glowing reviews and impressions of Russian gamers, the saddening (though not shocking) announcement was made that the beta is being delayed until 2010. That's the same year Street Fighter 2010 on the NES takes place, so at least we can all look forward to having cybernetically enhanced energy launching Dragon Punch fists in time to help us win in the beta.

The second part of Gradius's and Kimera757's article, the aptly titled "Xel'Naga Storyline Projection, Part 2: Twilight" has been posted, and it's a good wax philosophical on the possible storyline directions we could be seeing in the future of StarCraft. If you're a lore buff, be sure to check it out, and feel free to take part of the discussion on the forums.

Project Resurrection, the Warcraft III mod that lets you play StarCraft in 3d, has a playable version out. We have staff members that worked on this project, so If you've been dying to mouse wheel the camera down onto a Space Marine, now's your chance!


Blizz News


The Blizzard StarCraft 2 Twitter page was updated this week, announcing some upcoming changes and updates to the official StarCraft 2 site, announced a Blizzard Holiday Card contest, as well as showing off the single player campaign unit, the Zerg Brutalisk.  I dunno about you, but I'd hit it.

Blizzard also announced the return of their Vespene Laughs comic contest.  Stop being lazy and make a hilarious comic if you haven't already, you could end up in the beta if you do!  I don't know how strict they are, but if you can create a Marmaduke-Kerrigan crossover, you've got my vote!


Fan Art
starcraft 2 - protoss zealot

This week's piece is the Protoss Zealot - author unknown.
Community News

Some boon to the community has created a soundboard of everyone's favorite lead developer, Dustin Browder, to satiate our needs for "terrible, terrible, damage". Now you can hear him excitedly tell you how close they're getting to release whenever you want.  You can also call your grandma, hold the phone up next to the computer, and he can tell her, too.  Which is nice.

Thank you for your attentions, we'll see you again for another edition of the Legacy Weekly.

The Legacy Weekly approves:  VEGAS, BABY!
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