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SC:L Guest Editorial Contest

SC:L will be launching a series of contests in the coming days to celebrate our grand relaunch. First off, we would like to congratulate Junzou, the winner of our registration contest. He will receive a copy of the extremely limited edition (20) High Templar control art used to design the banner for SC:L 7.0, signed by his favorite SC:L staff member.

And now, we welcome you to StarCraft: Legacy's Trivia Contest!  In order to participate, answer the following questions by sending an email to contests[at]sclegacy.com with your SC:L username and "Trivia Contest Submission" as the subject and specify whether or not you would be able to attend BlizzCon 2009:

1) In what direction does the Mutalisk’s Glaive wurm tend to travel when attacking many targets?

2) Explosive and Concussive are two out of the three common damage types in StarCraft. The third type of damage is called _______ damage.

3) Who was the only American to beat Boxer at the World Cyber Games?

4) What was the most popular official Map of the Week on the Battle.net StarCraft Compendium?

5) What were the Terran Marines initially named in the StarCraft Beta?

6) In StarCraft map making, what is the number of the player that is considered the “neutral player,” such that the player’s units stay on the map in a non-UMS StarCraft game?

7) What do Terran Medics call the lethal drug that is administered to dying Marines?

8) What was the name of the Confederate's clandestine group of secret police?

9) What two alternate names were used for the Zerg during StarCraft's early designs? "Space Orcs" is not one of them.

10) In which Warcraft III campaign mission is there a Hydralisk hiding behind some trees (mission name and which campaign)?

11) What is Sammuro?

12) Who/what controls units created from the Protoss Robotics Facility?

13) Which world did Kerrigan begin a rebellion on in the early Terran missions?

14) What were the guards of the Conclave called?

15) Chris Metzen once referred to Tassadar as a ______ -like character?


The following prizes are up for grabs:

1st Place  - One BlizzCon 2009 Ticket, One StarCraft II Beta Key
2nd Place - One BlizzCon 2009 Ticket, One StarCraft II Beta Key
3rd Place  - One BlizzCon 2009 Ticket, One StarCraft II Beta Key
4th Place  - One StarCraft II Beta Key


The people with the most correct answers will win; if there is a tie then the winner will be picked at random. The deadline for the contest is June 15th. Good luck everyone!

This is a StarCraft: Legacy (http://sclegacy.com/) Contest.

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