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April 19th Press Event Header



Dustin Browder: To continue to add features down the road so i don't think that's going to make it for launch, um but it is something we definately want to do down the road in the worst way. Yeah, I totally feel you.

What ideas do you have for the queen tension right now, because I heard you mention that earlier?

Dustin Browder: Um, we're going to wait and see on that one, like I don't have anything right now in the bucket that's necessary. I have seen queens win and lose games with transfusion, one way or the other. It's not as often as it could be, but that might be balanced on Transfusion or it might not be. Um, I've certainly seen creep tumors be used very effectively. I think there's probably more to be done out there. I'm kind of waiting to see what the community does and I've seen some high level players do some kind of silly things with creep spreading that's kind of fun. Right, so um were going to wait and see how that goes.

Question:  How many minutes of cinematics are we going to see?

Dustin Browder: It's a lot, um, I'm sorry. I don't know the exact numbers. I think it's over 20 total, but I don't know the exact minute count. It's pretty big. Yeah, that's including pre-renders and in-game, but it's pretty huge.

Question: Will the Galaxy editor let us to make our own challenge maps?

Dustin Browder:
Yes. They won't show up in the challenge UI, but you can play them through a custom game but you can make them easily.

Question: What about custom achievements?

Dustin Browder: No, you're not going to be able to add custom achievements of your own, right? We may, if there's certain mods that become super popular, we may sort of roll them into the matchmaker and add achievements to them. But the achievements are all just from us.

Question: Will the UED factor at all into the single-player campaign?

Dustin Browder: The UED are not a big factor in the Wings of Liberty story-line, no.

Question: So its obvious that you're going to try and port DotA into Starcraft, right? Well, is it going to be the same kind of hero setup? Well its, you're not going to do that in the game, but you're going to have it for the Map Editor? It's it going to be like the six item setup?

Dustin Browder: Our bag system is much more robust. We have a concept of inventory and we have a concept of bags, what you can stick in your bags and bags within bags. There's all kinds of crazy stuff you can do. So we're planning on a much more robust inventory system. It's not had a lot of testing yet, but we'll do some of that testing within the next couple of weeks to see what exactly the community ends up playing and that's really up to the community. We're going to try and provide something at launch, this sort of a seed map. This is sort of using all of the triggers that we have and all the stuff we have that's kind of more or less like an Aeon of Strife or DotA type map, right? But we don't expect that map to last long in terms of popularity. We expect people to play that for a couple of days and we expect more popular maps to come out as the community makes them.

Question: Will there be any mini-campaigns besides Zeratul?

Dustin Browder: Nope.

Question: Is there any chance that you'll support custom ladders for custom maps?

Dustin Browder: Yes. It probably won't happen right away, but it's something we have definitely talked about and definitely want to do. There's some chance, but I don't have a TDA for you as to when that might occur.

Earlier in the beta, you said you were still open to add units or remove units. Is that still on the table or are you guys pretty comfortable?

Dustin Browder:
We're not planning on doing it, but we would have the courage to do it, should the need arise, alright? So at this point, like I said, there's no plans in the pipeline that I'm aware of. We are feeling comfortable, but if we are proven wrong then we'll absolutely do it.

So you have a really nice ladder setup right now and I'm curious, especially how much you guys have been catering to the E-sports scene, how you are going to be having plans to arrange your own tournaments and how you are going to deal with a lot of these tournaments like ZOTAC cup and ESL and sporting community-run tournaments?

Robert Simpson:
That's something that's going to be covered in the near future and we'll be sure to let you know.

Dustin Browder: We've run tournaments in the past, like at Blizzcon. I'm sure we'll continue to do that down the road. We obviously want to keep pushing E-Sports scene forward. It's very important to us. We think it's a great way to experience not only our game, but every video game to a certain level, not all of them but many are fun to watch that way. So we're going to continue to support them the best we can.

With the branching paths you can take in the single-player campaign, like choosing to grab the artifact, how will it affect the canon?
Dustin Browder: Right now, I think we're assuming that Raynor finishes the game and that it ends in one way, but we simply won't let those choices be a part of the canon down the road.
Follow-up: Back during like WC1 WC2 you pick the Alliance or the Horde game, so it'd be like that?
Dustin Browder: No, it will be like, we don't talk about the colonists from Haven anymore, because it would have been your choice as to how they lived or died or whatever happened to them, right? 
Follow-up: So they wouldn't factor it in.
Dustin Browder: We do not factor it in.  That content is yours right?  We have given to you, the player.  You decided what happened there, we didn't decide, and it's hands-off for us down the road.

Robert Simpson: Alright, Chris Sigity is here as well to answer your questions.
Chris Sigity: I'll answer them all, you guys are going to ask the hardcore ones I know.
Question: I have a question about the game revealed mechanic, like after you lose your main nexus or whatever building, because I feels like that destroys the complete point of 2v2 as it doesn't allow your teammate to hide and rebuild.
Dustin Browder: [Jumping up and down holding his hand up] Oo, oo, oo! Ok!  We're fixing it.  Whether you like the fix or not I don't know but I'll pitch it to you and then you can shout at me.  Basically we do think it's important to have a reveal mechanic at some level to prevent you from hiding a pylon in god-forsake of the map and then just walk away from the computer and laugh at you right?  We feel that's not cool.  But, at the same time we feel that the loss of a single town hall shouldn't automatically do all the crazy things it's doing right now so right now what it's doing so right now what it's doing is not only is it revealing you immediately but also reveals the new location of the new one you put into play, which totally, that's the worst thing ever.  So that we're getting rid of. So what we're doing now is when you lose your last central building, your last town hall, then we will say so-and-so has lost their last Command Center/Nexus/Hatchery and will soon be revealed and you have a 30 second countdown timer to get your stuff together before we reveal you.  After 30 seconds, you are revealed... too bad.  If you build a new town hall within the next 30 seconds, we don't show anybody where that town hall occured and your back in the game.   Now, the other important detail that I just screwed up here is, only the person who lost his last town hall, knows that he last his last town hall.  You just sit there and wonder "Huh, I wonder if that was his last one?" 30 seconds later "Oh! It was his last one." and you can go around and destroy all his stuff and you can go around and destroy all his stuff. But the guy who did lose his last town hall, he gets the notification "Dude, get it together. Thirty seconds. There's the timer. Get it together, Oh my god!" right?  So, you got thirty seconds basically of buy-in to get yourself back together before we start revealing you. And we can adjust that time.  If we feel that thirty seconds is too short, we can go to sixty seconds or whatever.  We do feel any revealer message is fundamental, it's just some of the details are kinda shotty so we should be patching that in really soon.
Follow-up: Would it be possible to turn that off for tournaments?  Because I was recently watching a tournament game from China where a player lost his nexus but had Dark Templar tech hidden.  And his opponent didn't have any detection and what happens is all his buildings got revealed and he just went to that weird location on the map and killed all his buildings off before anything happened.
Dustin Browder:  We probably will not have launch support for different rules for tournaments one way or another, but it's something we can look at down the road.
Question: Mr. Browder you were talking about the thirty second timer.  After thirty seconds is up, will the command center or Nexus or whatever.. will the new one still be revealed?
Dustin Browder: Still Hidden, the minute you put it down we just "No more information! Who knows where that was built.
Follow-up: Even after the thirty second timer?
Dustin Browder: Yes
Question: Are there plans to reconcile the different between fast and faster replays and stuff for the data collection and monitors.
Dustin Browder: I'm sorry, I think I understand the question.
Follow-up: When you start up a replay and it defaults to fast and all that time duration and APM all measured by not faster which is the game speed we actually play it at.
Dustin Browder: [Exchange knowing look with Chris Sigaty] We'll see what we can do.
Question: Is there any plans to bring some of the older games (StarCraft, WarCraft III) over to the new battle.net?
Chris Sigaty: Yes, we've got some grand plans, but honestly it's just a lot of battle.net related work that we still want to do.  Features, in fact, for Star2 may or may not have heard that our first patch is a biggie.  Tournament Support we're planning is about 3 1/2 to 4 months out after we launch.   So, there's a huge laundry list of stuff we want to do with the service and that's one of the things on that list.

Question: What about Diablo 1 and WarCraft II, are they going to be forsaken or are they on that list also?
Chris Sigaty: I think both of those are on that list... much lower.  Diablo 1 may not be.  I think they are much lower on that same list.
Question: About the marketplace, I remember reading about it once that you will be able sell maps or mods on it.  Do you have any general timeline on that?
Chris Sigaty: There's a lot of details to work out about marketplace, it's at least a year out.  That's part of the goal there.  We are launching with an editor, we will be able to publish to battle.net to share your works with other players.  We're really excited about that.  Some of the stuff that the dev team has already done is crazy.  Lost Viking, you guys didn't get to play it today, it's really fun.   I know you guys are like "Damn it! Why?" We're already shown you so much in single, comon! But it's fun and exciting.  I can't even imagine. Just as a bit of insight, we have four people called data specialist.  This position did not even exist back during WarCraft II and StarCraft before.   And all that they do is handle all of this data because it's so data driven.  So the power in the users hands is obvious just by seeing at our dev team. But any rate, going back to Marketplace itself.  Players can share this stuff now.  At some point the vision with Marketplace is to allow players to profit to some extent off of it, there's no details about that right now.  The vision is, if you could make some money "Wow!  Wouldn't it be cool" because you actually could hire an artist to do something really zany and really cool and different.  But honestly, there are so many details to work out there.  There is not much more I can say about that. 

Question: Are there going to be any charts or graphs viewable in replays? Any enhancement tools added to the replays in the future?

Dustin Browder: Not in the near future. That's not a system we're adding a bunch to at this point. We'll definitely be evaluating and go forward if we hear somethings might be fun for a wide variety of players. There's always an endless list of things that could fill up that box right to the point where it would almost be unusable, but if we do hear something that's really useful, we definitely are going to be adding it down the road in patches.

Question: First question is, right now, on Battle.net you can look up someone's match history. So if you're playing in a tournament, then can someone just look up the build orders that you've been using as opposed to getting a hold of replays? Second question is, if people name themselves, Boxer.1, Boxer.2, they all look the same in the game. Could you verify the purpose of identifiers?

Chris Sigaty: I think the "finding a friend", as far as what the intention is at launch as far as getting match history, yes you can get in the system and find somebody there. We are embracing that people can learn about what you do and that sort of thing. That's what every sport is about; you go watch a tape about every football team out there, and they just watch over and over about how the quarterback works and the defensive line tries to study that over and over so they can counter him the right way. Same thing: tennis, soccer, all the way across the board. We look at it the same way. We aren't trying to hide that. We don't necessarily make it easy, but some of our plans for the tournament patch are we're going to make it easy to find who the best of the best are. We don't have all the details to reveal right now, but ultimately there will be a sort a of professional level that you can get the best of the best that are going to be out there. People can watch it. The same way they ultimately can anyway, because they play these games and they watch what build orders they're doing. Ultimately if a player wants to practice and not reveal that stuff, then they would need to get a different account or something and play not as Slayer.Boxer or whatever. Ultimately, they show their hands often anyway as they play in the tournaments. The second part of the question was around the identifier. The identifier is definitely an area that we're exploring. We're still even talking about changing it further and look for further updates in the patches. We still haven't landed on a final answer to that one.

Dustin Browder: The basic goal behind it was to let you have any name you wanted to have instead of trying to guess what names were not yet taken. If we're talking about a service that's going to grow over many, many years, that's going to include Diablo, that's going to include a host of other places, we need to have some way so that if you want to be DarthVader you can be DarthVader.

Chris Sigaty: I want to be DarthVader.

Dustin Browder: Okay, you can be DarthVader. But there has to be some way to distinguish you. But our solution right now has not quite been working out for us in a number of ways.

Question: I've actually ran into a person with the same name as me, it was very confusing when we were talking to each other. Just to clarify, it's common first then unique second, correct?

Dustin Browder: Well, it's a combination of the two together in your name. It's a little confusing.

Question: My question is about the Galaxy Editor. I was a big StarCraft 1 mapper. How could you go about having players test your map? Because when I work I don't want to have it up on Battle.net right away. I want to be able to give it out to a couple people and say, "Hey, can you help me test?"

Chris Sigaty: We have a solution for that. First of all, I don't know if you've heard this, but cool news it that the Editor is coming out probably tomorrow or Wednesday with this next patch. It will not have publishing functionality in it. You need that to really start revealing to the world your efforts. But the idea is that you can publish privately. When you publish privately, anybody that's on your friends list can see it. So you can basically make a community of friends that share amongst each other and test each others' maps out. And then eventually you can publish public, and when you do that, then the world can start playing your maps. So that's how we envision you sharing and testing, and then eventually sharing it with the world.

Question: You said the next patch will have the map editor?

Chris Sigaty: Yes. The patch should be... Well, I can't tell you for sure, we're testing it right now. It's probably best-case scenario, tomorrow, and worst-case scenario, end of the week. Along with that too, for anybody that cares, the Mac version is probably three or four days right behind that.

Question: Just a follow-up on the private versus public. Is it friends list entirety or real-ID only?

Chris Sigaty: It's definitely real-ID only. Because friends are not necessarily mutual.

Question:nbsp;Is there any discussion about publishing Blizzard-made maps to the community and perhaps providing DLC's of any more maps Blizzard makes in the future? 
Dustin Browder: Well we would certainly want to put out some of these maps and make them available for the community as a kind of open source, so the community can use them to riff off of and to come up with their own cool versions as well. As we create these maps, as we've done in the past with WarCraft 3, we've created Extreme Candy Wars and we've created a bunch of custom maps that were kind of fun to play. We put them out into the community to play, not play, copy or change whatever they want and we certainty hope to continue to support those kinds of maps with that kind of dynamic.
Question: What's it like to work for one of the most innovative gaming companies? [Laughter]
Chris Sigaty: (sarcastic tone) I hate it. [More Laughter]

Chris Sigaty: No, it's amazing.
Dustin Browder: It really is.
Chris Sigaty: It's crazy. It's crazy, the series of events that have happened just going through this. I was asked earlier today by somebody, what it was like working on the original StarCraft and just even thinking back to that and back to now just thinking about how things have changed and having gone through it all. Its very to not see what's going on around you at the time, but looking back on it, its crazy. It's a total blessing. It's really great. I think all of us here, as far as what's happened with Blizzard and what's happened with the games here, we're always just sort of shocked about the stuff that happens, that we have high hopes, but a majority of the stuff that's happened here. The phenomenon in Korea with StarCraft, the World of Warcraft doing what it did, all this stuff. We're just making these games that are fun, that we think are fun for us and these crazy things happen so it's awesome.
Question: Two questions. One, can we talk about the content patch coming soon, because Friday is the NDA and I'd like to let people know its coming?

Chris Sigaty: Yea.
Follow-up: Ok, so second question. What are the changes that you guys plan on making to Battle.net for clans, because right now I don't see any. There's no support for clans and no clan chat rooms. A lot of people want to be able to get together in a more formal meeting place.
Chris Sigaty: So there's a couple of things. One of the biggest features that I'd like to see get in as soon as possible that won't be in there for launch is Groups. Groups is a concept of creating an entity like a map-making community so they can chat with each other and hang out. I don't have a date on that yet. It's past the tournament patch but its definitely one of the earlier features we'd like to see. Whether it happens in the patch or it happens in Expansion One, I don't know yet. There's a huge list of stuff on the Battle.net side that we really want to have happen but we don't have dates on it. Beyond that you're talking about actual constructions different than a group-like clan, I don't even have dates on that stuff, for now. I don't think that's in right now for the tournament patch.
Dustin Browder: So Groups we're viewing sort of as a social experience like if you want to get together with your friends or if you want to talk about anything. It's just sort of a group of friends or a casual group, just like Chris said. If its a mod-making group wanting to get together and discuss these things. It could be a hardcore Zerg strategy group. Whatever kind of groups you want to create. For clans, we're thinking more of a competitive construct. Something you would get together and compete with people in other clans. You would probably not have all of your friends, especially if they sucked, in your clan, but you could have anybody in your group and that would be fine. But those are all down the road.
Question: I have two questions. One, is there any reason why the F keys aren't in the game anymore? Like the screen hotkeys or Shift+F2?

Chris Sigaty: They are there. They're now F4, F5, F6, F7, F8.
Follow-up: Are they going to be in the next patch? That would fix my whole life. I would be able to deal with things better.
Dustin Browder: Well with F1 through F4, we used those for the hero hotkeys, because of all of the support that we're still trying to give to hero-type gameplay and we occasionally use them in campaign. I suppose they're not as relevant there. We're also reserving tilde for voice chat, which means we will want to use F1 for the middle PM key. So we had to move those up one level, to those middle function keys. I don't know if it's in the next patch or not. It will be in the final for sure.

Follow-up: The second one was that there's been some concerns about the high ground mechanic, that units take full damage from the high ground and people were able to use that defensively in the original StarCraft. Do you have any thoughts on that?
Dustin Browder: We think what we have is clear and we like that its not some random damage like it was in the original StarCraft so we're comfortable with it right now. We're willing to change it if were sort of shown that creates a very clear relationship with who has the advantage on the high ground and when that advantage is gone. 
Question: I just wanted to ask about the groups. Is it going to be similar to the party function or will it be like a channel, like Battle.net 1?

Chris Sigaty: This is the problem with talking about a feature that's not fully designed. You have a lot of stuff to work out with it still.
Follow-up: Because that are no chat rooms like in Battle.net 1.
Chris Sigaty: I mean, the basic concept is though that these groups, whether they be user-created or existing, everybody can communicate with each other and use it as a social resource.
Dustin Browder: Are they public groups? Are they private groups? We're not going to answer those questions yet.
Question: Can you tell us about the additional games?

Chris Sigaty: That's just a misnomer. I mean, they are full-on expansions at this point. As far as story goes they are chapters really in a three part story. We've gotten a lot of feedback on that and hopefully you guys see that people are concerned about the amount of content we're releasing. This is, by-far, the most amount of content we've released in any RTS. The others will be of similar size and scope and the sum total of what players are getting across the games is definitely there. There's an expansion that coincides with that as well, which will address multiplayer and other things as well.
Question: When future expansions come out, will expect to see new units or maybe units that have been taken out get put back into the game?
Dustin Browder: Yes.
Chris Sigaty: Yea, it's certainly possible. Anything can happen there. We'll definitely be weighing all of those choices very carefully. I think you've heard some of this theme today, but more is not always better. So, we want to carefully do that. The community will become familiar with what we have and a little bit more is good, but we can do things as crazy as move things to add things. But there's a lot of work going on and we're focused on getting this game out, ready, polished and, you know, at Blizzard level to get it out the door.
Question: Okay just, sorry, two questions. Sorry about this. People in ladder rankings like knowing where they stand over all in a ladder and it's nice to be ranked in your division...

Chris Sigaty: Not for hardcore guy! [Laughter]
Follow-up: Well it's like, a lot of people want to know, like, you could be top 5 in your division, but be top 500 in all of...
Dustin Browder: No. No lower than that. [More Laughter]

Dustin Browder:
 So here's our answer to that. We do plan on having for the tournament system have some stuff that allows you to compare only the top end players. Like if I'm number 50506 I do not need to know that I'm 50507. I don't need to know that! I don't want to know it and I don't need to know. For the top top-end players I would like to know. So we'll want to implement something that allows us to compare the top-end players only.

Follow-up: And then the second question is I'm not sure if you guys are aware of this but if you let's say you download a replay from let's say a game on the Korean server if you try to load that up on your computer. The characters are all messed up because there's no support for Korean language like in the U.S. Battle.net and so like you can't even tell what races they are. Like it's all broken characters. So I don't know if you guys plan on patching it for like maybe Asian font support or something like that?

Chris Sigaty: That's definitely something we're talking about. There's still some discretions that need to happen on that. It's a matter of font support within each of the different local clients but its certainly something we can solve.

Question: Ok in the originial StarCraft Brood War you said one of the originial problems that the hero units were just a beefed up Marine that if you lost them you'd lose the game and in WarCraft III you changed that. How is it gonna look in StarCraft II like will we actually use Jim Raynor going out in the field or will we just hide him so he doesn't die?

Dustin Browder: We don't use him nearly as often. We tend to use the hero characters on missions where it's just you and the heroes it's installation based gameplay.  We do have some mission for instance there's a mission later on where if your heroes get hit they go unconscious for a short period of time until they're revived which allows you to get back into the action if you lose all your heroes then you lost the mission but you have to lose all 4 of them at once to lose the mission.  But in general yeah we just use the heroes less. When we do use them we use them in missions where there's not 17 Battlecruisers that could suddenly roll up on them and wipe them out. 

Question:  Like the Zeratul mission that we were able to play today...
Dustin Browder: Right it's just him and just his guys and then later missions where Zeratul has a whole army you know he gets in his Voidseeker and he watches over the battle he doesn't jump in so he can get ganked.  
Chris Sigaty: He's careful that way.
Dustin Browder: He's Clever.
Question:  You just said "for all four of your heroes and you said that F1-F4 are for your heroes does that mean that there are a max of four heroes per map?
Dustin Browder: No there's no max. [ponderously] I wonder what happens to the hotkeys if you go over that...I'll have to look into that. [joking] I'm sorry we're gonna have to cut the shift hotkeys.
Chris Sigaty: [apologetically] Yeah you just heard it better.  Sorry it's cut. [laughter]
Robert Simpson: Any more questions we've got about 10 minutes left?
Question: [question unintelligable]
Chris Sigaty: We're still circling the wagons and still understanding what's going on there we don't have all the feedback yet we're looking at it right now. 
Question: Follow up is there any legal ownership of exhibitions like tournaments and stuff in the United States?  Or is pretty much people can do whatever they want?
Chris Sigaty: That's a legal question we just the dumb game makers... [laughter]
Question: I mean basically does Blizzard have any authority over tournament games at all?

Chris Sigaty: You know I can only speculate on this and this should go to legal but I will throw out there that ultimately that if someone uses Blizzard's IP and profits off of it somebody needs to contact Blizzard and ask them. 

Robert Simpson: I can tell you that for sure a license is required from Blizzard Entertainment to run literally any tournament using our IP. Any other questions?  This also includes beta tournaments so if you guys are running tournaments please email that email so that we can get your request and get you licensed.  

Question: Only ones you profit on though right?
Robert Simpson: Realistically any tournament should come to us so that we're aware it's happening that way we can tell people about your event. 
Question: Would you allow maps or games to communicate to outside servers for example two people play a game and then the match results are recorded automatically to some some server that's not part of Blizzard?
Chris Sigaty: I mean ultimately people are tracking anyway because it's just information somebody says "hey they won this one they lost this one" but as far as outputting data  that's a totally different story I think we would definitely want the question and want to know what the idea with it was and then go with it from there. 
Question: Uh so can you denote the entire patch 9 note changelog? [Dustin laughs]
Chris Sigaty: Um I can't off the top of my head because there's honestly so much stuff going on right now I'm neck deep in Campaign stuff but do you [adressing Browder] remember a couple of the balance things?
Dustin Browder: Two of the biggest ones will be we felt like we overnerfed a bit on the Marauder like the Marauder slow we wanted that not to be a rush against the Zealot and as a result it's kinda hard to get your slow on your Marauders back so we're gonna reduce the cost and build time on that so it will stillbe late enough that you can't roll a poor Protoss playter in the first two and a half minutes but it'll hopefully come online in enough time that you can actually deal with a Stalker swarm. Then we're also dealing with that Queen rush issue where the Zerg add a couple of Queens to their Zergling rush on small maps against Protoss and roll em that way That was a couple of them. 
Chris Sigaty: Was that in beta 9? I thought you were talking about beta 10.. [laughs]
Dustin Browder: I thought it was [throws arms up in exasperation] In some patch down the road! It has some of these fixes in it! Like 89 and 10 they're all the same to me I don't know yeah..[laughter]
Chris Sigaty: There's a couple of features that are coming online achievements come online in this patch decals and portraits close to how they will be at ship you know it's not final but you get a subset you win some games you get a new portrait now you can show that to other players decals also we're really just testing the system rather than demonstrating the final version.  There are a lot of little things in there. 
Question: Are there any new maps in there?
Dustin Browder: Yeah and we made a big fix well I don't know if it's a big fix but we made a fix a lot of our 2v2 maps and some of our 1v1 maps Terran were losing a lot of games especially if you were both Terran in 2v2 forget about it you're in a lot of trouble.  So we're going to a more fortress style for the 2v2s and we essentially culled out the Kulas Ravines and the Lost Temple and the Metalopolis from the 2v2 and put in more fortress style so we can see if that's a fix for our Terran/Terran alliances. 
Robert Simpson: Alright so our last question is there anybody that hasn't had anything answered?
Question: So what is your overall goal with the Marauder because at one point it was like "Ok I'm playing the Protoss time to build Marauders." And then it was "ok they nerfed it but i'm still gonna build Marauders just mass Marauders."  And it really feels like isn't it doesn't really feel like it has a place in a diverse build...
Dustin Browder: [taken aback] I disagree.  Keep going but I disagree.
Question: Ok well I mean it feels like ok you use Ghosts to kill the shields then you just run Marauders in.
Dustin Browder: Sure. Well what makes me like Marauders Roaches and Immortals is that they're unbelievably is dangerous and they can't attack air. So it promotes diversity.  I've got this unit on the ground that can't be countered on the ground it can be a little rough but it hits really hard but it's got no air weapons whatsoever. Which pushes people to the air which is something we want to promote like we want to promote that unit diversity.  So the Marauder is a otugh hard hitting ground unit that if it encounters a single Banshee is gonna be crying a river.   So um you know exactly where his numbers will end up I can't say for sure.  But he's definitely part of a diverse force.  Like if you build nothing but Marauders things can go horribly horribly wrong for you.  He doesn't even do that well against a lot of the tier 1's you get enough Zerglings running in there things can go horribly wrong and then you can use terrain to help block. 
Follow-up: I was just saying for against Protoss. 
Dustin Browder: Sure. ok Well I'm just saying he has a lot of roles in a lot of forces that keeps them diverse.  
Robert Simpson: Ok last last question. 
Question: This is a chain off of that you said "going to air" and im thinking of Protoss air and Protoss air trying to counter a Marauder is...You've got your Phoenix which isn't the best then you've got the Void Ray which you've got three Marines and...
Dustin Browder: This is the source of our last change in the last couple of days where everybody thought we nerfed the Void Ray and we thought we buffed it.  By giving it more damage against Light fundamentally across the board and keeping it's damage at tier 3 so we'll keep looking at the Void Ray. But that's a seperate issue right? As long as the Marauder is out there the Void Ray could be good. So you guys are looking at the balance as it is which is totally fair end you should do that while we look at the balance as what it could be.  So if the Void Ray becomes a more prominent more useful tool then that makes that matchup a lot more interesting.  
Question: So you're saying the Void Ray should counter the Marauder it's just not doing it's job? 
Dustin Browder: I'm saying the Void Ray is too easily countered right now. So the Void Ray does counter the Marauder there's just too many things out there right now that will ruin his day so you're kind of disincentivized from building it and that's sort of a problem we've had with the Void Ray from day one and we'll try to address it.
Robert Simpson: Ok so thank you very much for all your questions and thank you so much Dustin and Chris.  
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