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Sometimes we wonder which race will ultimately triumph in the Koprulu Sector. Will it be the Zerg? Who have adapted themselves to be living weapons of mass destruction? The Protoss, who have honed their mental and psionic abilities to insurmountable limits? Or will it be the Terran, who are versatile and determined, seeking reprieve from the constant dangers of the Zerg and Protoss armies? Well, a couple of scientists from the Institute of Astronomy, at the University of Edinburgh, did a very thorough scientific analysis of Terran dominance in the Koprulu Sector, if Terrans were to adopt a strategy of early pressure against Zerg and Protoss opponents.

The ultimate goal of this science outreach project is not necessarily to further knowledge of extra-terrestrial life, but to note "the increasing scientific potential of the rapidly expanding video-game industry, while also increasing public understanding of the scientific method." The paper is five pages long, available in PDF format here. It's an interesting read for anyone curious about the hard science involving StarCraft's races and their power struggles.

The Royal Observatory, Edinburgh - A citizen science colonisation model for the Koprulu Sector in StarCraft 2, micro Terran to defeat Protoss and Zerg?

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