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Blizzard is making an interesting new addition to the StarCraft website: a series of short stories that take place in the StarCraft universe, available free to read and download as a PDF.

The first of these stories is titled In the Blood, and is about a Terran's plot to sell off Zerg larvae. You can read it here on the official website, as well as read a portion of it below:

The port grub awoke in a cold sweat, as usual. The transponder implanted in his wrist cried its shrill alarm at five-second intervals. The boss man, Ivan, was calling. New product was in.

Instinct seized control, issuing orders to the grub's body. Twin adrenal glands juiced his veins with nature's own brand of stimpack. His lungs billowed. His heart raced. Blood cells rich with oxygen surged through muscle tissue as he began the rituals of awakening.


These short stories will be added in to the StarCraft II Lore page as soon as they come out. There will also be updates on the front page of StarCraft: Legacy as new installments are released.

Battle.net - StarCraft Short Story: In the Blood

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