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StarCraft II's first expansion, Heart of the Swarm, is hitting stores on March 12th and with it, new replay features. Blizzardhas posted an in-depth look at each new replay feature that will be included in Heart of the Swarm: viewing replays with others, taking control of replay game, and recovering games.

Watching replays with others is self-explanatory; you can start a Battle.net lobby which players can join to view the same replay together. The original creator of the lobby will control the timeline and replay speed, whereas each player can control their own view of the game.

Taking control of a replay game is a feature that allows viewers of a replay to take over from a specific point in the replay. An example given on the Blizzard post is, if two players were watching a replay between JaeDong and Flash, one player could take JaeDong's place and the other could take Flash's, thus "resuming" the game from a chosen time. This allows friends to re-play decisive moments in a match, for teachers to repeat lessons easily, and to have rematches from any point in time.

The third and last feature is the "Recover Game" feature, which is focused on helping out eSports. If ever, whenever an issue pops up where a tournament game is untimely stopped, the "Recover Game" feature will allow tournament hosts to start a new lobby with the original players of a replay (the replay of the match that was abruptly ended), and then start the game from any chosen time in the replay. The game will restart from that time, making hardware failures and disconnects just a little bit less inconvenient.

For the full post from Blizzard, click here.

Battle.net - New Replay and Resume Features Coming in Heart of the Swarm

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