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For anyone out there who wants to steamroll through the campaign, these cheats can help with that. Some of them are pretty fun while others work great for testing maps. Remember that cheats temporarily disable achievements.

Wings of Liberty Cheats

"="  - Re-enters the last cheat.

"cadeasygoin"  or "LetsJustBugOutAndCallItEven"- Ends the current mission in defeat and restarts the mission.

"cmethodfeedback" or "WhatIsBestInLife" - Ends the current mission in victory.

"eyeofsauron" - Gives access to cinematics at JoeyRay's Bar or at the Hyperion.

"fsbcomunicacion" or "ImADoctorNotARoachJim"- Increases healing speed.

"furabranchery" or "StayClassyMarSara" - This cheat opens a menu with every TV UNN news broadcast, each corresponding to a mission in the campaign. Access them at JoeyRay's bar or at the Hyperion.

"hanshotfirst" - Cooldowns for special abilities are removed on any map at the campaign. Now you may murder your enemies, no hesitation, with fanzy attacks instead of the usual attack move.

"iamironman" - Researches all weapons, armor, shields and special abilities with the help of Tony Stark. You must hit the cheat three times though in order to reach the third level of weapons, armor and shields.

"jaynestown" - Adds 5000 terrazine in custom games.

"LeaveYourSleep" - Unlocks every mission in the game.

"lyingpect" - Play any mission in the game (only usable on the Hyperion and JoeyRay's Bar), but you have to unlock them before hand. It is a strange cheat, but It allows you to see a nice mission map timeline for Wings of Liberty.

"mintmansoperator" or "Bunker55AliveInside"- Supply requirements are ignored when training units.

"moredotsmoredots" - Resource requirements are ignored when constructing buildings or training units.

"NeverGiveUpNeverSurrender" or "ypoonsvoicemail" - Disable defeat conditions in the current mission.

"overengineeredcodpiece" - Plays the hidden song, "Terran Up The Night".

"qrotero" - Time of day effects are disabled.

"realmendrilldeep" - Adds 5,000 vespene gas.

"stroaksmolts" or "SpectralTiger"- Adds 5,000 minerals.

"smoldersbolds" or "WhoRunBartertown" - Adds 5,000 minerals & vespene gas.

"reversingnazaire" or "basestarsprimative" or "CatFoodForPrawnGuns"- Increases construction and training speeds.

"sawnoutofmemory" or "TookTheRedPill"- Reveals the map, removing all black areas, and grants you permanent vision for the rest of the game.

"sosayweall" or "SoSayWeAll"- Tech building requirements are ignored when constructing buildings and training units.

"terribleterribledamage" - Invincibility for your units and buildings.

"tyuhasleftthegame" - Disable victory conditions in the current mission.

"whysoserious" - Gives 5 million credits in story mode.

"wapboinkers" or "HoradricCube" - Gives Protoss and Zerg research points.

Lost Viking Cheats ( - dash required)

"-LEVELCLEAR" - Skip to the next level.
"-BOSS" - The level end boss appears immediately.
"-BONUS" - End the game, victory/defeat screen shows up.
"-pu" - Creates a power up in the middle of the screen.
"-LIFE" - Set number of lives to 10.
"-end" - Show ending cinematic.
"-ss" - Display "boss incoming" message, but he will never show up.
"-score x" - Add x to current score.
"-NOQUIT" - Hide the quit button.
"-ADDLIFE" - Add one life to total lives.
"-mb" - Change the background (Protoss, Zerg).
"-behind" - A new wave of enemies appears.

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