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BlizzCon 2013 is well underway, and everyone is pumped! The opening ceremony ended a short while ago, and a lot of new things were shown off on-stage. Keep reading if you know what happened!

The stage dims, and, after a short pause, a video starts. The video is a montage about previous BlizzCons, with Blizzard developers talking about the amazing experience that BlizzCon brings year after year. With the conclusion of the video, Mike Morhaime walks onto the stage, donning a Mists of Pandaria shirt.

"Welcome to BlizzCon 2013!" Mike Morhaime starts. He grins as the audience cheers their hearts out.

He begins his speech, thanking the fans, the players, the community for all the support. Blizzard could not have made it this far without the passion of the fans.

"So from everyone at Blizzard, thank you for being here, and welcome home!" Mike Morhaime says.

Mike Morhaime continues on to briefly talk about each of the franchises: about all the eSports, and all the events taking place at BlizzCon 2013, about Diablo III and the removal of the auction house, about Warcraft, and all the new World of Warcraft info and Warcraft movie info coming up, and, last but not least, Heroes of the Storm, which he doesn't discuss; he ques the video, then heads off stage.

The stage dims. Text flashes by on the video screen, and then Raynor appears through a sandstorm. He's goading to something to come out to fight... and that something appears: Diablo, claws and all, joined by Arthas and Kerrigan. But Raynor has his friends as well; Nova and Tyrael step forward, and each team sizes the other up. Kerrigan and Tyrael shoot off into the air, engaging in a duel of claw and blade. Nova and Arthas have their own duel, fending off each others' attacks with their respective weapons. Diablo bolts and Raynor follows, spraying bullets upon the demon, but Diablo strikes back and seemingly has Raynor cornered. Raynor simply smirks, as a nuke drops on Diablo's head and the camera cuts to Nova, who had a laser pointed towards Diablo. Nova blows a kiss, and the cinematic cuts out.


 Dustin Browder comes on stage as the stage lights up again, and he looks as enthusiastic as ever. He starts by talking about how the community has become a developer of its own, creating amazing games and giving birth to genres such as tower defense and MOBAs. Heroes of the Storm, originally, was an extension of that and was Blizzard's way of trying to create something amazing that the community built the foundations of many many years ago. But as development progressed, Heroes of the Storm grew and grew, and eventually was changed to be remade as a full game. He then introduces the alpha gameplay footage of the game; the stage dims, and the video comes on. Towers whirr into formation, gates retract and characters ride out on their mounts. Arrows, swords, bullets and fireballs are strewn across the battlefield as heroes and villains from every franchise duke it out.


Before leaving the stage, Dustin Browder explains that there are several battlegrounds, with different themes and gameplay mechanics, and that each map is playable at BlizzCon 2013. He also adds that beta signup for Heroes of the Storm starts today, which you can do here after logging into your Battle.net account!

Rob Pardo walks out this time, here to talk about Hearthstone. He explains that Hearthstone began as a small, stealth project with a small team that was more of an experiment as to whether or not Blizzard can still make Blizzard-quality games with a very small team, as they did in years long past. He explains what a journey it has been, seeing the small project grow and gather fans and evolve into something that is incredibly enjoyable. Hearthstone, which is currently is in closed beta, is revealed by Rob Pardo to enter open beta next month! For anyone interested in Hearthstone, there is the Hearthstone exhibition matches at BlizzCon featuring personalities such as Day[9] and TotalBiscuit face off with preconstructed decks. Next, Rob Pardo ques the reveal of the BlizzCon 2013 attendee and Virtual Ticket purchaser exclusive Hearthstone golden card: the Elite Tauren Chieftain! The card will be available for anyone who attended BlizzCon 2013 or purchased a Virtual Ticket. As for current developments for Hearthstone, golden hero cards are in development, as is a Ranked Play mode and a mobile version for tablets, iPhones, and Android devices. This mobile version will be out next year.

He moves on from Hearthstone to talk about Warcraft as a whole. The Warcraft movie is briefly mentioned, and the panel for the Warcraft movie and its panelists are mentioned as well. World of Warcraft is also discussed, with the game reaching nine years of age and holding many many dear memories. Rob Pardo explains that his first experience of game design goes back to Dungeons & Dragons, how creating experiences and memories for his friends was an integral part of realizing what creating a game was. He goes over the many memories of WoW history, talking about the first raids, the first time you could walk through the Dark Portal, flying mounts and the unfortunate swooping ganks. The virtual epidemic, Corrupted Blood, that swept the servers a long time ago. Rob Pardo shares his thanks to the fans for supporting them, letting Blizzard be their dungeon masters all these years. With a cryptic hint about "the next chapter of World of Warcraft, he moves off stage for Chris Metzen to appear, looking somewhat tired but amazingly pumped as usual.

Chris Metzen starts by mentioning that it is a "great time for Warcraft", and how it made Blizzard think back a lot about the early days. How the DNA of World of Warcraft came from the Warcraft RTS, about how a large number of World of Warcraft players have never experienced the stories of the past, the origins of the DNA of World of Warcraft. The main story of Warcraft began 30 years ago, lore time, with the opening of the Dark Portal. The races of Azeroth had to band together to fight against the Orcs, and it was darks days for everyone.

"What if those dark days could come again?" Chris Metzen asks. "What if a pantheon of the greatest villains of Warcraft could come again?"

The Alliance are specifically mentioned; "the dark days ahead will test you," Chris Metzen says. But the Horde have their own honor to be had. The Horde "have a chance at a new start in this brave new world".

"So... Are you guys ready? Are you with me BlizzCon?" Chris Metzen says. "Blizzard is proud to present to you the next expansion set for World of Warcraft! We call it: Warlords of Draenor!"

The cinematic comes on, and it shows off the new character models, the new areas to explore, the concept of "fortifications", the level cap being raised to 100 and allowing new players to have their levels boosted to 90, and other tidbits.


Chris Metzen enthusiastically thanks everyone for being at BlizzCon 2013 this weekend, and bows out to the end of the opening ceremony.

Unfortunately, after the opening ceremony ends, Mike Morhaime says on the livestream interview, "There will be no news about Legacy of the Void today."

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