Each and every week the StarCraft community comes up with new ways to play, new features to read and new videos to watch. More information, more words, more pictures, fanfiction and long-winded build up paragraphs than one single person can possibly find by themselves. And thus, StarCraft Legacy presents its newest revived section that we like to call...



The Legacy Weekly

Welcome, let's start with ... us!


SC:L Summary

We're back! Wildly cheer now! When you're done, check out our forums; editorials and features; our frankly amazing interviews section; and your new and improved user page, complete with blog. Questions and comments here.


Blizz News

The big piece of news this week is the Beta Opt-in going live, accessible on battle.net (EU/US) and going live first in the US, New Zealand and Australia. Would you like to know more? Most noteworthy among the questions asked about the beta is that left-over Worldwide Invitational keys (previously used to access the Wrath of the Lich King) will be part of the pool used in StarCraft II's beta.

From the dark realms of battle.net come some interesting tidbits this week. Most exciting is Dustin Browder popping up and providing this guide to how battle reports are made. Really detailing the process that must be gone through to create the video playthroughs, this shows why we've only had just two. Beta soon should fix that problem, we expect all of you out there to make your own: we'll feature the best.

On the gameplay side of things, there were three short answers of note. First up, a note on the Hunter Seeker:


No, it can't target structures. But it still can give damage by hitting units right next to the building with the splash damage.


Common sense for an inability to hit buildings - a bit too easy to snipe key structures, particularly the lower health upgrade centres. However, the splash damage effect could be a good way for higher-skilled players to gain an advantage. As always, balance will be the biggest factor - just another reason to look forward to beta.

Also the application of Nullifiers:


In one of our Battle Report considered replays, I have actually seen 2-3 Nullifiers brought straight into the enemy resource line, then all exits force fielded so the enemy drones couldn't get out, and the Nullifiers pretty much killed a large amount of them easily since they get bonus biological damage.


Nevermind the example presented here - which could have been stopped with a couple of anti-air units - but think about the possible implications of this tactic deployed alongside some classic StarCraft harassment moves such as the Storm drop. One you can't run away from. Ouch.

Lastly, the Changeling:


Changelings, once moved in contact of the enemy will permanently change to their standard tier 1 unit (Zealot, Marine, or Zergling) and will not change back into the original Changeling model.


Not a lot to say, other than this means that a unit could (theoretically) remain inside an enemy's forces indefinitely. The micro possibilities of attempting to react to an opponents forces movements so as not to be caught out should be impressive and against the lower skilled players, this could prove to be a devastating weapon for intelligence gathering.


Community News

Starfeeder's Valor tournament reached its round of 32 stage. To all competitors: good luck. To everyone else: happy watching. We'll be keeping track of the tournament.

The World of WarCraft pet giveaway for Blizzcon 2009 was announced annnnd...


it's frankly one of the cutest things of all time. We approve.

StarCraft2.net.pl posted up some marvelous StarCraft II tech-trees for the Terran, Protoss and Zerg (click to enlarge):


As up to date as they can be and prettier than a perfect storm drop, we're really impressed by this work.

Our friends over at TeamLiquid.net have done a translation of an interview with Dustin Browder over on the German site Gamestar. There's a nice amount of detail and a huge number of questions there. Certainly worth your time.

That's all for this edition of the Legacy Weekly, please post comments/suggestions/ideas etc. to this thread.

The Legacy Weekly approves: Bashiok.

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