Welcome to our 6th issue of the Legacy Weekly. This is the last issue of its kind... Next week there will not be a weekly. We will start releasing the weekly once in two weeks. Fear not loyal fans, as the bi-weekly issues will have better content, our own exclusive comic strip, more of the staff opinions and other great stuff.

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brought us the 18th Q&A this week, and this time it's a Map Maker issue. Greatly assisted by Brett Wood (StarCraft II's Senior Software Engineer). Here's some highlights from the Q&A:


Will the number of available locations/triggers increase? The current limit on locations really cramps some ideas.
[Brett Wood] Any limits on both regions and triggers will be at least in the thousands.

Will max unit limits increase? The current unit limit on maps is quite a crimper, and nobody likes CCMU (cannot create more units).
[Brett Wood] I dont recall the exact unit limit in the original StarCraft, but the StarCraft II limit will likely be a healthy boost over the limit in Warcraft III. The exact value hasnt been nailed down yet and will depend on optimizations near the end of the project (i.e. shortly before release).

To see the full Q&A, go here.



also followed up to this:
Karune wrote:
I think a few more questions could have been addressed. Especially some that would help me decide whether I'll be making maps for SCII (such as the nature of the game's physics and terrain, among other things).
As we dive deeper into the Map Maker Series of Q&A, the questions will get more and more technical, as well as having more specific type questions answered. To start, we wanted to keep it relatively light, but don't worry, we'll get into the details of the Map Editor as well :)



This week our SCV stayed at base to harvest resources. No more risky mission - until the next issue...

Last week CNN had conducted an interview with Blizzard's Jungwon Hahn about the popularity of StarCraft in Korea. The interview is rather short but it's nice to see StarCraft featured on CNN. You can watch the interview here.



This issue we have another StarCraft comic site to introduce - SC2Comic.com. The site was brought on-line this week. Good luck!




This week Simon & Schuster published an excerpt of the first episode for the new upcoming book in the Dark Templar Trilogy by Christie Golden - Shadow Hunters. It is really a good read even for these of you who didn't read Book I. Here is a sneak peek:


..."Kerrigan rose and paced. She was beginning to grow impatient. Before her arrival as their queen, she knew, the zerg had had a mission. To grow, to absorb, to become perfect, as their creators had wanted them to be. Their creators, whom they had turned on without so much as a breath of conscience. Sarah Kerrigan understood the idea of "conscience." There had been moments, even in this glorious new incarnation, where she had had twinges of it. She did not see such a thing as a weakness, but as an advantage. If one thought like one's enemies, one could defeat them.


The zerg were still on that mission under her guidance. But she had brought something new into the mix: the pleasure of revenge and victory.

And for too long now, she had been forced to rest and recover, lick wounds, and fall back on the original mission.

Certainly, she had not been idle over the last four years. She had rested here on Char, had found new worlds for her zerg to explore and exploit. The zerg had thrived under her leadership, had grown and advanced and improved.


But she hungered. And that hunger was not sated by moving from planet to planet and simply re-creating and improving zerg genetics. She hungered for action, for revenge, for pitting her mind -- keen even as a human's, awesome in its ability now -- against her adversaries...

To read the entire excerpt, go here.



Talking about The Dark Templar Trilogy, check out this comic by Grunt from StarCraftLive (almost a regular by now ^^).




After many wrong answers which totally missed the right direction, a savior has appeared (and mysteriously was the last one to actually send an answer...). To remind you, here is the riddle:


It's all over now. Tell me - The last time, as tears go by... Time Is On My Side...

Joshua Khoo is our Zerg Rush winner for the riddle. Want to know the answer?


The riddle was composed of Rolling Stones song names, which appear on the record played by Admiral DuGalle in the final cinametic of Brood War.

As promised, the winner gets a roasted Kakaru. Bonapetite.



This week we have a new riddle:


I was mentioned once at the four.
My kind were featured in the lore.
The future is unknown.
The master says we are all gone.
Necromancery was fun,
But my subject had to run...
Who am I?

Send your answers to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. . The winner will be awarded with a hostile Scarab. Boom.




We hope you have enjoyed our sixth (and rather short, damn Blizzard - produce more news!) issue of the weekly. Remember to check out our 7th issue in two weeks!

See you next time,




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