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Thread: All in mission

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    Default All in mission

    So what is easier with air or no air?I personally am trying to finish it without air ,and these worms are a pain in the ass on brutal.Anyone tried it with air and how do you find it?

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    Default Re: All in mission

    I haven't gotten to it All In on brutal yet, but I've played through the campaign 4 times on hard now and have tried both scenarios.

    I find killing the worms to pay off best for myself - Taking control of mutalisks and broodlords with the hive mind emulator is pure win.
    Broodlords confuse the crap out of Kerrigan, she attacks the broodlings quite a bit, rather than your forces/buildings.
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    The method I used is to take out the air, and then spam Siege Tanks + Banshees + Planetary Fortresses.

    By the end of All-in, I had four Planetary Fortesses on each side, with two Command Centers to replace the destroyed PFs. I put my Siege Tanks behind them, and made SCVs out of the PFs once in a while so they could repair everything. I used about 20 Banshees to fly around and one-shot Nydus Worms, which was pretty easy with cloaking.

    The only times I lost units were Marines (which I didn't have any use for, so I used them to wall of the ramps in the beginning), 3 Planetary Fortresses (all when Kerrigan came to attack), and just a handful of Siege Tanks (when Kerrigan uses her OHKO ability). As for Kerrigan's Psi-Storm attacks, they were usually cast on my Banshees (which were positioned away from the Siege Tanks and evaded the skill) or on the SCVs that were repairing the PFs.

    I had a hard time finishing this mission too, and I realized that I always have thousands of minerals left over. In the beginning, send several SCVs to spam Command Centers; about two on each side should use up most of your minerals. If you conserve resources for a while, only using your starting units as defense, you should be able to upgrade the Command Centers to Planetary Fortresses as soon as they finish constructing. If you got the Orbital Command upgrade, don't forget to cast Calldown MULE before switching to the PF. Continue by pumping Tanks and Banshees, creating more command centers when you have extra resources (you will need to turn them into PFs or move them to replace destroyed PFs) and moving your Banshees around the map to catch Nydus Worms.

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    Haven't tried on brutal yet, but I've read countless times it's easier to eliminate the worms and line the perimeters of your base with the buildings that take control of Zerg. Just commandeer the brood lords and mutes while massing an air force. Watch out for Kerrigan's AOE attack.

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    Default Re: All in mission

    depends on what you upgraded. Personally I never upgraded siege tanks and didn't have the slowing device, but had BC torpedoes, awsome fully upped vikings, and other good anti-air ups, so I beat it with air (after trying and failing a great many times on the ground one :P)

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    Default Re: All in mission

    Heh, I got lucky once after Kerrigan attacked twice, then she respawned but never attacked my base again . I had the Zerg MC, fully upp'd Banshees, the Fire Tower, Shrike Turret, Neosteel Frame, Orbital Command, Command Center Reactor, and the Tech Reactor, but I can't remember what else I had (I beat it about 3-4 days ago, not to mention I got almost every single upgrade hehe...). I do remember just spamming Banshees and Thors, along with SCVs, bunkers, and the Fire Tower things. Thankfully Kerrigan didn't attack (possible glitch?) so she didn't goomba-stomp my defenses ^^.

    I beat it on normal, by the way. Ended the mission with 10k minerals woohoo!

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    Taking out the air first means you just gotta block off with lots of CCs and supply depots, and mass tanks. Make sure you got the +40 damage upgrade for the tanks too. Then, make a raiding group of banshees to take out the nydus worms that pop out. You can also use the mind control towers to take care of the ultralisks.

    I've only tried taking out the nydus worms first when I didn't have the mind control tower, so I can't comment on that, though I imagine having an army of broodlords would certainly help things.

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    Default Re: All in mission

    The choices you make in research REALLY effect this mission. I chose the flame turret instead of planetary fortress and I wish I could change that. I also chose the slow instead of the mind control which seems to be a bad choice as well.

    I took out the air but that is probably a good thing since I don't have the MC device. I'm playing it on Brutal and it has been extremely difficult.

    I save my AE kill for when Kerrigan pops so it kills the hunter killers (read: super hydras) that spawn with her. I've gotten to a bit past 40% a few times but it starts to fall apart quickly once the ultras start spawning... I REALLY wish I had chosen the mind control device =(
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    someone suggested the Perdition turrets, I totaly forgot about them, it's a must have 3-4 at the left and right side, 6 near the artifact against Zerglings, thanks to that I beat it on brutal a second ago, before when I didn't use those flame turrets I lost every time at 99.1%
    oh and use your all air force to kill the behemot, the sooner the better
    4-5 psi distruptors at each side and 4 near the artifact
    dunno bout nydus worms, I beat it with air units comming at me
    mind controling Mutalisks, BL's, Ultralisksm, Hydras and Roaches
    lot's of Medics, SCV's, Science Vessels and Medivacs, don't make BC's, train Rines all the times with Vikings
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    Default Re: All in mission

    Basically it comes down to walling yourself in behind the artifact.

    This guy's strategy helped me the most:

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