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Thread: Legacy Fight Club

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    Default Legacy Fight Club

    Next fight club event:

    Join our chat channel on EU server: Legacy Fight Club

    Also, going to host small friendly LFC Bo1 tourneys each Sunday at 9pm GMT+2.
    The sign up page for current LFC Bo1 #18 tourney can be found here.

    And of course be sure to check our stream at!

    You may install Ventrilo client if you're interested in joing us vocally!
    hostname or ip:
    port number: 4140
    Vent server provided by Beetle.

    Hello boys and girls!
    Probably you don't know me, but heck, it doesn't matter, to be honest. I'm one of those forum users that usually just read the threads and reply to a topic once a month, not to mention not starting a single thread.
    So, I had this idea about little SC2 community where people play 1v1 with spectators, to analyze the games, to improve their skills, to help others who are less good at SC2 than you, to chat, to have fun.
    I used to play 1v1+obs during the beta with my real life friends, and it was really entertaining and helpful. So I decided to find more friendly peeps to make it even more cooler.
    Since the day of the release, I was looking for good friendly players on the ladder and trying to get in touch with SCL members, but as you all know during first 2 weeks everyone was doing the campaign, so I had little luck. Those who I spoke to said that it's a great idea to observe a 1v1 game of gold-diamond league players, so they asked me to let them know when they are going to take place in the nearest future.
    And yesterday it finally happened. 1v1 with like 6 observers. And it was awesome I tell you. I know, you can always go to youtube and watch high level replays, but we're playing these games to improve our skillz. So we commentate what player are doing right and wrong during the game, telling them what their crucial mistakes were and etc., and it's a great joy to see how player improves his skills game to game, like UserStupid did.

    So those who are on EU server and willing time to time participate in these kind of games, please feel free to add me - Lesh.417. I'm able to play after 10-11pm GMT+2 during the week and at 9pm GMT+2 on Saturday-Sunday.

    For those who aren't used to GMT here's a Time Zone Map for you:
    Hidden Content:

    And here are our rules that Todie helped me out with

    #1 - The first rule of Legacy Fight Club is, you do chat about Legacy Fight Club.

    #2 - The second rule of Legacy Fight Club is, you DO chat about Legacy Fight Club.

    #3 - If someone says GG, goes QQ, disconnects out, the fight is over.

    #4 - Two guys (or even girls! :P ) to a fight.

    #5 - One fight at a time.

    #6 - No maphaxx, no drophaxx.

    #7 - Fights will go on as long as they have to.

    #8 - If this is your first night at Legacy Fight Club, you have to fight.

    Registered members of the Legacy Fight Club: (add them all to get fight club sessions started any time, and more easily)
    Hidden Content:

    Arcanewinds.953 (Arcanewinds)
    Ashoto.707 (Ashoto)
    Beun.118 (Deane)
    Bratcamp.118 (Bratcamp)
    Castozor.485 (Castozor)
    Chogquir.892 (MelChogquir)
    Dalamar.314 (Dalamar)
    DeAdLiNe.103 (Deadline)
    DonQuixote.785 (DonQuixote)
    Duren.371 (Alterran)
    Eddy.447 (Guru)
    Hammy.162 (Hammy)
    JackhammerIV.712 (JackhammerIV)
    JumpOff.731 (Jump)
    Lime.612 (LimE)
    Lesh.417 (EvilLesh)
    locke.745 (l0cke3000)
    Mgcemir.745 (Mgcemir)
    Morpheos.466 (DesertRose)
    Panser.381 (Panserbj0rn)
    Peanutbutter.721 (Dropsonic)
    PeRan.138 (Peran)
    Phosphoric.837 (Phosphoric)
    Ronin.750 (WhoamI)
    Sazun.284 (SaZun)
    Silex.165 (Alex)
    SiniyaZvezda.895 (Unknownone)
    Smung.191 (GGsmung)
    Soup.254 (Soup)
    SpadeAce.895 (SpadeAce)
    Spychi.360 (Spychi)
    Supercool.623 (Supercool)
    Temniy.466 (artemoonlv)
    Todie.632 (Todie)
    Twilice.825 (Twilice)
    Userstupid.506 (userstupidname)
    Zabimaru.905 (Zabimaru)

    LFC Bo1 Tourney champs:
    Hidden Content:

    #1 (14.11.2010) Twilice R (brackets)
    #2 (21.11.2010) Ekkolodd T (brackets)
    #3 (28.11.2010) Soup T (brackets)
    #4 (05.12.2010) Ekkolodd T (brackets)
    #5 (12.12.2010) Crux Z (brackets)
    #6 (19.12.2010) Smung Z (brackets)
    #7 (26.12.2010) Ronin Z (brackets)
    #8 (02.01.2011) Aldehyde T (brackets)
    #9 (09.01.2011) Smung Z (brackets)
    #10 (16.01.2011) Sintha P (brackets)
    #11 (23.01.2011) TPHijaker Z (brackets)
    #12 (30.01.2011) Sintha P (brackets)
    #13 (06.02.2011) Smung Z (brackets)
    #14 (13.02.2011) Sintha P (brackets)
    #15 (20.02.2011) iMtPlato P (brackets)
    #16 (27.02.2011) Sintha P (brackets)
    #17 (06.03.2011) Ohmagod P (brackets)

    Replays thread of Legacy Fight Club is located here.

    If you're a Legacy Fight Club member please join our group!

    I would like to thank those who inspired me to make this thread: Soup, Todie, UserStupid, Zabimaru, Peanutbutter, Spychi and other nice people I met on the ladder and Battlenet 2.0
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    Default Re: SC2 Fight Club

    Aahh, maaan! This all sounds great!
    Although, I don't think I'd fit in your club just yet... skillwise ;p

    I'd love to watch some games though.

    I'll add you when I get home - just in case ^ ^
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    Default Re: SC2 Fight Club

    I like the sound of this and would like to get involved. However you are only on for 2 hours per night!? @_@

    I'm going to add you anyway and speak to you ingame. I'm about mid level diamond player, but I suck.


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    Default Re: SC2 Fight Club

    wahtever happened to #6 - No shirts, no shoes.

    i thought that one was hilariously amusing... man i gotta watch fightclub again!

    i look forward to knowing you chaps.

    ... if we're enough players committed to this, schedules will not matter as much, as we can get on without whenever there's enough people on...
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    I am an enthusiast of good strategy games, sc2Esports and rollplay, although i dont really play anything atm.
    I work an internship at a government agency this fall, and have a good time at it.
    I'm being more social, active and honest lately. in all forums.


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    Default Re: SC2 Fight Club

    Awesome, it’s official now Evillesh.
    For any who doubt- it was an awesome evening.

    Back with all gun's blazing.

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    Default Re: SC2 Fight Club

    All these EU people, guess its maybe too early for the NA server people. Hopefully I can try to cast some games and maybe play some too

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    Default Re: SC2 Fight Club

    Great idea! Count me in!

    I'll add you next time, I'm online.

    So, how do we go about arranging matches? Add every Fight Club member and page everyone, that is not busy, when a fight is about to start, so they can observe?

    PS: SC2 Fight Club is a brilliant name!
    Proud SC2 Fight Club Member!

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    Default Re: SC2 Fight Club

    Haha great concept : )
    I'll join in when my game is up and running.

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    Default Re: SC2 Fight Club

    Last night was definitely a lot of fun. We even saw a sixpool! :O

    Quote Originally Posted by Dalamar View Post
    Great idea! Count me in!

    So, how do we go about arranging matches? Add every Fight Club member and page everyone, that is not busy, when a fight is about to start, so they can observe?
    Well, even when Lesh is not online, we should just arrange some matches. In fact, I'm thinking of arranging some right now.

    Everyone should add their name/identifier, so that we can have an official fightclub members list

    Mine is Peanutbutter.721 as seen in my sig

    Stand and deliver, that my hamster might have a better look at you.

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    Default Re: SC2 Fight Club

    sure i got my ass raped trice but hell you can learn alot of great strats and count techs
    Lesh came up with a great idea

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