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Thread: soo...when HotS?

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    Default Re: soo...when HotS?

    Let us be optimistic

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    Actually Dec. 2010 is too optimistic in my taste, we are already in august and there is not even a pipsqueak of information about HoTS...
    I see no reason why blizzard would release a game without announcing it a few months before the game will be out, granted they don't need to build the game from scratch but still, I guess we will see heart of the swarm at least half a year after it is actually announced with an official trailer or an official post on the blizzard website, the initial press release for starcraft II and WoL is not really an announcement suited for all 2 remaining expansions to be released quietly...


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    Indeed. They still also need to make more sales in SEA, the client says, 233 Starcraft II games in your region.

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    Quote Originally Posted by spychi View Post
    yeah, but I doubt that everyone is thinking the same thing about Kerrigan getting into action as I see it
    You can't even imagine how Kerrigan get into action in my head... XD

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    Quote Originally Posted by Spartan13 View Post
    Let us be optimistic
    Let's be realistic .

    The 2012 release date sounds about right. We won't care if the world splits in half, we want HotS!!

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    I think Blizzard said something about releasing a game each year. This year, it was Wings of Liberty. Next year, it'll be Diablo III. Expansions don't seem to conform to this however, given that Cataclysm will be released in 2010 as well. As such, I think we can expect Heart of the Swarm in 2011 and Legacy of the Void in 2012, alongside one of the other core games Blizzard is working on (and likely a DIII expansion).

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    Quote Originally Posted by DemolitionSquid View Post
    Whether people thought Wings was good and they want the next installment to continue the awesomeness, or whether they think it was horrid and they want the next installment to hope its a way better, everyone can agree they want some Kerrigan action.
    I was thinking about this actually, and this occurred to me:

    Since the overwhelming opinion of the game is "great" etc etc (I do not believe this can be refuted, regardless of what some here hold as their opinion of the game), I do not expect Blizzard to 'fix' something that is not broken, as they see it. The game is a success, and the vast majority of its reviews (even for the story) have been very positive. Therefore, I'd expect more of the same. Which I am fine with. Sorry for those who didn't like it, but I am skeptical that they would change a winning formula. Plus, they already have the story arc worked out at this point. So I say bring on HotS.


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    The game is good, don't get me wrong.

    But its not as good as I'd hoped.

    And the worst part is definitely the story and some of the voice acting.

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    Default Re: soo...when HotS?

    Quote Originally Posted by Artanis View Post
    I've heard that Blizzard plan to release HotS to the end of 2010 but I'm not sure.
    This is almost as dumb as the people who thought the game would be released October 2007 a few days after it was announced in May 2007. Oh myyyyyy were they wrong

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    I'm not going to buy any Blizzard products because they've been corrupted by Activision and Bobby Kotick he's just after all the money in the world and likes to screw over gamers and tells Blizzard what to do. StarCraft 2 is a terrible game even though it's scored 95% on All the sites giving it 80% or higher got paid out by Activision omg I just really hate Activision and fuck Bobby Kotick. I'll probably buy the expansions though
    I really need to change this...
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