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Thread: Zealot: too slow?

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    Default Zealot: too slow?

    What do you think? I find them quite difficult to use before getting Charge, because even Marauders outrun them and can kite them pretty easily with a little micro. The worst of it, is that i need them to counter Marauders, so what's the deal?
    Should they be slightly faster when unupgraded? (no change to upgraded speed)

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    Default Re: Zealot: too slow?

    I find it hard to say it as a Protoss player, but they are fine as they are :/

    If the marauders kite, you should have some stalkers behind the zealots, theyr faster so they will always get shots in at the marauders.
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    Default Re: Zealot: too slow?

    Marauder pushes are usually very aggressive. You HAVE to keep up macro or you will lose fast. I find pure zealots and stalkers in equal numbers handle marauders well even with slow an kiting. You need good positioning, and it isn't easy, but it's not impossible. Keep up macroing more and more zealots as you lose them and replace stalkers as they get killed. Tech up slowly to council and get charge as soon as you can. If you get a position of control somehow after marauder aggression, try to expo and defend it very aggressively with your army.

    The speed of the unupped zealot is fine because charge makes them OP vs marauders. They are guaranteed a 1st hit and marauders with stim cant get away fast enough. You still need to control the way the zeals charge and usually mixing in a couple of sentries for FF is extremely good. You start off with only zealot/stalker, but u can get a couple of sentries for FF to help your crippled zealots. Once charge is done, FF makes the marauders fried fish for dinner for the Zeals.

    It is a balanced dynamic. The key in Marauder pushes is keeping up macro. That's it. There is no other way. After council, you should get archives and a couple of HT to feedback medvacs and later to storm marine-marauder armies. Transition into Colossi or Void Rays once you have enough bases and gas/minerals to support 3-4 production facilities.

    Norfindel, you make a lot of these similar threads and your single problem is nothing but the Marauder... Watch replays of pros like Whitera, Nony or kawaiiRice and watch Day9's shows to understand how to beat the unit. It isn't impossible. It is harder than other races' units at that tier yes, but there are ways to take advantage of their weakness which is : if they are immobile, they die fast to zealots and stalkers.

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    Default Re: Zealot: too slow?

    Thanks for the suggestions. I know it isn't impossible, but it's still very hard. I don't lose all my PvT matches, but the ratio isn't good, and when i lose, it's fast.
    Blocking units from retreating with FF isn't too easy to do either. I'm a Silver player, i don't even imagine how difficult is this in Bronze.

    Everything that is ranged can kite the Zealots before Charge, not only the Marauders. I mentioned them, because they aren't the fastest units out there, and they can still do it very effectively.

    I mention this frequently, because i think they move at a snails rate, that's all. Also, the thread about the harder matchups isn't me pulling a gun on the head of people to vote PvT, but it still got twice the number of votes of the next harder matchup.

    Not everyone is a pro, and at my skill level, PvT is very hard. If you cannot keep up under constant attack by a gazillion Terran units that early, you lose the game. It doesn't helps that both the Marines and the Marauders can eat Stalkers for lunch, so if the Zealot/Stalker mix isn't exactly right, and good positioned at all times, they die, and it happends fast. It feels much more difficult than PvP and PvZ to me.

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    Default Re: Zealot: too slow?

    or you could just skip zealots and go straight to stalkers and then tech to what you want

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    Default Re: Zealot: too slow?

    Pure stalkers will usuaully lose.

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    Default Re: Zealot: too slow?

    Here's a replay. I seriously don't know what more to do. Even with Charge they get kited.

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    Default Re: Zealot: too slow?

    Zealots might be slow and be able to be kited but they are still awesome.

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    Default Re: Zealot: too slow?

    Nope...especially once they have that damn charge ability.

    If they were any faster my poor Marauders would get owned.

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    Default Re: Zealot: too slow?

    zealots are slow for a pretty good reason. they are slow because they do an insane amount of dps when they finally do attack the enemy. marines die quick, and so do marauders once u catch them. they are slow to give the early games of both zerg and terrain a chance against any kind of zealot rush. changing their speed would open the cheese factor by making tons of zealot rushes, as what do they have to fear anymore if they can catch up to them?
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