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Thread: Which game?

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    Default Which game?

    I currently got 1200 wii points. But I don't know which game to download.
    I am currently thinking about these games,
    Zelda: Majora's Mask
    Kirby 64 crystal shards
    Pokemon snap

    If you got any ideas feel free to post them. But I don't know which game to download.

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    Default Re: Which game?

    Here is my opinion: get either Majora's MAsk or Kirby 64. Assuming one has never played the games, here is a bit about them:

    Majora's Mask is an awesome game and in, my opinion, is a lot more fun than Ocarina of Time. It has a lot of neat soundtracks (Sonata of Awakening, Song of Healing to name a few). You get to do more things in Majora's Mask than you do in Ocarina of Time. There are a lot of fun mini-game like events. I won't say exactly what in case you've never played it.

    Kirby 64 has some fun game-play with the choices and matches you can get when swallowing certain enemies. The music is fun and the game-play can be addicting. It's an awesome game that reminds me of the good ol' days with the grey-scale Kirby game for the original Gameboy (yes, as in that massive grey block with magenta buttons).

    Pokemon Snap is boring. You just sit in a moving train-like taking pictures of Pokemon. Not what I would call much fun.

    I would chose either Majora's Mask if I wanted to reminisce about the N64 Zelda series. However, seeing as I've play Kirby 64 less than Majora's Mask and the time between now and the last time I played it is much greater than the time between when I last played Majora's Mask and now, I might be more inclined to pick Kirby.

    In short, if you want an adventure game with a 'big' world (for the N64) or like Zelda more, pick Majora's Mask. If you like side-scrolling games pick Kirby 64: The Crystal Shards.

    Or you know, you could look them up and make a decision that way.

    Either way, hope that helps you.

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    Default Re: Which game?

    Not really, I've borrowed ocarine of time at several occasions so I was thinking about downloading that aswell but I have beatin it several times already.

    Also I have played kirby 64 at a friend and iIrc I have also borrowed it and beaten the whole game. I got pretty strong feelings about this game that it was fun, maybe I would grow bored because I have played it already.

    I remember playing pokemon snap at a friend when we were younger, it's a different kind of playstyle which I sort of also wanted for just a few times. The problem is problary that I might only play it once/twice and then to never play it again. But still I added it to the list because those once/twice times could be pretty entertaining.

    I've only watched other people played majora's mask actaully, it didn't really seem to be that fun actaully. But it's a big adventure with alot of secrets like ocarina. But I am waiting for Sc2 campaign for that kind of stuffs actaully, but the gameplay isn't alike at all but it seems to be time consuming. It might be because I was so disappointed with twilight priestess. (I didn't knew it was originally for gamecube when I bhought it...)

    I don't know if there is any other "big" games for n64 or snes etc. that might be fun to get. I already got donkey kong country 2, dkc 3 seemed to be boring...

    I got 1200 points, so I won't get the world of goo game which seemed pretty funny.

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    Default Re: Which game?

    Hey, If you are thinking for Zelda: Majora's Mask then i must say your choice is really wonderful. Well!! this summer me and my friends playing GTA 5 as the series of GTA making me crazy ever since One of my friends suggested me to Buy Grand Theft Auto V along with CD keys in best deal price from the official site of Instant-gaming..
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    Default Re: Which game?

    I would like to play battlefield 1, overwatch games online.

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