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Thread: Extracting audio?

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    Default Extracting audio?

    Hay guys - do any of you fine folks out there know how to extract the sound files from StarCraft and Brood War?

    I'm after the audio from the campaign itself, like the dialogue in mission briefings and throughout the missions themselves.

    Just for my own entertainment, and also for possible use with the SC2 map editor - thanks!

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    Default Re: Extracting audio?

    Get an MPQ extractor (googlie) and open the data files om the SCand BW CDs \ downloads

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    Default Re: Extracting audio?

    Thanks Equiliari, but I popped in my BW cd and didn't see any folder called 'downloads', or any folder with MPQ files for that matter .

    The two 'main' files in my BW cd are called 'ISP' and 'SUPPORT'. Both open with a bunch of sub-folders, but I can't seem to find the appropriate data files.

    I don't suppose you could give me instructions on how I might locate them? Thanks!

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    Default Re: Extracting audio?

    You may want to try the starcraft sound utility here:

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    The big CD-size installation .exe files have MPQ format. You can open them with an MPQ extractor. Take a look here:

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